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Catalytic oxidation of sulphur dioxide by heterogeneous cobalt-phthalocyanine
4901 Hong, Pui-Kwan Andrew 1987-08-03 THESIS
A study of horizontal cell-photoreceptor interaction in the frog retina using a randomly modulated stimulus
4902 Melton, Ronald Benjamin 1980-08-20 THESIS
Stability and bifurcation phenomena in chemical reactor theory
4903 Poore, Aubrey B. 1972-08-30 THESIS
Linearized transonic flow about nonlifting, thin symmetric airfoils
4904 Petty, James Sibley 1963-01-01 THESIS
Gauge theory and supergravity duality in the pp-wave background
4905 Lee, Hok Kong 2005-06-20 THESIS
Immunoglobulins: structure, genetics, and evolution
4906 Hood, Leroy E. 1967-11-29 THESIS
Shape and stability of two-dimensional uniform vorticity regions
4907 Kamm, James Russell 1987-04-28 THESIS
The thermal theory of laminar flame propagation for hydrogen-bromine mixtures
4908 Mileson, Donald F. 1954-01-01 THESIS
Oscillatory sequences of firing in the locust olfactory system: mechanisms and functional significance
4909 Wehr, Michael S 1998-09-01 THESIS
Studies on nucleoside and amino acid uptake and on RNA and protein synthesis by growing oocytes, unfertilized and fertilized
4910 Piatigorsky, Joram 1967-02-15 THESIS
Heavy hadrons in the large Nc limit
4911 Chow, Chi-Keung 1995-04-18 THESIS
Geometric analysis of spatio-temporal planning problems
4912 Tiwari, Abhishek 2006-08-29 THESIS
Wave-length standards in the extreme ultraviolet spectra of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and aluminum, and The spectrum of sulphur SII
4913 Ingram, Sydney B. 1928-05-12 THESIS
A new spin on horizontal-branch stars : anomalous abundances and rapid rotation rates
4914 Behr, Bradford B. 2000-05-16 THESIS
A study of twenty-one sharp-lined non-variable cool peculiar A stars
4915 Adelman, Saul J. 1971-12-17 THESIS
Atmospheric photooxidation of organosulphur compounds
4916 Yin, Fangdong 1990-04-19 THESIS
Analytical studies of the dynamic response of certain structures to assumed ground movements
4917 White, Merit P. 1935-01-01 THESIS
I. Three dimensional ray-tracing and ray-inversion in layered media. II. Inverse scattering and curved ray tomography with applications to seismology
4918 Fawcett, John Alan 1983-05-17 THESIS
Integral methods applied to a compressible boundary layer on an insulated flat plate parallel to the wind
4919 Kirkwood, T. F. 1947-05-24 THESIS
Solid state amorphization reactions in thin film diffusion couples
4920 Meng, Wen Jin 1988-01-07 THESIS
Physics and applications of resonant tunneling devices
4921 Kan, Sidney Chunping 1991-05-23 THESIS
Part 1. B-ferrocenylalkyl carbonium ions. Part 2. The stereospecific syntheses of the exo and endo isomers of a-hydroxymethyl-1,2-tetramethyleneferrocene
4922 Nugent, Maurice Joseph 1965-03-12 THESIS
Conical techniques for incompressible non-viscous flow
4923 Ormsbee, Allen I 1955-01-01 THESIS
Praseodymium and neodymium complexes with 8-quinolinol-5-sulfonic acid. Some reactions of nitrosyl disulfonate ion
4924 Ramsey, William James 1953-01-01 THESIS
Integrated detector arrays for high resolution far-infrared imaging
4925 Neikirk, Dean Paul 1983-10-31 THESIS
Performance calculations of rocket tripropellant systems
4926 Sims, William E. 1948-06-01 THESIS
III-V semiconductor lasers and detectors
4927 Chiu, Liew-Chuang 1983-05-12 THESIS
Near infrared spectral reflections of simulated Martian frosts
4928 Kieffer, Hugh H. 1968-05-14 THESIS
A study of absorption and reddening using absolute magnitudes and colors of galaxies
4929 Peterson, Bruce Alrick 1968-10-21 THESIS
Quark models as representations of current algebra
4930 Young, Kenneth 1972-05-25 THESIS
Cloud chamber studies of cosmic rays
4931 Fletcher, James C. 1948-01-01 THESIS
Electron energy loss spectroscopic study of small molecules on transition metal surfaces
4932 Wang, Youqi 1994-10-05 THESIS
Part One: Further investigation of energy transfer processes in the unimolecular decomposition of nitryl chloride. Part Two: Decomposition of nitrogen pentoxide in the presence of nitric oxide. IV. Effect of noble gases. Part Three: Theoretical pre-exponential factors for hydrogen atom abstraction reactions. Part Four: Carbon isotope effect during oxidation of carbon monoxide with nitrogen dioxide
4933 Wilson, David James 1958-01-01 THESIS
The measurement of oscillator strengths in the presence of resonance self-broadening
4934 Bieniewski, Thomas Mark 1965-05-19 THESIS
Operational flight testing
4935 Seager, Donald B. 1948-05-01 THESIS
Synthetic and mechanistic studies of organoscandium compounds. Dimerization and branching of alkenes catalyzed by scandocene hydrides
4936 Bunel, Emilio E. 1988-06-01 THESIS
Atmospheric transport of acidity in southern California by wet and dry mechanisms
4937 Liljestrand, Howard Michael 1979-08-27 THESIS
Rotational spectroscopy and observational astronomy of prebiotic molecules
4938 Widicus Weaver, Susanna Leigh 2005-05-02 THESIS
Correlation of existing design information on sandwich construction
4939 Ogilvie, Douglas C. 1949-01-01 THESIS
Four-dimensional Galois representations of solvable type and automorphic forms
4940 Martin, Kimball 2004-05-26 THESIS
Microscopic behavior of internet congestion control
4941 Wei, Xiaoliang (David) 2007-02-15 THESIS
Bounds for solutions of some non-linear parabolic problems
4942 Dickson, Robert John 1954-01-01 THESIS
Coupled-inductor magnetics in power electronics
4943 Zhang, Zhe 1986-10-07 THESIS
Spectroscopic studies of heated salts behind shock fronts
4944 Dawson, Victor Charles 1959-01-01 THESIS
Experimental investigation of ultimate loads carried by flat, unstiffened panels under combined shear and compression
4945 Butterworth, Wesley T. 1938-01-01 THESIS
The formal potential of the antimonous-antimonic couple in hydrochloric acid and a method for the determination of tripositive antimony
4946 Brown, Raymond A. 1947-01-01 THESIS
The catalytic effect of osmium tetroxide on the oxidation of hydrazine by potassium chlorate
4947 Stone, Donald S. 1927-01-01 THESIS
Carbonium ion rearrangements in reactions of cyclopropylcarbinyl and cyclobutyl derivatives
4948 Cox, Eugene Floyd 1955-01-01 THESIS
The chemical composition of fogs and clouds in southern California
4949 Munger, James William 1988-07-25 THESIS
Solving molecular recognition problems with evolvable peptide motifs
4950 Austin, Ryan James 2007-04-23 THESIS

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