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Identifying crack development processes through mole drainage in slowly permeable soils on a natural turf sports field
101 Penn, Alan 2005-01-01 THESIS
Impact of urban development on vegetative communities of the Wansford Pasture Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire
102 Vranckx, Olivier 2005-01-01 THESIS
Practical evaluation of water supply guarantees and hydrological uncertainties through stochastic modelling techniques: El Sancho System (Huelva, Spain)
103 Pascual Seva, Nuria 2005-01-01 THESIS
Proposal for a new metadata schema for world soils survey archive and catalogue (WOSSAC)
104 Koyanagi, Yuki 2005-01-01 THESIS
An investigation into the use of DTM in the design of land forming processes following land restoration
105 Zawadka, Michal 2005-01-01 THESIS
Groundwater dynamics at Flitton Moor, Bedfordshire
106 Mueller, Martin 2005-01-01 THESIS
Understanding the problem of borehole water conflict between people and livestock in an emergency context: a case study investigation of Katakwi and Amuria districts, north eastern Uganda
107 McDonald, Jeremy 2006-09-01 THESIS
Predicting the clogging of saturated substrates used in the construction of vertical flow systems by suspended solids
108 Walker, Alister 2006-08-01 THESIS
A model of genotype-phenotype correlation in cervical squamous lesions
109 Thiberville, Clémence 2006-08-01 THESIS
Recovery of bacteria released into the outdoor environment
110 Beeton, K. L. 2006-08-01 THESIS
Evaluation of household biosand filters in Ethiopia
111 Earwaker, Paul 2006-08-01 THESIS
Investigation of soils' properties in relation to grey water management in South Africa
112 Hamel, Stephanie 2006-08-01 THESIS
The role of B7-H3 and Bruma in anti-tumoural responses mediated by ?? T lymphocytes
113 de Siqueira d’Orey, Francisco X. 2006-08-01 THESIS
Evaluation of the impact of kerbside collection on municipal waste flows
114 Sawicka, Ewa 2006-01-01 THESIS
Comparative proteomic profiling of plasma from two divergent pig breeds for lean growth
115 Gabarro Llop, Marc 2006-08-01 THESIS
Development of a knowledge management infrastructure
116 Gallego Galíndez, Alvaro 2006-09-01 THESIS
Techno-economic evaluation of marginal offshore fields
117 Adebanjo, Adeyinka 2006-09-01 THESIS
“An industrial profile of aluminium smelting in the Highlands: Detailing site specific manufacturing processes and fates of associated waste streams."
118 Carrington, Ross 2006-08-01 THESIS
Aptamer-based biosensors for the detection of c-reactive protein
119 Geier, Petra 2006-08-01 THESIS
Evaluation of the activity of the essential oil of Dittrichia viscosa subsp revoluta against
120 Domingos Martins David, Pedro Daniel 2006-01-01 THESIS
Design and integration of a chemical dictionary into PubGene's text mining knowledgebase
121 Onyiah, Ifejinelo 2006-01-01 THESIS
Development of bioinformatics systems for cross-species transcriptome analysis
122 Güzlek, Hacer 2006-08-01 THESIS
Evaluation of the study coordinator role in a phase 1 clinical research unit
123 Rodriguez-Paez, Adriana 2006-01-01 THESIS
Pattern recognition of PM10, NOx and SO2; A case study for the unitary council of Milton Keynes, for the different measurement stations within the council.
124 Hartsema, Frank 2006-08-01 THESIS
Effect of elastin derived peptides on growth and gene expression of RPE cells
125 Dissaux, Aurore 2006-08-01 THESIS
Optical coherence tomography imaging of flow in simulated blood vessels
126 Tomczyk, Katarzyna 2006-08-01 THESIS
Combining genetic mapping with text mining to identify disease-related genes
127 White, Robert Jake 2006-08-01 THESIS
Analysis of competition from research groups and companies in the field of preeclampsia diagnosis including market information and implications for Incentec Ltd strategy
128 Todd, Adrian Gary 2006-09-01 THESIS
Design and start-up of a pilot biotrickling filter for the treatment of H2S emissions from a dehydrating sludge plant
129 Massagué Olivella, Anna 2007-04-25 THESIS
"Analysis of data from Environmental Monitoring Systems" development of an excel-based software package
130 Azedo Victal, Sergio Maria 2006-08-01 THESIS
Towards a whole lifecycle cost model for ERP projects
131 Iba, Btissame 2006-09-01 THESIS
The development of specification document for simulation of Ford V6 and V8 machining lines
132 Griffon, Matthieu 2006-09-01 THESIS
Enhancement of a simulation model to study the effects of the time task variation on an engine assembly line
133 Jacquier, Fabien 2006-09-01 THESIS
Investigation into blood stored for up to 8 hours on the T-SPOT.TB assay
134 Sarvananther, Sothili 2006-09-01 THESIS
Flow systems for the trace determination of phosphate in waters based on the spectrophotometric vanadomolybdate method
135 Alves Da Costa Neves, Maria Sofia 2006-08-01 THESIS
Aerodynamics of joined wing configurations
136 Vieira de Mello, Laurent 2006-09-01 THESIS
Combining activity-based costing with manufacturing simulation
137 Xu, Jing Jing 2006-09-01 THESIS
The future of TV advertising methodologies within Broadband Television Environment
138 Peinador Orruno, David 2006-09-01 THESIS
Phenotype reconstruction of watermelon using bioinformatics tools
139 Meszter, Roland 2006-08-01 THESIS
Research ethics and governance at Cranfield Health
140 Hazon, Ian 2006-08-01 THESIS
Application of artificial neural networks to the tandem breath analyser
141 Parker, Dale 2007-05-01 THESIS
Visualization of peptide identifications from the genome annotating proteomics pipeline
142 Badejoko, Wole O. 2006-08-01 THESIS
Developing a training programme for new project managers in early phase clinical development in a CRO
143 KanKam, Gifty Awo 2006-08-01 THESIS
Investigating the structure of the neurodegenerative gene SACS
144 Khan, Ghazala 2006-08-01 THESIS
Comparison of enzyme-labelled and label-free genomagnetic assays using the major hazel nut gene Cor a 1.04 as a model case
145 Apipatana, Thanit 2006-08-01 THESIS
Molecular detection of ?-lactamases in ?-lactam resistant enterobacteriaceae
146 Soares de Albergaria Barbosa, Ana Filipa 2006-08-01 THESIS
Toxicology reviews of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils and calculation of generic screening criteria
147 O’Driscoll, Mella 2006-01-01 THESIS
Further CFD analysis of the X–15 air-vehicle
148 Moureaux, Aurélien 2006-09-01 THESIS
Nuclear fuel cracking modelling
149 Segur, Damien 2006-08-01 THESIS
A critical analysis of intelligence in EU regulatory affairs
150 Holder, Laura Jane 2006-08-01 THESIS

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