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Topics in millimeter-wave imaging arrays
4701 Kasilingam, Dayalan P. 1986-12-29 THESIS
Speciation in digital organisms
4702 Chow, Stephanie S. 2005-05-18 THESIS
Floating-point sparse matrix-vector multiply for FPGAs
4703 deLorimier, Michael 2005-06-05 THESIS
Wireless network design and control
4704 Chen, Lijun 2006-11-01 THESIS
Neutrino mass implications for physics beyond the Standard Model
4705 Wang, Peng 2007-05-23 THESIS
Novel group IV alloy semiconductor materials
4706 He, Gang 1996-08-23 THESIS
Feedback tracking and correlation spectroscopy of fluorescent nanoparticles and biomolecules
4707 McHale, Kevin L. 2008-01-08 THESIS
Global distribution, radiative forcing, and climate impact of carbonaceous aerosols
4708 Chung, Serena Hsin-Yi 2004-10-25 THESIS
Translational control mediates lifespan extension due to dietary restriction in Drosophila
4709 Zid, Brian M 2008-01-17 THESIS
Hidden dimensions in protein evolution: stability, mutational robustness, and evolvability
4710 Bloom, Jesse D 2007-05-17 THESIS
Aerosol deposition, growth, and dynamics in the continuous stirred tank reactor
4711 Crump, James Gleason 1982-09-17 THESIS
Sources of Miocene sediments in southwestern San Joaquin Valley
4712 Findlay, Willard A. 1940-01-01 THESIS
Analysis and control of quasi distributed parameter systems
4713 Goh, Chuen Jin 1982-11-15 THESIS
Spectrophotometry of supernovae and their remnants
4714 Kirshner, Robert Paul 1974-07-26 THESIS
I. Ancient arctic ice does not contain large excesses of natural lead. II. Chronological variations in lead and barium concentrations and lead isotopic compositions in sediments of four Southern California off-shore basins
4715 Ng, Chihang Amy 1981-07-16 THESIS
Topics in general relativity : the hoop conjecture and theoretical aspects of gravitational wave detection
4716 Flanagan, Eanna E. 1993-09-23 THESIS
Immunological approaches to flagellar movement
4717 Asai, David John 1979-08-09 THESIS
Construction and testing of a rarefied gas flow facility
4718 Henderson, Arnold H. 1966-09-22 THESIS
Integrated parylene micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS)
4719 Wang, Xuan-Qi 2000-01-01 THESIS
The characterization of best nonlinear Tchebycheff approximations
4720 Rice, John Rischard 1959-01-01 THESIS
Quasi-optical components for millimeter and submillimeter waves
4721 Chiao, Jung-Chih 1995-09-20 THESIS
Time dependent and equilibrium stress-strain behavior of rubbers in moderately large deformations
4722 Gurer, Cigdem 1984-12-16 THESIS
Generalizations to the converse of contraction mapping principle
4723 Wong, James Sai-Wing 1964-05-01 THESIS
I. Integrated intensity measurements for vibration-rotation bands of carbon dioxide. II. Total absorptivity measurements on carbon dioxide at room temperature
4724 Holm, Robert J. 1952-01-01 THESIS
Synthesis of PWM and quasi-resonant DC-to-DC power converters
4725 Maksimovic, Dragan 1989-01-12 THESIS
Forward and inverse analysis of chemical transport models
4726 Henze, Daven Ker 2007-05-23 THESIS
Algorithmic self-assembly of DNA
4727 Winfree, Erik 1998-05-19 THESIS
Influence of genetic factors on the productivity of recombinant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells
4728 Pendse, Girish J. 1992-05-08 THESIS
Kinetics of adsorption and redox processes on iron and manganese oxides : reactions of AS(III) and SE(IV) at goethite and birnessite surfaces
4729 Scott, Michael James 1990-09-26 THESIS
Microfabricated fluorescence-activated cell sorters ([mu]FACS) for screening bacterial cells
4730 Fu, Anne Yen-Chen 2002-05-06 THESIS
Model-based decision making in the human brain
4731 Hampton, Alan N. 2007-05-17 THESIS
The impulse characteristics of oil gaps from the standpoint of insulation coordination
4732 McCann, Gilbert Donald 1939-01-01 THESIS
Diamond surfaces : interactions with hydrogen and halogens
4733 Melnik, M. Susan 1997-05-21 THESIS
Computational optimization of chemical vapor detector arrays
4734 Sisk, Brian Christopher 2004-12-02 THESIS
Electrochemistry in thin layers of solution
4735 Hubbard, Arthur Thornton 1966-11-22 THESIS
Population coding and reconstruction of complex stimuli in the locust olfactory system
4736 Broome, Bede Michael 2006-01-06 THESIS
Blind channel estimation using redundant precoding : new algorithms, analysis, and theory
4737 Su, Borching 2008-01-09 THESIS
Reactor input manipulation for developing models for catalytic reactions
4738 Shanks, Brent Howard 1988-04-22 THESIS
The shirking model--a theory of how people answer survey questions
4739 VanBeselaere, Carla 2004-05-10 THESIS
A study of fatigue notch sensitivity of 2014-T and 7075-T at elevated temperatures
4740 Stalk, George 1955-01-01 THESIS
Angular correlations of successive nuclear radiations
4741 Kraus, Alfred A. 1953-01-01 THESIS
Manufacturing of perchloric acid
4742 Kalichevsky, Vladimir A. 1924-01-01 THESIS
Engineering RNA devices for gene regulation, biosensing, and higher-order cellular information processing
4743 Win, Maung Nyan 2008-05-12 THESIS
Quantitative three-dimensional imaging of droplet convection and cardiac cell motions based on micro DDPIV
4744 Lu, Jian 2007-11-26 THESIS
Signaling in context: parsing the adhesion-dependence of growth factor signaling
4745 Galownia, Niki Chiyomi 2007-02-06 THESIS
A study of the elastic scattering of proteins by nitrogen-15
4746 Hagedorn, Fred Bassett 1957-01-01 THESIS
Dissimilative Fe(III) reduction by Pseudomonas sp. 200
4747 Arnold, Robert G. 1986-08-15 THESIS
Directed evolution of biosynthetic pathways to carotenoids with unnatural carbon backbones
4748 Tobias, Alexander Vincent 2005-08-19 THESIS
Regional seismic wavefield propagation
4749 Savage, Brian Kirk 2004-05-05 THESIS
Structural and functional exploration of an artificial family of cytochromes P450
4750 Otey, Christopher R 2007-10-30 THESIS

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