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Perturbations of a rotating black hole
4751 Teukolsky, Saul A. 1973-07-19 THESIS
Laboratory investigations of earthquake dynamics
4752 Xia, Kaiwen 2005-01-25 THESIS
Laboratory evolution of cytochrome P450 peroxygenase activity
4753 Cirino, Patrick Carmen 2003-06-02 THESIS
Neural computation of self-motion from optic flow in primate visual cortex
4754 Lee, Brian 2006-05-17 THESIS
The circumstellar environments of FU Orionis stars
4755 McMuldroch, Stuart 1994-10-28 THESIS
Chemical functionalization and electronic passivation of gallium arsenide surfaces
4756 Traub, Matthew C. 2007-07-10 THESIS
Bayesian implementation
4757 Duggan, John 1994-06-13 THESIS
Physics and chemistry of silicon surface passivation
4758 Michalak, David Jason 2005-12-15 THESIS
TiO2-photocatalyzed As(III) oxidation and its applicability to water treatment
4759 Ferguson, Megan Alameda 2006-01-31 THESIS
Molecular clouds and star formation : a multiwavelength study of Perseus, Serpens, and Ophiuchus
4760 Enoch, Melissa Lanae 2007-06-08 THESIS
Design of novel bases for recognition of GC base pairs by oligonucleotide-directed triple helix formation
4761 Koh, Jong Sung 1990-07-09 THESIS
Monopole operators and mirror symmetry in three-dimensional gauge theories
4762 Borokhov, Vadim Aleksandrovich 2004-03-31 THESIS
Constraints upon the cosmological density parameter from Tully-Fisher observations of IRAS galaxies
4763 Roth, Joshua 1993-06-16 THESIS
DNA-templated dimerizations of minor groove√Ębinding polyamides
4764 Poulin-Kerstien, Adam T. 2005-05-17 THESIS
Ho from Cosmic Background Imager observations of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect in nearby clusters
4765 Udomprasert, Patricia Simcoe 2003-08-12 THESIS
Glial cell development in the vertebrate central nervous system
4766 Zhou, Qiao 2003-03-18 THESIS
Integrated ultrafast nonlinear optical devices in silicon
4767 Hochberg, Michael 2006-05-10 THESIS
Ultra-high frequency dynamics of semiconductor injection lasers
4768 Lau, Kam-Yin 1981-05-18 THESIS
On the genetic recombination of bacteriophage [phi]X174 DNA molecules
4769 Benbow, Robert Michael 1972-05-19 THESIS
Real-time optimal trajectory generation for constrained dynamical systems
4770 Milam, Mark Bradley 2003-05-23 THESIS
The effects of behavioral stress and endothelin receptor antagonists on cancer
4771 Montgomery, Jennifer Pielstick 2007-05-15 THESIS
Design of protein-DNA dimerizers
4772 Stafford, Ryan Leonard 2007-08-08 THESIS
Robotic hand-eye motor learning
4773 Ruoff, Carl F. 1993-01-04 THESIS
Solvent-resistant elastomeric microfluidic devices and applications
4774 van Dam, R. Michael 2005-08-30 THESIS
Some effects of cerebral commissurotomy on monkey and man
4775 Gazzaniga, Michael Saunders 1964-10-16 THESIS
Chemical reactions at aqueous interfaces
4776 Vecitis, Chad David 2009-03-13 THESIS
Search for B to rho/omega gamma decays at BaBar
4777 Piatenko, Timofei 2008-07-28 THESIS
Structure and evolution of mammalian gene networks
4778 Mortazavi, Ali 2008-05-15 THESIS
Design of olefin metathesis catalysts : from enantioselective reactions to tetrasubstituted olefins
4779 Berlin, Jacob Myar 2006-11-20 THESIS
A study of (0,n,n+1)-sets and other solutions of the isoperimetric problem in finite projective planes
4780 Ure, Patricia K. 1995-12-05 THESIS
Symmetric designs, difference sets, and autocorrelations of finite binary sequences
4781 Broughton, Wayne Jeremy 1995-05-23 THESIS
Targeted, systemic non-viral delivery of small interfering RNA in vivo
4782 Heidel, Jeremy David 2005-05-17 THESIS
Natural cycles of brominated methanes : macroalgal production and marine microbial degradation of bromoform and dibromomethane
4783 Goodwin, Kelly D. 1995-09-15 THESIS
Thin film silicon for implantable electronics
4784 Lo, Hsi-Wen 2008-09-24 THESIS
Temperature-dependent extended electron energy loss fine structure measurements from K, L23, and M45 edges in metals, intermetallic alloys, and nanocrystalline materials
4785 Okamoto, James Kozo 1993-05-06 THESIS
General structural representations for multi-input multi-output discrete-time FIR and IIR lossless systems
4786 Doganata, Zinnur 1989-08-07 THESIS
A quantitative analysis of the atmospheres of three peculiar low-luminosity B stars
4787 Stewart, John C. 1955-01-01 THESIS
Interactions of visual attention and object recognition : computational modeling, algorithms, and psychophysics
4788 Walther, Dirk 2006-02-23 THESIS
When candidates attack : who goes negative and why it works
4789 Mattes, Kyle 2008-05-13 THESIS
In vitro synthetic transcriptional networks
4790 Kim, Jongmin 2006-12-06 THESIS
Chemical vapor deposition of diamond in flames and fluidized beds
4791 Shin, Ho Seon 1995-07-13 THESIS
Studies on environmental relevance of quorum sensing signal decay
4792 Wang, Ya-Juan 2006-12-08 THESIS
Application of spallogenic noble gases induced by energetic proton irradiation to problems in geochemistry and thermochronometry
4793 Shuster, David Lawrence 2005-05-12 THESIS
Engineering dioxygenases by laboratory evolution: a comparison of evolutionary search strategies
4794 Joern, John M. 2003-01-23 THESIS
Computer-aided modeling and analysis of passive microwave and millimeter-wave high-temperature superconductor circuits and components
4795 Antsos, Dimitrios 1993-11-05 THESIS
Experimental investigation of wakes behind two-dimensional slender bodies at Mach number six
4796 Batt, Richard George 1967-05-12 THESIS
Source contributions to atmospheric organic compound concentrations : emissions mesurements and model predictions
4797 Schauer, James Jay 1998-03-12 THESIS
Carbonate formation on Mars : experiments and models
4798 Stephens, Stuart Keller 1995-01-31 THESIS
Constraining global carbon budget using vertically-integrated CO2 measurements
4799 Yang, Zhonghua 2007-12-06 THESIS
Characterization of crosslinked artificial protein films
4800 Nowatzki, Paul John 2006-01-10 THESIS

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