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Wherefore art thou, Romeo? a study of three late twentieth-century film adaptations and approporiations [sic] of Romeo and Juliet /
1 Way, Geoffrey. THESIS
Eliminating Listeria monocytogenes in packed ready-to-eat poultry products by combining in-package pasteurization with nisin and/or lysozyme [electronic resource] /
2 Mangalassary, Sunil. THESIS
A robust conjugate heat transfer methodology with novel turbulence modeling applied to internally-cooled gas turbine airfoils [electronic resource] /
3 York, William David. THESIS
Design and development of an in-house Scanning Tunneling Microscope system [electronic resource] /
4 Subramanian, Esvar C. THESIS
Developing environmental education, nature-based tourism, and outdoor recreation initiatives on a solid waste management site in Conway, South Carolina [electronic resource] /
5 Dantzler, David W. THESIS
Sky mines
6 McCoy, Erin R. THESIS
Linear and non-linear control of a quadrotor UAV [electronic resource] /
7 Neff, Andrew. THESIS
Use of speed monitoring display with changeable message sign to reduce vehicle speeds in SC work zones [electronic resource] /
8 Kenjale, Abhijit D. THESIS
A comparison of the ZnS(Ag) scintillation detector to the silicon semiconductor detector for quantification of alpha radioactivity in aqueous solutions [electronic resource] /
9 Foster, Jennifer E. THESIS
Elevated neutral-to-earth voltage distribution systems including harmonics [electronic resource] /
10 Jiang, Jian. THESIS
Modeling and simulation of friction-limited continuously variable transmissions [electronic resource] /
11 Srivastava, Nilabh. THESIS
A ruptured vision the symbiotic relationship between literary modernism and cinema /
12 Bailey, Charles R. THESIS
Investigation of the effects of subgrid-scale turbulence on resolvable-scale statistics [electronic resource] /
13 Chen, Qinglin. THESIS
The effects of group initiatives in collegiate leisure skills courses
14 Hegreness, Ryan. THESIS
The relationship between work motivation and leadership practices among graduates of a master's degree program
15 Dowd, Marjorie M. THESIS
Before the seizure of power American and British press coverage of National Socialism, 1922 to 1933 /
16 Henson, Andrew B. THESIS
The competitive effects of multiple exchange listed options on the US options market a look at market share /
17 Kunkel, Jason T. THESIS
Death and taxes the impact of government policy on health /
18 Cotet, Anca M. THESIS
Lacole and other stories adaptations of three of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories /
19 Morgan, Bethany A. THESIS
The prevalence of disordered eating among varsity collegiate female ahtletes [sic]
20 Clarke, Lindsey A. THESIS
Inevitable forces deciphering the environment /
21 Stoneking-Stewart, Jennifer L. THESIS
Following in their footsteps the risks of the intergenerational cycle of incarceration among inmates and their children /
22 Harris, Megan Elizabeth. THESIS
Are obese people choosing more sedentary jobs?
23 Cluley, Ashley B. THESIS
Development of prediction models to measure vendor performance in surveillance and auditing of aircraft maintenance [electronic resource] /
24 Iyengar, Nikhil. THESIS
A struggle for survival and recognition the Catawaba nation - 1840-1890 /
25 Fenlon, Timothy E. THESIS
Everything stems from nothing
26 Theis, Daniel R. THESIS
The causes and correlates of childhood obesity a study of children between 10 and 14 years of age /
27 Shakya, Rajani. THESIS
Nighttime pedestrian conspicuity [electronic resource] : the effects of pedestrian movement, orientation and the configuration of retroreflective material /
28 Balk, Stacy A. THESIS
Integrated treatment facility [electronic resource] : an alternative care setting for adult patients with mental illness /
29 Costello, Brenna D. THESIS
The social and civic impacts of Robert Winship Woodruff in the city of Atlanta during the 1960s
30 Land, Andrew C. THESIS
The role of human prolactin and its antagonist in HER2/neu breast cancer [electronic resource] /
31 Scotti, Michele Lynn. THESIS
Sorting through distortion [electronic resource] /
32 Hutter, Kathryn C. THESIS
Breaking the wedding vows woman-centered critiques of marriage, 1963-1982 /
33 Spiers, John H. THESIS
Adaptive customization [electronic resource] : new design opportunities in orthopedics, driven by the merging of imaging and surgery /
34 Mcfaddin, Marie O. THESIS
Raman spectroscopic evidence for anharmonic phonon lifetimes and blueshifts in 1D structures [electronic resource] /
35 Rao, Rahul. THESIS
Journey to leadership women administrators in architecture /
36 Woosnam, Margaret D. THESIS
The missing link [electronic resource] : archaeological resource protection in Charleston, South Carolina /
37 Joseph, Kathryne M. THESIS
Meaningful activities for individuals with dementia living in long-term care [electronic resource] /
38 Conti, Angela M. THESIS
Influence of supramammary lymph node extract on cell growth in vitro [electronic resource] /
39 Duffy, Danelle M. THESIS
The architecture of enabling technology in the critical care setting [electronic resource] : the role of architecture in addressing the health care - technology paradox /
40 Nitch, Matthew P. THESIS
Pondering pleasure
41 Morita, Nicole. THESIS
Limbustrack [electronic resource] : stable eye-tracking in imperfect light conditions /
42 Ryan, Wayne. THESIS
Stabilization of vascular elastin by treatment with tannins [electronic resource] /
43 Isenburg, Jason C. THESIS
An econometric analysis of determinants of foreign direct investment [electronic resource] : a panel data study for Africa /
44 Twimukye, Evarist. THESIS
Identity talk strategies of sheltered homeless women
45 Deward, Sarah L. THESIS
Knowledge, access, and utilization of health care resources by minority residents in rural areas
46 Crockett, Cassandra E. THESIS
Development of a cellular fiber spinning technology for regenerative medicine [electronic resource] /
47 Jones, Willie F. THESIS
"What do we get from Pakistan?" major shifts in U.S.-Pakistan relations, 1942-1982 /
48 Williams, Russell R. THESIS
Tao residents' perceptions of social and cultural impacts of tourism in Lan-yu, Taiwan [electronic resource] /
49 Hsu, Cheng-hsuan. THESIS
The impact of a ninth- and tenth-grade academy program on student attendance, discipline, and achievement [electronic resource] /
50 Wooten, Sandra D. THESIS

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