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Communication cues to action prompting central Appalachian women to have a mammogram
451 McNeill, Kathryn Bond. THESIS
Path analysis of factors affecting student outcomes and continued participation after completing ALNU 1100 Basics of patient care at East Tennessee State University
452 Webb, Melessia Dawn. THESIS
Early instar growth and survivorship in the common baskettail dragonfly Epitheca cynosura (Anisoptera: Corduliidae)
453 Reece, Bryan Arthur. THESIS
The force is with you Dylan Thomas's force as it exists in his poetry and drama /
454 Archer, Josh. THESIS
Revised history of Fort Watauga
455 Compton, Brian Patrick. THESIS
456 Miller, Emily Frances. THESIS
cDNA cloning, expression and characterization of a putative glucosyltransferase (GT) from grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) leaves
457 Roy Sarkar, Tapasree. THESIS
The history of government's role in education in Bermuda from the founding of the colony to the present
458 Williams, Vincent Sinclair. THESIS
Southern star
459 Miller, Shanda Schrae. THESIS
Papain, a novel urine adulterant
460 1975- Burrows, David L. THESIS
Resiliency factors associated with adaptive conflict tactics
461 Driggers, Jacquelyn LeAnne. THESIS
Phylogenetic analysis of the Australian genus Pseudophryne (Myobatrachidae) using morphological characters
462 Perry, Christopher Ray. THESIS
An examination of the relationship between students' use of the Fast ForWord reading program and their performance on standardized assessments in elementary schools
463 Marion, G. Greg. THESIS
Contexts for facilitating emergent literacy in typically developing preschoolers
464 Wilhjelm, Karen Nicole. THESIS
Creating genetic engineering tools for investigating Bacillus anthracis
465 Anderson, Robert Clayton. THESIS
Perceived barriers to the implementation of web enhancement of courses by full-time Tennessee Board of Regents faculty
466 Wallace, Thomas B. THESIS
Teachers or "real" police officers? a study of DARE officers in northeast Tennessee /
467 Commons, Jennifer Lynne. THESIS
Primary sex reversal in female betta splendens following treatments with temperature and trenbolone acetate
468 Smith, Tracy S. THESIS
Leadership behaviors in high school principals traits and actions that affect morale /
469 Jarnagin, Kenneth R. THESIS
An enhanced dialogic reading approach to facilitate typically developing pre-school children's emergent literacy skills
470 Davis, Sheri E. THESIS
The effects of a multimodality approach on sentence production using response elaboration training with a reading component on aphasic patients
471 McCarthy, Sara E. THESIS
The type and frequency of morphosyntax errors in children's narratives
472 Lockhart, Jennifer Lynn. THESIS
Characterization of a catechol-type siderophore and the detection of a possible outer membrane receptor protein from Rhizobium leguminosarum strain IARI 312
473 Clark, Brianne Lee. THESIS
Strategies to address the effects of reduced funding for music education
474 Hobby, Jill Leigh. THESIS
Imprisoned and empowered the women of Edith Wharton's supernatural fiction /
475 Stansberry, Tonya Faye. THESIS
Synthesis of chiral surfactants for enantioselective organic synthesis
476 Mondal, Kalyan. THESIS
Gender, spatial learning trials, and object recall
477 Hite, Tifani R. THESIS
Mode vertices and mode graphs
478 Kauffman, Jobriath Scott. THESIS
The detrimental effects of organized religion on women in Lee Smith's fiction /
479 Collins, Jennifer Renee. THESIS
Attempted synthesis of a photoreactive geranylcysteine derivative
480 Li, Qian. THESIS
Investigation and improvement of the conveyor system at a bottle packaging operation
481 Fugate, Dirk Lee. THESIS
Efficacy of cardiac education on dietary habits of subjects participating in cardiac rehabilitation
482 Abdo, Marie-Rose Antoine. THESIS
Power and perfection in Karen Finley's The constant state of desire creating a new discourse /
483 Greenwood, Melissa D. THESIS
Electrochemistry of polypyrrole and poly(N-methylpyrrole) and their DNA composites
484 Smith, Seth Astin. THESIS
Ruin probabilities with dependent forces of interest
485 Mu, Xiaoyu. THESIS
Application adaptive bandwidth management using real-time network monitoring
486 Grover, Amit. THESIS
When parents come out as parents of gay and lesbian children a transformation of the self /
487 1971- Stewart, Crissy E. THESIS
Teaching the arts through the Appalachian culture a proposal for a high-school class /
488 Pitts, Valerie Renee. THESIS
The relationship between video game playing habits and reaction time in both males and females of different age groups
489 Kollock, Roger Olen. THESIS
An examination of teacher education programs and school induction programs in their preparation of teachers for the first year of teaching
490 Dillon, Nancy Kay. THESIS
Cloning and sequencing of glucosyltransferase (GT) genes from grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) seedlings searching for 7-O-GT /
491 Sibhatu, Mebrahtu Berhane. THESIS
Satisfaction with police services among residents of Elizabethton, Tennessee
492 Mullins, Kelly Brooke. THESIS
Faculty adoption of computer technology for instruction in the North Carolina Community College System
493 Less, Karen Hill. THESIS
An analysis of the conventional wire maintenance methods and transition wire integrity programs utilized in the aviation industry
494 Kiptinness, Susan Jeruto. THESIS
The magnolia warbler Dendroica magnolia on Unaka Mountain, Unicoi County, TN possible breeding and habitat analysis /
495 Elam, Kevin Patrick. THESIS
Logspline density estimation with an application to the study of survival data of lung cancer patients
496 Chen, Yong. THESIS
Visual framing a study in face-ism from the websites for the 108th United States Congress /
497 Anderson, Beth Johnson. THESIS
Jessie Ackerman, 'the original world citizen' temperance leader, suffrage pioneer, feminist, humanitarian /
498 Rushing, Jenny. THESIS
The story is everything the path to renewal in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony /
499 Kilgore, Tracy Y. THESIS
The evidence of bias within art historical methodology and the potentiality of viewer dialog as a pedegogical tool
500 Walker, Jan Bridwell. THESIS

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