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151 Stringer, Michael 2008-04-25 THESIS
The Impact of CO2 Allowance Prices and Retail Electricity Rates
152 Leff, MIchael 2008-04-24 THESIS
Adaptation to sea-level rise in North Carolina
153 McPherson, Martina 2009-04-22 THESIS
Beyond the Edge of the Sea: Educational Programming for a Marine Science Art Exhibit Grades K-12
154 Bostock, Virginia 2008-04-25 THESIS
A Macroinvertebrate Survey of Sandy Creek in Durham County, NC: A Comparative Study of Post-Restoration and Pre-Restoration Surveys
155 Still, Jean 2009-04-17 THESIS
Constituting the Protestant Mainline: the Christian Century, 1908-1947
156 Coffman, Elesha J 2008-11-19 THESIS
THE CARIBBEAN SPINY LOBSTER FISHERY IN CUBA: An approach to sustainable fishery management
157 Muñoz-Nuñez, Daylin 2009-04-24 THESIS
Moms, Midwives, and MDs: a Mixed-Methods Study of the Medicalization and Demedicalization of Childbirth
158 Dalton, Alexandra 2009-01-01 THESIS
National Parks Conservation Association State of the Parks Report: Natural Resource Assessment Cumberland Island National Seashore, Camden County, Georgia
159 Laliberté, Jennifer 2007-01-01 THESIS
Ideas, Power and Efficiency: the Transformation of Japanese Corporate Legislation, 1974-2006
160 Cheng, Li-Hsuan 2008-07-07 THESIS
Voices of the seal hunt: communicating our views of animals and ourselves
161 Sturn, Terra Magdalen 2006-01-01 THESIS
Follow the Leader? Evaluating California as an electricity model for the future
162 Shaw, John 2009-04-23 THESIS
Small and Stable Descriptors of Distributions for Geometric Statistical Problems
163 Phillips, Jeff M. 2009-01-01 THESIS
'Balancing Biodiversity': A Global Instrument for Meeting the 2010 Biodiversity Target
164 Peterson, Annah; Hill, Chloe; Gallagher, Louise 2008-04-25 THESIS
Unstable Consumer Learning Models: Structural Estimation and Experimental Examination
165 Lovett, Mitchell James 2008-10-21 THESIS
Striving Toward Responsible Viewing: An Evaluation of Dolphin-Watch Ecotour Operations in Clearwater, Florida
166 Whitt, Amy 2004-01-01 THESIS
167 Dean, Jennie 2009-04-22 THESIS
Essays on Digital Distribution of Information Goods.
168 Vernik, Dinah Alexandra 2009-01-01 THESIS
Improving Hawaii’s Water Quality: Selecting Sites for Riparian Restoration in a GIS
169 Lavalle, Neoma M. 2007-05-01 THESIS
Cruise Line Wastewater Discharge in the Caribbean Region
170 McCarthy, Pamela 2008-04-25 THESIS
A Study of Aristotelian Demands for Some Psychological Views of the Emotions
171 Santiago, Ana Cristina 2009-01-01 THESIS
Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles: Impacts on the retail fuel sector
172 Eyler, Zach 2008-04-24 THESIS
Preventive Health Behaviors among the Elderly
173 Ayyagari, Padmaja 2008-07-07 THESIS
Tidal influence on diel movement of North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) in the Bay of Fundy
174 Pike, Elizabeth 2008-04-24 THESIS
Evaluating Variation in Terrestrial Plant Toxicity Tests
175 Kurnath, Lindsey 2008-04-25 THESIS
Structural Determinants of Post-transcriptional Protein Regulation as Modulators of Monoamine Signaling
176 Murphy, Karen 2008-06-23 THESIS
177 Thomas, Emma 2007-05-01 THESIS
Five-Year (2000-2005) Assessment Of The Implementation Of The Protocol To The Cartagena Convention Concerning Specially Protected Areas And Wildlife (SPAW), With A Special Focus On Annex II Listed Sea Turtles
178 Marshood, Ruba 2006-01-01 THESIS
Cincinnati Takes the Lead in LEED: Effects of a real estate tax abatement for LEED certification on development and green building
179 LaJeunesse, Katherine 2009-04-24 THESIS
Classification of stream biological condition within the Chesapeake Bay watershed
180 Talal, Michelle Lee 2009-04-25 THESIS
Who Will Serve? Education, Labor Markets, and Military Personnel Policy
181 Cohn, Lindsay P. 2007-09-28 THESIS
Telecommuting and the Road to Sustainability
182 Toomey, James 2008-04-25 THESIS
Coded Measurement for Imaging and Spectroscopy
183 Portnoy, Andrew David 2009-01-01 THESIS
Essays in Financial Economics
184 Shaliastovich, Ivan 2009-01-01 THESIS
Optical Precursor Behavior
185 LeFew, William R. 2007-05-07 THESIS
Guidelines for Developing a Potential Biological Removal (PBR) Framework for Managing Sea Turtle Bycatch in the Pamlico Sound Flounder Gillnet Fishery
186 Young, Nancy 2006-01-01 THESIS
Impact of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles on California's Electricity Grid
187 Wynne, Jason 2009-04-24 THESIS
DRILLING FOR GREEN CAPITAL: A Policy Study on Stimulating a Green Economy in the State of Texas
188 Young, Kristine 2009-04-24 THESIS
Measuring Visual Perspective in Autobiographical Memory Across Time Periods and Events
189 Rice, Heather Joy 2007-05-02 THESIS
190 Moore, Ben 2007-04-18 THESIS
The Contradictions of Genre in the Nehemiah Memorial
191 Burt, Sean 2009-01-01 THESIS
Organizational Capital Budgeting Model (Ocbm)
192 Kang, Hyoung Goo 2009-01-01 THESIS
Babel On the Hudson: Community Formation in Dutch Manhattan
193 Sivertsen, Karen 2007-05-10 THESIS
Migratory behavior of adult female blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, in Pamlico Sound: implications for assessment and protection of the spawning stock
194 Goldman, Margaret 2007-08-30 THESIS
People and Identities in Nessana
195 Stroumsa, Rachel 2008-04-22 THESIS
Eco-Industrial Parks in the Mexico-US Border Region: A feasibility study
196 Perez, Saul 2007-05-01 THESIS
Optimization of the Aerodynamics of Small-scale Flapping Aircraft in Hover
197 Lebental, Sidney 2008-06-27 THESIS
Is the Interoceanic highway exporting deforestation? A comparison of the intensity of regional Amazonian deforestation drivers within Brazil, Bolivia and Peru
198 Delgado, Cesar 2008-04-25 THESIS
Deep-sea Mining in Papua New Guinea: Policy Frontier
199 Pennington, Syble Michelle 2009-04-22 THESIS
Life of the Party or Just a Third Wheel? Effects of Third Parties in U.S. House Elections
200 Lee, Daniel John 2008-04-14 THESIS

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