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Optical properties of Si-Ge superlattices and wide band gap II-VI superlattices
4651 Rajakarunanayake, Yasantha Nirmal 1990-06-12 THESIS
Scanning tunneling microscopy in electrochemical environments
4652 Heben, Michael Joseph 1990-02-08 THESIS
Optical expressions of ion-pair interactions in minerals
4653 Mattson, Stephanie Margaret 1985-01-11 THESIS
VLSI systems for analog and Hamming parallel computation
4654 Pedroni, Volnei A. 1995-01-01 THESIS
Elastic properties of metals and minerals under shock compression
4655 Duffy, Thomas S. 1992-01-29 THESIS
The formation kinetics, mechanisms, and thermodynamics of S(IV)-aldehyde addition compounds
4656 Olson, Terese Marie 1988-02-25 THESIS
Discriminative vs. generative object recognition : objects, faces, and the web
4657 Holub, Alex David 2007-04-30 THESIS
Programmed DNA rearrangements during differentiation : immunoglobulin class switching
4658 Davis, Mark M. 1980-08-28 THESIS
Mechanisms of indirect mineral reduction by bacteria
4659 Hernandez, Maria Eugenia 2004-05-18 THESIS
A study of the effects of repeated tension impact loads upon certain metals used in aircraft construction
4660 Olsen, Carl B. 1942-01-01 THESIS
A limit on the inhomogeneity of the cosmic microwave background radiation at an angular scale of 1.25 arcmin
4661 Pigg, Jay Cee 1976-05-27 THESIS
Finite amplitude waves in plane Poiseuille flow
4662 Pugh, Jeffrey D. 1987-08-07 THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of quantum size metal oxide colloidal particles. Photocatalytic peroxide formation on ZnO and TiO2
4663 Kormann, Claudius 1988-11-08 THESIS
An electron force field for simulating large scale excited electron dynamics
4664 Su, Julius Tsu-li 2007-04-12 THESIS
Dynamic routing of telephone traffic using network management tools
4665 Ambrose, Barry E. 1995-05-31 THESIS
Two cyclic arrangement problems in finite projective geometry : parallelisms and two-intersection sets
4666 White, Clinton T. 2001-09-05 THESIS
Ultra-high-Q planar microcavities and applications
4667 Armani, Deniz Karapetian 2005-05-06 THESIS
Analysis of quantum error-correcting codes: symplectic lattice codes and toric codes
4668 Harrington, James William 2004-05-17 THESIS
Precipitation embrittlement studies in vacuum melted iron-chromium alloys
4669 Wright, William Vale 1955-01-01 THESIS
Calculation of enthalpy-entropy diagrams for rocket propellant systems
4670 Slater, Mervin O. 1948-06-01 THESIS
Depositional aspects of pollutant behavior in fog
4671 Waldman, Jed Michael 1985-08-29 THESIS
Microfluidic technologies for structural biology
4672 Hansen, Carl Lars 2004-05-28 THESIS
Optical computing for adaptive signal processing and associative memories
4673 Hong, John Hyunchul 1987-05-25 THESIS
Political information, institutions and citizen participation in American politics
4674 Wilson, Catherine Heden 2002-09-06 THESIS
Nuclear energy levels of 37K
4675 Goosman, David Reeves 1966-12-20 THESIS
Engineering design synthesis of sensor and control systems for intelligent vehicles
4676 Zhang, Yizhen 2006-05-03 THESIS
Synthesis of large-grained polycrystalline silicon by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition for thin film photovoltaic applications
4677 Mason, Maribeth Swiatek 2004-01-14 THESIS
Formation and characterization of bulk metallic glasses
4678 Peker, Atakan 1994-03-14 THESIS
Part I: 3-phenylcyclobut-2-enone and 3-phenylcyclobutanone derivatives. Part II: Calculation of the delocalization energies of some small-ring systems employing the simple molecular orbital treatment
4679 Manatt, Stanley Lawrence 1959-01-01 THESIS
Sol-gel synthesis of highly oriented lead barium titanate and lanthanum nickelate thin films for high strain sensor and actuator applications
4680 Boland, Stacey Walker 2005-03-14 THESIS
Universal biosignatures for the detection of life
4681 Dorn, Evan D 2005-02-11 THESIS
Biochemical characterization of Drosophila receptor tyrosine phosphatases
4682 Burkemper, Bruce Seymour 2003-02-04 THESIS
Studies of chromospheric activity observes in H[alpha] and D3
4683 LaBonte, B. J. 1978-06-23 THESIS
Hilbert modular forms of weight 1/2
4684 Achimescu, Sever 2004-09-27 THESIS
Experimental determination and theoretical analysis of the elastic scattering of protons by beryllium
4685 Mozer, Forrest S. 1956-01-01 THESIS
Optimization and stability of TCP/IP with delay-sensitive utility functions
4686 Pongsajapan, John 2006-06-02 THESIS
Foundations of computational geometric mechanics
4687 Leok, Melvin 2004-05-06 THESIS
Diffusion barriers for VLSI applications
4688 So, Frank Cheung 1987-07-31 THESIS
Monolithic GaAs VLSI optoelectronic neuron arrays
4689 Luo, Jiafu 1995-09-27 THESIS
Ion implantation in epitaxial GexSi1-x on Si(100)
4690 Lie, Yu-Chun Donald 1995-09-18 THESIS
Silicone MEMS for fluidics
4691 Grosjean, Charles 2001-05-24 THESIS
Concurrent dynamic simulation: multicomputer algorithms research applied to ordinary differential-algebraic process systems in chemical engineering
4692 Skjellum, Anthony 1990-05-21 THESIS
Biofunctional polymers for the controlled release of growth factors in the peripheral nervous system
4693 Sakiyama-Elbert, Shelly Elese 2000-05-01 THESIS
Mathematical modeling of gas-phase organic air pollutants
4694 Harley, Robert Adam 1992-12-08 THESIS
Experimental investigation of quasistatic and dynamic fracture properties of titanium alloys
4695 Anderson, David Deloyd 2002-01-11 THESIS
Implantable wireless intraocular pressure sensors
4696 Chen, Po-Jui 2008-07-16 THESIS
An engineering approach to cancer therapy using systemically delivered siRNA
4697 Bartlett, Derek W 2007-05-15 THESIS
The theta antigen of mice and its analog in rats
4698 Douglas, Tommy C. 1974-05-29 THESIS
Effects of immobilization on the metabolism of yeast
4699 Doran, Pauline Mavis 1985-03-11 THESIS
Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic studies of serpentinization of ultramafic rocks
4700 Wenner, David Bruce 1970-12-30 THESIS

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