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Visualizing the membrane confinement, trafficking and structure of the GABA transporter, GAT1
4551 Imoukhuede, Princess Izevbua 2008-02-08 THESIS
Genetics and regulation of pyrroloquinoline (PQQ) biosynthesis in the methylotrophic bacterium Methylobacterium extorquens AM1
4552 Ramamoorthi, Roopa 1994-03-10 THESIS
Processing and characterization of proton conducting yttrium doped barium zirconate for solid oxide fuel cell applications
4553 Babilo, Peter 2007-05-16 THESIS
Studies of the geochemical similarity of plutonium and samarium and their implications for the abundance of 244PU in the early solar system
4554 Jones, John Hume 1981-04-17 THESIS
I. Structural effects of carbohydrate-containing polycations on gene gelivery. II. Development of a nanoparticle-based model delivery system to guide the rational design of gene delivery to the liver
4555 Popielarski, Stephen R 2005-03-04 THESIS
Endothelial cell response to artificial extracellular matrix proteins
4556 Liu, Julie C. 2006-03-21 THESIS
Chemical characterization and charge carrier dynamics of crystalline silicon(111) surfaces modified with surface-bound organic functional groups
4557 Webb, Lauren J. 2005-05-09 THESIS
Reactions of phenoxy radicals under coal liquefaction conditions
4558 Pichaichanarong, Puvin 1984-12-06 THESIS
Linear, nonlinear, and tunable guided wave modes for high-power (GaAl)As semiconductor lasers
4559 Mehuys, David Glenn 1989-06-28 THESIS
Impulse generation by detonation tubes
4560 Cooper, Marcia Ann 2004-05-20 THESIS
Radiative transfer studies and capacity calculations for heated gases. Absolute intensity measurements for the 2.7 micron band of water vapor in a shock tube
4561 Patch, Richard Walker 1964-04-06 THESIS
Aperture synthesis studies of the chemical composition of protoplanetary disks and comets
4562 Qi, Chunhua 2000-08-21 THESIS
Investigations in quantum computing: causality and graph isomorphism
4563 Beckman, David Eugene 2004-05-14 THESIS
Steady laminar compressible magneto-fluid-dynamic gas flows in channels
4564 Harstad, Kenneth Gunder 1966-12-13 THESIS
Development of apertureless microscopy and force microscopy of GaN and CeO22
4565 Bridger, Paul M. 1999-05-11 THESIS
Problems in nonlinear diffusion
4566 Witelski, Thomas P. 1995-04-21 THESIS
Discrete, circulation-preserving, and stable simplicial fluids
4567 Elcott, Sharif Mohamed 2005-05-27 THESIS
Interpretation of large ionization bursts observed at high altitudes in high pressure chambers under thick shields
4568 Inonu, E. 1952-01-01 THESIS
Field theory of travelling-wave with loss: application to the study of attenuator saturation effects
4569 Buchman, William W. 1956-01-01 THESIS
Engineering synthetic biofilm-forming microbial consortia
4570 Brenner, Sarah Katherine 2009-03-24 THESIS
Still and moving image compression systems using multiscale techniques
4571 Lee, Ming-Chieh 1993-12-02 THESIS
Multijunction solar cells on epitaxial templates
4572 Archer, Melissa Jane 2008-05-08 THESIS
Factors regulating skeletal muscle development : cell culture and transgenic mouse studies
4573 Miner, Jeffrey H. 1991-05-16 THESIS
The structural basis of enzyme catalysis : mutagenesis of [beta]-lactamase at Ala 172, Glu 166, and Ala 237
4574 Healey, William Joseph 1988-12-19 THESIS
Robust flow stability: theory, computations and experiments in near wall turbulence
4575 Bobba, Kumar Manoj 2004-05-26 THESIS
Microfluidic technolgies for continuous culture and genetic circuit characterization
4576 Balagadde, Frederick Kiguli 2006-05-30 THESIS
Shock-induced C2H2 pyrolysis and CO emissivity
4577 Hooker, William Joseph 1958-01-01 THESIS
Coupled-inductor inversion, rectification and cycloconversion
4578 El-Hamamsy, Sayed-Amr 1986-05-13 THESIS
Aerosol formation from atmospheric hydrocarbon photooxidation
4579 Forstner, Hali J. 1996-05-23 THESIS
Spectroscopy and photochemistry of polynuclear metal complexes
4580 Maverick, Andrew William 1981-09-04 THESIS
The crystal structure of Feist's acid
4581 Petersen, Donald R. 1955-01-01 THESIS
Genetic correlates of neural crest evolution
4582 Meulemans, Daniel Keith 2003-07-17 THESIS
X-ray diffraction studies of stable and supercooled liquid gallium
4583 Rodriguez, Sergio Enrique 1964-05-28 THESIS
Aerosol chemical species contributions to the extinction coefficient
4584 Ouimette, James Richard 1980-07-17 THESIS
Electoral institutional design
4585 Shvetsova, Olga V. 1994-10-14 THESIS
Transcriptional regulation and combinatorial genetic logic in synthetic bacterial circuits
4586 Cox, Robert Sidney 2007-10-12 THESIS
Quantifying quantum nonlocality
4587 Toner, Benjamin Francis 2006-06-19 THESIS
Rigorous analog verification of asynchronous circuits
4588 Papadantonakis, Karl Spyros 2005-12-01 THESIS
Neural mechanisms underlying the influence of associative learning on valuation and decision-making in humans
4589 Bray, Signe Lauren 2008-07-02 THESIS
A super-algebraically convergent, windowing-based approach to the evaluation of scattering from periodic rough surfaces
4590 Monro, John Anderson 2007-10-03 THESIS
Ultra-dense nano- and molecular-electronic circuits
4591 Green, Jonathan Earl 2007-05-18 THESIS
Molecular and environmental studies of bacterial arsenate respiration
4592 Malasarn, Davin 2007-02-08 THESIS
Spatial, temporal, and chemical aspects of vapor detection using conductive composite chemically sensitive resistors
4593 Briglin, Shawn M 2003-02-19 THESIS
Design of DNA-binding polyamides for regulation of gene expression
4594 Trauger, John Wesley 1998-07-21 THESIS
Photophysical properties of protonated aromatic hydrocarbons
4595 Kapinus, Vadym 2004-12-14 THESIS
Design and characterization of layered tunnel barriers for nonvolatile memory applications
4596 Casperson, Julie Diane 2004-05-17 THESIS
Gaseous detonation initiation and stabilization by hypervelocity projectiles
4597 Kaneshige, Michael Jiro 1999-01-26 THESIS
Hydrogen in nominally anhydrous crustal minerals
4598 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann 2003-05-20 THESIS
Shape reconstruction from shadows and reflections
4599 Savarese, Silvio 2005-01-19 THESIS
Megacycle frequency second sound
4600 Notarys, Harris A. 1964-04-24 THESIS

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