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Determination of the correlation between amylose and phosphorus content and gelatinization profile of starches and flours obtained from edible tropical tubers using differential scanning calorimetry and atomic absorption spectroscopy
1 Perez Sira, Elevina E. THESIS
Utilization of fish processing by-products for nutritional formulation of fish feed
2 Maghaydah, Sofyan. THESIS
Correlation of physio-chemical characteristics in the seed coat and canning quality in different dark red kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris l.) cultivars
3 Wu, Xiaojun. THESIS
Handicapped parking
4 Lemmer, Linda L. THESIS
Analysis of in vitro binding of dietary fibers by the phytoestrogen, daidzein, in the presence and absence of iron
5 Dinauer, Christina Marie. THESIS
Rural Midwest community case studies in retail tourism identifying community appeal and satisfying visitor needs /
6 Bloms, James L. THESIS
Efficacy of a whey permeate based sports drink
7 Olson, Amie L. THESIS
Outcomes of dietitian involvement with leukemia patients receiving total parenteral nutrition
8 Mattson, Christine. THESIS
An investigation of the post high school outcomes of individuals with disabilities, and teacher and parent perceptions of transition services provided in a western Wisconsin school district
9 Tauschek, Kari L. THESIS
Sustainable ecotourism in the village of Khiriwong and the Khao Luang National Park, Thailand
10 Tungchawal, Kitsada. THESIS
Genealogy research, Internet research and genealogy tourism
11 Frazier, Richard A. THESIS
Nutritional assessment of children enrolled in a structured childcare setting
12 Bauer, Brooke. THESIS
Comparing clinical, cognitive, and behavioral outcomes among adults in the Elderly Nutrition Program randomized to receive hydration-related information from either an educational lesson or an informative brochure
13 Paskvan, Lesley. THESIS
Phytochemicals as a motivational tool to change fruit, vegetable and whole grain consumption
14 Miller, Lori B. THESIS
Factors affecting repiratory syncytial virus positive wheezing illnesses in infants
15 Tarter, Erin Elizabeth THESIS
Investigating students' beliefs in the paranormal
16 Lewis, Chad M. THESIS
A case study of Mickey's Dining Car an examination of a restaurant as a heritage site /
17 Mattson, Melissa. THESIS
Jamaican ethnic dress an evolution of cultures from post emancipation period 1938 to independence 1962 /
18 McKenzie, Jeniffer Otholene. THESIS
Factors that contribute to job tenure of upper management in the private clubs of Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
19 Graff, Scott M. THESIS
The perceptions of Taiwanese hospitality and tourism educators toward developing a gaming recreation district in Penghu, Taiwan
20 Chang, Wan-Ching. THESIS
An investigation of the perceived level of stress in various hotel supervisors and their preferred leisure activities
21 Amin, Ayman M. THESIS
The effect of various acidic solutions on the concentration of genistein in tempeh
22 Garlock, Lori A. THESIS
Spousal assessment of marital satisfaction on multiphasic internal aspects of the marital relationship
23 Strackbein, Steven W. THESIS
Issues of online course design
24 Wang, Pei. THESIS
A study of park visitors' use of interpretive programs at Lake Wissota State Park, WI [electronic resource] /
25 Srisomyong, Niorn. THESIS
Protein rich extruded snack foods using hydrolyzed proteins
26 Nelson, Heather M. THESIS
Charismatic leadership perceptions of resident advisors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout based on the amount of prior training and/or previous experiences
27 Kling, Sarah A. THESIS
An investigation into the relative contribution of engineering courses in the development of problem solving and thought processes
28 Gomez, Alan G. THESIS
Personnel policies in United States based Japanese hotels
29 Chen, Chen-Yin. THESIS
Filtration and use of silica hydro gel and polyvinylpolypyrrolidone for removal of haze-active proteins and polyphenols in beer
30 Peterson, Sarah M. THESIS
An analysis of the information technology (IT) attitudes, and anxieties of leaders at the Phillips Plastics Corporation
31 Janisse, James J. THESIS
Identifying predictors of chiropractic outcomes
32 Mortenson, Michelle D. THESIS
Social perceptions of tourism by people living in Latvia Republic
33 Teivane, Una. THESIS
School violence and teachers' perception of the zero tolerance policy
34 Konter, Dana R. THESIS
Perceptions, motivations, and preferences of traditional college students toward Chinese and American restaurants
35 Govitvatana, Duangkamol. THESIS
The effect of the antioxidant, Coenzyme Q, on Coco-2 colon cells treated with iron to reduce lipid peroxidation
36 Johanknecht, Viva M. THESIS
An evaluation of the Summer Technology and Engineering Preview at Stout for Girls (STEPS) effectiveness at the University of Wisconsin-Stout
37 Childs, Rebecca Jean. THESIS
A comparison evaluation of the preLAS 2000 English and the Pre-IPT-Oral English, Second Edition for use with preschool children
38 Siders, Jennifer J. THESIS
The use of dogs in California public schools current use, support for potential concerns and educator familiarity with potential benefits /
39 Ryan, Holly McLean. THESIS
Response surface analysis of rat bone composition changes by dietary calcium and silicon
40 McCrady, Shelly. THESIS
A needs and readiness assessment of assisted living facilities to address depression among elderly clients
41 McGuire, Michelle. THESIS
Gender perceptions of preservice early childhood teachers comparison of introductory and senior level students /
42 Hendricks, Maureen T. THESIS
Differences in male and female athletes and their perceptions of an ideal coach with respect to locus of control, competitiveness, goal-orientation and win-orientation
43 Johnson, Joshua Spencer. THESIS
Parental attitudes and involvement with elementary education in Area Three schools
44 McDaniel, Veronica. THESIS
School violence and the role of the school psychologist
45 Arrowood, Renee Grace. THESIS
Factors that influence the decision of patrons to dine at selected Indian restaurants in the Twin Cities
46 Monteiro, Prema A. THESIS
Motivational factors of volunteerism a case study of Warrens Cranberry Festival 2002 /
47 Mohd Ghazali, Raslinda. THESIS
Consumer leisure behavior change based on the new weekend policy in Taiwan, R.O.C.
48 Lan, Yi-Ping. THESIS
Souvenir purchase patterns of domestic tourists case study of Takayama City, Japan /
49 Nomura, Miki. THESIS
Children's perceptions on professional wrestling
50 Strand, Troy C. THESIS

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