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Performance of ultra high bypass ratio nacelles including variable nozzle geometry
251 Puerta Zaballa, Pedro 2006-08-01 THESIS
The Aquarius 3 price-setting model for the Consumer Council for Water
252 Robson, Anne 2006-08-01 THESIS
Leaching of fertilizers from golf courses to groundwater
253 Pastor, Marc 2006-09-01 THESIS
Forecast and optimisation of life cycle costs for a military gas turbine engine
254 Rowe, Brian Adam 2006-09-01 THESIS
The Fair Trade as a business model to converge social and economic development
255 Da Silva Paiva, Debora Cristina 2006-09-01 THESIS
Potential for a UK domestic water trading scheme
256 Griggs, John 2006-09-01 THESIS
Factors affecting the control of landfill gas emissions at Calvert landfill
257 Leech, Andrew 2006-09-01 THESIS
The effects of ageing heat treatments on stress corrosion cracking and exfoliation corrosion of 7475 high strength aluminium alloy
258 Tyler, Roger 2006-09-01 THESIS
Next generation web design
259 Sancho, Maria Lorena 2006-09-01 THESIS
Flight control system design for the “Demon”
260 Saban, Deborah 2006-09-01 THESIS
A review of warehouse operations to identify efficiency improvements for a supplier of cleaning and safety equipment
261 Sellicks, Christopher 2006-08-01 THESIS
Mapping the relationship between presence of Picea abies and abundance of specific plants, as well as environmental variables, using DGPS and ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
262 Tschopp, Virginia 2006-08-01 THESIS
Optimisation of launcher design and trajectory
263 Underhill, Kate 2006-09-01 THESIS
Practitioner experience based software project management framework
264 Warne, Chaley 2006-01-01 THESIS
CFD study of wing tip vortices for inverted airfoils in ground effect
265 Vu, Patrick 2006-09-01 THESIS
An investigation into the feasibility of implementing a common WSUP baseline data collection methodology: A case study in Naivasha, Kenya
266 Younis, Benedict 2006-08-01 THESIS
Potential analysis of GIS utilisation in water supply management by aid agencies
267 Zeug, Heidrun 2006-09-01 THESIS
CFD study of the round corners effects over the aerodynamic characteristics of a square cross section missile
268 Pinelli, Mathieu J. 2006-09-01 THESIS
Welding of pipelines incorporating the Pressure Balanced Joint™ for J- Lay applications
269 Yero, Suleiman Sani 2006-09-01 THESIS
Identifying ecodesign opportunities in the Welsh fashion and textiles sector
270 Kelday, Fiona J. 2006-09-01 THESIS
Identifying the factors that enable or inhibit a successful sales and operations planning (S&OP) process in France, Germany and the U.K.
271 Ulrich Ngueveu, Sandra 2006-09-01 THESIS
Benchmarking the manufacturing organisation in a UK defence company
272 Lopez Diaz-Merry, Luis 2006-09-01 THESIS
Strategies for foreign trade compliance
273 Gutiérrez Blanco, Jorge 2006-09-01 THESIS
Industry requirements and the benefits of product lifecycle management
274 Durai, Shyam 2006-09-01 THESIS
Development of framework for affordability engineering measurement
275 Nogal Miguel, Sergio 2006-01-01 THESIS
In-depth review of the effects of sales promotions on consumer behaviour: an empirical research on avocados
276 Arocha-Santiago, Maryneidy 2006-09-01 THESIS
Development of an activity based cost estimating intelligent E-mentor framework
277 Borisoglebsky, Dmitry 2006-01-01 THESIS
Simulation of two phase flow
278 Akyereko, Eunice 2006-01-01 THESIS
The development of improved physical and futures freight coverage strategies for non-index routes in the HandyMax market
279 Verner, Shaun 2006-12-01 THESIS
Characterization of the mechanical behaviour of a ski
280 Alban, Notin 2006-07-01 THESIS
The development of a low cost flight test instrumentation facility
281 Simpkins, Andrew D 2006-09-01 THESIS
The role of electronic documentation in improving production line efficiencies
282 Brown, Colin 2005-01-01 THESIS
Applying human factors analysis and classification system (HFACS) to aviation accidents in the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO): a cross-cultural comparison
283 Al-Wardi, Yousuf 2006-09-01 THESIS
Fastener flexibility in composite joints for aerospace structures
284 Siong, Blong 2006-08-01 THESIS
Design study of a feasible actuation mechanism for the aeroelastic warping of an all-moving fin
285 Ferrier, Dale 2006-09-01 THESIS
The implications and economics of implementing a RFID-based real time location system for warehouse management: A case study in the bottled mineral water industry
286 Partsch, Daniel A. 2006-08-01 THESIS
Empirical analysis of the determinants of corporate governance and equity cash flow decisions of Swedish publicly traded companies
287 Rosenstein, Margus 2006-09-01 THESIS
Assessment of the potential of simple electrical circuits to simulate basic diving respiratory system mechanics
288 Eleftherakis, Dimitrios 2006-01-01 THESIS
The sleeve valve two stroke engine: Reduction of oil consumption
289 Faulkner, Benjamin 2006-08-01 THESIS
Retail Product Profitability, towards a holistic profit measure for the industry
290 Kataropoulos, Alexandros 2006-08-01 THESIS
Exploring the drivers of and barriers to more sustainable food supply chains - Study of different approaches to the production and consumption of French beans
291 Aubree, A. 2006-09-01 THESIS
The impact of lead time on the fashion apparel supply chain
292 Gernaat, M. J. 2006-08-01 THESIS
Understanding the political factors shaping the UK aerospace industry
293 Nikonova, Ina 2006-09-01 THESIS
The development of a methodology for optimal joining techniques selection in the automotive body in white development process
294 Perez Arguedas, Juan 2006-09-01 THESIS
Modelling of a load monitoring device for composite joints
295 Goachet, R 2006-09-01 THESIS
Electrically powered control surface actuation
296 Bataille, Nicolas 2006-09-01 THESIS
Corporate governance effect on market valuation and abnormal stock return
297 Lau, Eugene 2006-09-01 THESIS
The role of information technology in accelerating ideas to market (AIM) process
298 Otim, Ray Anthony 2006-09-01 THESIS
Improvements to a reciprocating wear test rig
299 Calvaire, S 2006-09-01 THESIS
Return anomalies in China’s stock markets
300 Duan, Dongxing 2006-09-01 THESIS

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