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Synthesis and reactivity of alkylaluminum adducts of zirconium ketene and ketone complexes
4601 Waymouth, Robert M. 1986-11-24 THESIS
Programming protein patterns on DNA nanostructures with pyrrole-imidazole polyamides
4602 Cohen, Justin Delgado 2008-11-10 THESIS
Part I. Interaction of DNA and histone in nucleohistone; Part II. Dormancy associated with repression of genetic activity
4603 Tuan, Dorothy Y.H. 1967-03-15 THESIS
FT-ICR studies of the structures, energetics and reaction dynamics of biological molecules in the gas phase
4604 Campbell, Sherrie A. 1994-09-23 THESIS
I. Investigation of possible interactions between thallium (I) and thallium (III)in solution and in the crystalline thallium sesqui-halides. II. Spectrophotometric investigations of the copper (II) chloro-complexes in aqueous solutions of unit ionic strength. III. Optical interaction between the chloro-complexes of copper (I) and copper (II) in solutions of unit ionic strength. Interpretations of the spectral absorption of a copper (I) - copper (II) dichloro-complex. IV. Spectrophotometric investigation of the interaction between iron (II) and iron (III) in hydrochloric acid solutions
4605 McConnell, Harden M. 1951-01-01 THESIS
Complex bifurcation
4606 Henderson, Michael E. 1984-09-28 THESIS
Synthetic and mechanistic studies into the kinetic resolution of alpha-olefins using C1- and C2- symmetric zirconocene polymerization catalysts
4607 Byers, Jeffery Allen 2007-05-24 THESIS
Part I: Cis- and trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexanes. Part II: A study of the tertiary amine precursors of pirylene
4608 Farrar, Grover Louis 1961-01-01 THESIS
Investigation of duralumin channel section strut under compression
4609 Beakley, Wallace M. 1935-01-01 THESIS
Investigation of duralumin channel section strut under compression
4610 Parr, Warren S. 1935-01-01 THESIS
Stationary subdivision and multiresolution surface representations
4611 Zorin, Denis N. 1997-09-23 THESIS
Design and analysis of combinatorial protein libraries created by site-directed recombination
4612 Endelman, Jeffrey B 2005-05-12 THESIS
Variational integrators
4613 West, Matthew 2003-06-16 THESIS
Imaging the proteome : metabolic tagging of newly synthesized proteins with reactive methionine analogues
4614 Beatty, Kimberly Elizabeth 2008-02-08 THESIS
A thermodynamic model of adiabatic melting of the mantle
4615 Asimow, Paul David 1997-05-28 THESIS
Intelligent information gathering : using control for sensing and decision making
4616 Chung, Timothy Hahndeut 2007-05-18 THESIS
On obtaining pseudorandomness from error-correcting codes
4617 Kalyanaraman, Shankar 2005-09-09 THESIS
Studying material properties on the nanometer scale: instrumental development and applications
4618 O'Connor, Stephen D. 1995-05-19 THESIS
Function and regulation of the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus gatae gene
4619 Lee, Pei Yun 2007-01-31 THESIS
Microfabricated high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system with closed-loop flow control
4620 Shih, Jason J. 2008-05-05 THESIS
Design of sequence-specific DNA intercalators
4621 Fechter, Eric James 2005-05-31 THESIS
The molecular recognition of DNA by novel heterocycles
4622 Marques, Michael Anthony 2005-05-13 THESIS
An experimental study of the turbulent transverse jet
4623 Kuzo, David Matthew 1995-10-06 THESIS
An experimental investigation of transonic flow past two-dimensional wedge and circular arc sections using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer
4624 Bryson, Arthur Earl 1951-01-01 THESIS
Dynamical simulation and control of articulated limbs
4625 Mitchell, Marcus Quintana 1996-10-02 THESIS
Application of stochastic simulation methods to system identification
4626 Muto, Matthew Mokihana 2006-09-29 THESIS
Powder core dielectric waveguides
4627 Bruno, William M. 1986-01-31 THESIS
Misfolding dominates protein evolution
4628 Drummond, David Allan 2006-05-15 THESIS
C. elegans male tail development
4629 Yu, Hui 2004-09-10 THESIS
I. Synthesis, characterization, and base catalysis of organic-functionalized molecular sieves. II. Selective oxidation of ethane via heteropolyanion-containing solid catalysts
4630 Wight, Andrea P. 2004-05-14 THESIS
Stellar populations and velocity dispersions of ten nearby galaxies
4631 Williams, Theodore Burton 1975-10-20 THESIS
Study of RNA structure by affinity cleaving
4632 Han, Hogyu 1994-03-03 THESIS
Aerosol technologies for fabrication, collection, and deposition of engineered nanoparticles
4633 Holunga, Dean Marcu 2006-01-20 THESIS
Oligonucleotide-directed cleavage of single- and double-stranded DNA by double and triple helix formation
4634 Griffin, Linda Chu-Li 1989-08-01 THESIS
Retinomorphic vision systems : reverse engineering the vertebrate retina
4635 Boahen, Kwabena Adu 1996-11-22 THESIS
Transcriptional control of spatially regulated genes in the early sea urchin embryo
4636 Zeller, Robert Werner 1994-11-30 THESIS
Plume characteristics of a multiple ion source thruster
4637 Tierney, C. Michael 1995-05-30 THESIS
Column abundances of carbon dioxide and methane retrieved from ground-based near-infrared solar spectra
4638 Washenfelder, Rebecca Ann 2006-05-22 THESIS
Development of novel binary and multi-component bulk metallic glasses
4639 Xu, Donghua 2005-05-17 THESIS
Parylene Technology for Neural Probes Applications
4640 Pang, Changlin 2007-09-17 THESIS
Measurements of heat transfer rates within a plane shock wave using very fine cold wires
4641 Stebbins, Charles F. 1963-01-01 THESIS
Optimized network data storage and topology control
4642 Jiang, Anxiao 2004-05-10 THESIS
17.63 and 18.14 Mev states in Be8
4643 Liberman, David A 1955-01-01 THESIS
Preparation and characterization by streaming birefringence of sodium desoxyribonucleate
4644 Hershman, Jerome Marshall 1953-01-01 THESIS
Computational studies of orphan G protein-coupled receptors
4645 Heo, Jiyoung 2006-10-30 THESIS
Studies on adaptation to deflection of the visual field in split-brain monkeys and man
4646 Hamilton, Charles Robert 1964-04-20 THESIS
Neural stem and progenitor cells in cancer and development
4647 Hemmati, Houman David 2004-10-29 THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of ZSM-5 zeolite membranes
4648 Lai, Re 2000-07-24 THESIS
Structure-based design of mutant proteins: I. Molecular docking studies of amino acid binding to wild-type aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. II. Structure-based design of mutant aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases for non-natural amino acid incorporation
4649 Zhang, Deqiang 2002-12-17 THESIS
Genetic and biochemical studies of the cystine-methionine series of mutants in Neurospora crassa
4650 Fischer, Glenn Albert 1954-01-01 THESIS

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