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Thermal Cracks in Diesel Engine Crankshafts
201 Dowell, John P 2004-01-01 THESIS
Mechanical studies of the intramuscular electrode leads
202 Fu, Shuzhen 1992-01-01 THESIS
Exploratory Research on a Method for Detecting Shaft Radial Cracks: Severity, Location, and Feasibility
203 LaBerge, Kelsen 2008-01-01 THESIS
Characterization and polymerization of a cyclic precursor to poly(p-phenylene sulfide)
204 Zimmerman, Dean Arthur 1995-01-01 THESIS
Influence of non classical friction on the rubbing and impact behavior of rotor dynamic systems
205 Hagigat, Michael Kent 1994-01-01 THESIS
A study of the application of neural networks to feedback linearization
206 Hassibi, Khosrow M. 1991-01-01 THESIS
Functional Polybenzoxazine Resin as Advanced Electronic Materials
207 Velez-Herrera, Pedro 2008-01-01 THESIS
Control of Intravascular Catheters Using a 3D Array of Active Steering Coils for and Interventional MRI setting
208 Gudino, Natalia 2008-01-01 THESIS
Melting electric dipoles colloidal monolayer
209 Kusner, Robert Edward 1993-01-01 THESIS
Microstrip discontinuities and coplanar waveguide dispersions and discontinuities including anisotropic substrates
210 Hsu, ChungJen 1994-01-01 THESIS
Electron energy loss analysis for diamond and diamondlike carbon materials
211 Wang, Ya-Xin 1990-01-01 THESIS
Ideological orientations for Korean public opinion on income assistance to poor families
212 Kim, Jongsook 1994-01-01 THESIS
Model-based failure detection in induction motors using nonlinear filtering
213 Liu, Kun-Chu 1995-01-01 THESIS
Evaluation of the cavity transfer mixer (CTM) for dispersive mixing and polymer blending
214 Wang, Chicheng 1994-01-01 THESIS
The reverse-interference effect: A reexamination of the interference theory of forgetting
215 Thapar, Anjali 1994-01-01 THESIS
Ductility and fracture mechanisms of particulate filled thermoplastics
216 Li, Jian Xing 1993-01-01 THESIS
Numerical simulation of a shock wave/turbulent boundary layer interaction in a duct
217 Yang, Wei-Li 1992-01-01 THESIS
Flow simulations in a Banbury mixer
218 Cheng, Jing-Jy 1990-01-01 THESIS
The influence of agglomerate structure on the dispersive mixing process
219 Horwatt, Steven Wayne 1991-01-01 THESIS
Robust controller design for lightly damped systems with feedback delay
220 Hung, Donald Lu-Cheng 1991-01-01 THESIS
Exploration of the recency effect using individual difference and correlational approaches
221 Luno, Dasen 1993-01-01 THESIS
Properties of diamondlike carbon and nitrogen containing diamondlike carbon films
222 Shiao, Jeansong 1993-01-01 THESIS
Morphological studies of homopolymer/block copolymer blends with exothermic interfacial mixing
223 Adedeji, Adeyinka 1995-01-01 THESIS
The effect of polymerization potential and electrolyte type on conductive polymer coatings
224 Kaplin, David Aaron 1993-01-01 THESIS
Extraction and structure of domain knowledge for system development for alcohol addiction nursing
225 Grosso, Camille 1995-01-01 THESIS
Supervisory control of discrete event dynamical systems with partial observations
226 Haji-Valizadeh, Alireza 1995-01-01 THESIS
Modeling of bubble and drop formation in flowing liquids in terrestrial and microgravity environments
227 Kim, Iee-Hwan 1992-01-01 THESIS
Dual control of linear stochastic systems with unknown parameters
228 Chen, Rong 1990-01-01 THESIS
Diffraction techniques and molecular modeling calculations in the determination of the configurational structures in poly(vinyl fluoride)
229 Hanes, Mark David 1991-01-01 THESIS
A narrative analysis of the subjective experience of U.S expatriate managers
230 Ambuske, Gail Cort 1990-01-01 THESIS
Three Essays in Parallel Machine Scheduling
231 Garg, Amit 2008-01-01 THESIS
Plato's Complaint: Nathan Zuckerman, The University of Chicago, and Philip Roth's Neo-Aristotelian Poetics
232 Anderson, Daniel Paul 2008-01-01 THESIS
Images of Scylla and riding Nereids in tondo reliefs of the Hellenistic period
233 Deka, Mark Stanley 1992-01-01 THESIS
A numerical study of floating zone crystal growth under microgravity
234 Zheng, Jingwen 1990-01-01 THESIS
Women, work, and technology: The steam laundry industry in the United States and Great Britain, 1880-1920
235 Mohun, Arwen Palmer 1992-01-01 THESIS
In vivo cell/polymer interactions and polyurethane biostability
236 Zhao, Qing-Hong 1992-01-01 THESIS
237 CHEN, LI 2005-01-01 THESIS
Flow field analysis of batch and continuous mixing equipment
238 Yang, Haur-Horng. 1993-01-01 THESIS
Gas sensing mechanism study and crystal structure determination of phthalocyanine Langmuir-Blodgett films
239 Wang, Hong-Ying 1995-01-01 THESIS
240 Bebek, Ozkan 2008-01-01 THESIS
Elasticity and polarizations in ferroelectric liquid crystals
241 Lu, Minhua 1993-01-01 THESIS
Direct numerical simulation of boundary-layer flow over surface roughness
242 De Anna, Russell Gerard 1993-01-01 THESIS
Application of Piezoelectric Sensors in Soil Property Determination
243 Fu, Lei 2004-01-01 THESIS
Properties and Durability of the Passive Films on a Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy and an Fe-based Bulk Metallic Glass
244 Pharkya, Pallavi 2009-01-01 THESIS
Theory of polyvinylidene fluoride and its ferroelectric random copolymers
245 Zhang, Renshi 1991-01-01 THESIS
A multiattribute approach to general flowshop problems
246 Ramazani Khorshid-Doust, Reza 1991-01-01 THESIS
Oscillatory flow and heat transfer in a Stirling engine regenerator
247 Yuan, Zheng Shan 1993-01-01 THESIS
An efficient group-theoretic algorithm for an assignment problem with a single knapsack constraint
248 Dhamankar, Sunil Yashwant 1991-01-01 THESIS
A protocol study of a complexity model of information acquisition from graphs and tables
249 Treleaven, James Burris 1990-01-01 THESIS
First 5 Tower WIMP-search Results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search with Improved Understanding of Neutron Backgrounds and Benchmarking
250 Hennings-Yeomans, Raul 2009-01-01 THESIS

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