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Unusual signs in quantum field theory
4801 O'Connell, Donal 2007-05-16 THESIS
A greedy algorithm for tolerating defective crosspoints in nanoPLA design
4802 Naeimi, Helia 2005-03-20 THESIS
Kinetics and mechanism of the co-oxidation of aldehydes and model organic sulfur compounds in studies related to the oxo-desulfurization of fuel oil and coal
4803 Bone, Russell Leslie 1981-01-22 THESIS
Passive control of flutter and forced response in bladed disks via mistuning
4804 Shapiro, Benjamin 1999-05-07 THESIS
In vitro selection of RNA binding peptides
4805 Takahashi, Terry Torao 2005-05-11 THESIS
Oxygen isotope studies of the petrogenesis of Hawaiian lavas and a theoretical study on equilibrium thermodynamics of multiply-substituted isotopologues
4806 Wang, Zhengrong 2005-04-05 THESIS
Development and control of epileptiform bursting in dissociated cortical cultures
4807 Wagenaar, Daniel A. 2005-06-21 THESIS
Investigations of some "unknown" mutants of Neurospora crassa
4808 Dubes, George Richard 1953-01-01 THESIS
Computer-aided design of low noise microwave circuits
4809 Wedge, Scott William 1991-05-23 THESIS
Neural representations of expected reward and risk during gambling
4810 Preuschoff, Kerstin 2006-11-03 THESIS
Universal infinite partial orders
4811 Johnston, John B. 1955-01-01 THESIS
The role of the mitofusin proteins in mitochondrial fusion and disease
4812 Detmer, Scott A 2007-03-01 THESIS
Three-dimensional shape from shading : perception and mechanisms
4813 Sun, Jennifer Yun-Man 1996-05-15 THESIS
Counting zeros of polynomials over finite fields
4814 Erickson, Daniel Edwin 1973-09-20 THESIS
Investigation of novel effects in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering
4815 Dvoredsky, Andrea Paulina 1999-09-29 THESIS
Turbulence and mass motion in galactic molecular clouds
4816 Lichten, Stephen Morris 1983-08-05 THESIS
Sequence-specific minor groove binding polyamides : DNA recognition and applications
4817 Carter, Scott Reynolds 1998-12-16 THESIS
Fluid locomotion and trajectory planning for shape-changing robots
4818 Mason, Richard J. 2002-06-17 THESIS
Part I: Mechanism of the thermal isomerization of 2-norbornene-5, 6-endo-dicarboxylic anhydride. Part II: The aldoketene dimer rearrangement
4819 Baldwin, John E. 1963-01-01 THESIS
Synthesis, characterization, and kinetics of mixed copper-aluminum and iron-aluminum oxides for high-temperature desulfurization
4820 Patrick, Valerie 1988-10-27 THESIS
Low-temperature hot-wire chemical vapor deposition of epitaxial films for large-grained polycrystalline photovoltaic devices
4821 Richardson, Christine Esber 2006-06-21 THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of aerosol silicon nanoparticle nonvolatile floating gate memory devices
4822 Ostraat, Michele L. 2001-02-06 THESIS
Intracellular considerations in the development of non-viral nucleic acid delivery systems for systemic administration
4823 Mishra, Swaroop 2005-09-19 THESIS
Carbonate clumped isotope thermometry : application to carbonaceous chondrites and effects of kinetic isotope fractionation
4824 Guo, Weifu 2008-09-30 THESIS
Effects of hydrazine and other toxicants on early life stages of California brown algae
4825 James, David E. 1988-12-02 THESIS
Image enhancement with two-photon laser scanning microscopy
4826 Wang, Chun-Ming 1998-05-18 THESIS
Transfer of heat and momentum in non-uniform turbulent flow
4827 Mason, John Latimer 1950-01-01 THESIS
Site-specific incorporation of synthetic amino acids into functioning ion channels
4828 Brandt, Gabriel Shaw 2002-10-04 THESIS
Measuring and modeling the concentrations of individual organic compounds in the urban atmosphere
4829 Fraser, Matthew Paul 1998-01-07 THESIS
Extreme copositive quadratic forms
4830 Baumert, Leonard Daniel 1964-10-20 THESIS
Combining computation with geometry
4831 Lien, Sheue-Ling Chang 1984-11-30 THESIS
Time-multiplexed FPGA overlay networks on chip
4832 Mehta, Nikil 2006-05-31 THESIS
Absolutely irreducible curves with applications to combinatorics and coding theory
4833 McGuire, Gary M. 1995-05-16 THESIS
Photo-induced reductive dissolution of hematite ([alpha]-Fe2O3) by S(IV) oxyanions
4834 Faust, Bruce Charles 1984-10-02 THESIS
Investigation of spintronic materials systems: deposition and characterization
4835 Oldham, Neal 2004-05-25 THESIS
G/H conformal field theory
4836 Douglas, Michael R. 1988-05-18 THESIS
Identification and characterization of the plasticity-relevant fucose-alpha(1-2)galactose glycoproteome from mouse brain
4837 Murrey, Heather Elizabeth 2008-08-04 THESIS
Transition metal complexes as probes of DNA sequence-dependent structure
4838 Campisi, Donna 1995-08-01 THESIS
Development of audiovisual integration in human infants: the effects of spatial and temporal congruency and incongruency on response latencies
4839 Neil, Patricia Ann 2006-05-03 THESIS
Experimental investigation of second sound shock waves in liquid helium II
4840 Rogers, Philip Louis 1978-10-13 THESIS
System architectures and environment modeling for high-speed autonomous navigation
4841 Cremean, Lars B. 2006-05-12 THESIS
Analyses of atmospheric CHF2Cl, heavy ozone, HDO and CH3D from ATMOS spectra
4842 Irion, Fredrick W. 1996-01-03 THESIS
Associative polymers as antimisting agents and other functional materials via thiol-ene coupling
4843 David, Ralph Leonard 2008-03-07 THESIS
On the characteristics roots of the product of certain rational matrices of order two
4844 Foster, Lorraine Lois 1964-04-28 THESIS
Silicon nanocrystals for silicon photonics
4845 Walters, Robert Joseph 2007-05-24 THESIS
Less is more: oxygen and stem cell regeneration
4846 Csete, Marie Elizabeth 2000-03-11 THESIS
Manipulation of Si and Ge crystallization
4847 Yang, Chih Meng 1996-12-20 THESIS
Manipulating fluids : advances in micro-fluidics, opto-fluidics and fluidic self-assembly
4848 Vyawahare, Saurabh 2006-05-16 THESIS
Optical neural networks using volume holograms
4849 Gu, Claire Xiang-Guang 1989-09-19 THESIS
The synthesis and study of redox-rich, amido-bridged Cu2N2 dicopper complexes
4850 Harkins, Seth Beebe 2005-06-27 THESIS

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