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The nature of Markarian galaxies and studies of star formation in blue galaxies
4501 Huchra, John Peter 1976-07-14 THESIS
Laboratory studies of submicron particle formation in pulverized coal combustion
4502 Taylor, Dean Dalton 1981-05-21 THESIS
High-Q microresonators as lasing elements for silicon photonics
4503 Borselli, Matthew 2006-05-17 THESIS
Topics in gravitational wave astronomy
4504 O'Shaughnessy, Richard William 2003-07-29 THESIS
Transonic flow past cone-cylinders
4505 Solomon, George E. 1953-01-01 THESIS
I. The heterogeneities at the core-mantle and inner-core boundaries from PKP phases. II. The static and dynamic behavior of silica at high pressures
4506 Luo, Sheng-Nian 2003-04-21 THESIS
Molecular dynamics simulation of sputtering
4507 Lo, Davy 1989-02-20 THESIS
A measurement of the process proton-deuteron -> helium-3 + photon at intermediate energies
4508 Kline, Robert V. 1973-10-10 THESIS
Quantum information theory: classical communication over quantum channels
4509 Cortese, John A. 2003-10-03 THESIS
Effect of vibrational excitation on the theoretical performance of the stoichiometric carbon-oxygen propellant system
4510 Schroeder, Joseph Herman 1952-01-01 THESIS
Aerosol chemistry over remote oceanic regions
4511 Johansen, Anne Marie 1999-04-28 THESIS
Paleoseismology and paleogeodesy of the Sumatran subduction zone : a study of vertical deformation using coral microatolls
4512 Zachariasen, Judith 1997-10-03 THESIS
Frequency generation techniques for integrated applications
4513 Joo, Roberto Aparicio 2004-02-09 THESIS
Ultrahigh and microwave frequency nanomechanical systems
4514 Huang, Xue Ming 2003-12-04 THESIS
In Vivo Incorporation of Multiple Unnatural Amino Acids
4515 Rodriguez, Erik Ali 2008-12-11 THESIS
Through-wafer 3-D micromachining and its applications for neural interfaces and microrelays
4516 Wright, John A. 1999-05-12 THESIS
High-Q microcavities: optomechanical nonlinearities, measurement techniques and applications
4517 Rokhsari Azar, Hossein 2005-11-02 THESIS
Geochemistry of uranium at mineral-water interfaces: rates of sorption-desorption and dissolution-precipitation reactions
4518 Giammar, Daniel 2001-05-08 THESIS
Fabrication of nanowire-based magnetic structures for magnetic resonance applications
4519 Emery, Teresa Holly 2008-05-29 THESIS
Spatio-temporal beam synthesis and applications to photolithography
4520 Salik, Boaz 1997-04-01 THESIS
Nonlinear nanoelectromechanical systems
4521 Kozinsky, Inna 2007-02-08 THESIS
Oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios in cherts and related rocks
4522 Knauth, LeRoy Paul 1972-08-07 THESIS
The chemistry of tris(phosphino)borate supported iron-nitrogen multiply-bonded linkages
4523 Brown, Steven Douglas 2005-05-24 THESIS
I. Thermal conductivity of nitrogen dioxide in the liquid phase. II. Thermal conductivity of nitric oxide. III. Viscocity of nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen dioxide-nitric mixtures
4524 Richter, George Neal 1957-01-01 THESIS
Interferometric measurement of brightness distributions in discrete radio sources
4525 Moffet, Alan Theodore 1961-01-01 THESIS
Range calculations for airplanes with continuously controllable pitch propellers, and the effect of certain geometric parameters of the airplane on range
4526 Scoles, Albert B. 1938-01-01 THESIS
Cognitive neural prosthetics: brain machine interfaces based in parietal cortex
4527 Meeker, Daniella Elena 2005-02-21 THESIS
I. The hydration of crotonaldehyde. II. The coordination of silver ion with unsaturated molecules. III. Stereochemical relationships in the conversion of acetates to bromides
4528 Winstein, Saul 1938-01-01 THESIS
Structure and evolution of model helium stars
4529 Divine, Theodore Neil 1964-11-05 THESIS
Structural studies on febrifugine and isofebrifugine, alkaloids from Dichroa febrifuga. Studies on 4-quinazolones. Synthesis of some 8-aminoquinolines
4530 Phillips, Robert Edward 1953-01-01 THESIS
Photospheric abundance analysis of low mass pre-main sequence stars
4531 Padgett, Deborah Lynne 1991-10-31 THESIS
The basis refinement method
4532 Grinspun, Eitan 2003-05-16 THESIS
Excitons in crystalline benzene
4533 Colson, Steven Douglas 1967-08-04 THESIS
Firm behaviour in markets with capacity constraints
4534 Young, David Thomas 2008-08-05 THESIS
Childhood to adolescence: dust and gas clearing in protoplanetary disks
4535 Brown, Joanna Margaret 2007-11-19 THESIS
Novel reactivity at iron centers supported by poly(phosphino)borate ligands
4536 Thomas, Christine Marie 2006-05-08 THESIS
High angular resolution studies of the structure and evolution of protoplanetary disks
4537 Eisner, Joshua A 2005-05-17 THESIS
Plastic flow and fracture of zinc single crystals
4538 Stofel, Edwin Jule 1962-01-01 THESIS
Physiological and mechanistic studies of phototropic Fe(II) oxidation in purple non-sulfur bacteria
4539 Jiao, Yongqin 2007-01-09 THESIS
Analysis of millimeter and microwave integrated circuits
4540 Compton, Richard C. 1987-05-04 THESIS
Molecular beam heteroepitaxial growth and characterization of wide band gap semiconductor films and devices
4541 Piquette, Eric C. 1999-05-11 THESIS
Biochemical, biophysical, and cellular investigations of the interactions of transferrin receptor with transferrin and the hereditary hemochromatosis protein, HFE
4542 Giannetti, Anthony Michael 2004-05-18 THESIS
Broadband properties of active galactic nuclei
4543 Edelson, Richard 1986-11-12 THESIS
Laboratory studies of astrophysical ices
4544 Dissly, Richard W. 1994-09-06 THESIS
Robotic training for motor rehabilitation after complete spinal cord injury
4545 Liang, Yongqiang 2007-07-27 THESIS
The kinetics of ordering, grain growth and chemical segregation in nonequilibrium Fe3X alloys (X=Al, Si and Ge)
4546 Gao, Zheng-Quiang 1994-05-18 THESIS
Calculation of [pi]NN and [pi]NN* resonance shifts, using the Dashen-Frautschi method
4547 Josephson, Nora Sigrun 1967-03-03 THESIS
Investigations on rhodopsin and bacteriorhodopsin. I. Ultrastructural localization of rhodopsin in vertebrate retina. II. The isomeric configuration of the bacteriorhodopsin chromophore
4548 Jan, Lily Kung-Chung 1974-05-30 THESIS
I. Purification and partial characterization of testicular hyaluronidase; II. Mechanistic studies of human lysozyme
4549 Borders, Charles LaMonte 1968-05-13 THESIS
Holographic recording and dynamic range improvement in lithium niobate crystals
4550 Yang, Yunping 2002-06-27 THESIS

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