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Fourier transforms of certain classes of integrable functions
4451 Ryan, Robert Dean 1960-01-01 THESIS
From semiconductor lasers to fiber Bragg grating lasers in optical communications
4452 Provenzano, Dan R. 2000-12-18 THESIS
Air pollution at the single-particle level: integrating atmospheric measurements with mathematical models
4453 Bhave, Prakash Viththal 2003-03-25 THESIS
Subspace subcodes of Reed-Solomon codes
4454 Hattori, Masayuki 1995-05-30 THESIS
High-pressure microdischarges as microreactors for materials applications
4455 Sankaran, Ramanathan Mohan 2004-05-27 THESIS
Simulation of controlled bluff body flow with a viscous vortex method
4456 Shiels, Doug 1998-05-15 THESIS
I. Thermal and photosensitized dimerizations of 1,3-cyclohexadiene. II. Photosensitized isomerization of the stilbenes : further studies
4457 Valentine, Donald Herman 1965-09-08 THESIS
Structures and stabilities of nanocrystalline materials synthesized by mechanical alloying and modeled as driven alloys
4458 Hong, Liubo 1995-12-01 THESIS
Programmable oligomers for DNA recognition
4459 Doss, Raymond Michael 2005-09-23 THESIS
The structure of clusters of galaxies and the angular size-redshift test
4460 Hickson, Paul 1976-03-16 THESIS
Performance modeling for concurrent particle simulations
4461 Rieffel, Marc A. 1998-05-21 THESIS
Solid phase synthesis of DNA-binding small molecules
4462 Baird, Eldon Eugene 1998-08-24 THESIS
Reynolds number effects on mixing in the turbulent shear layer
4463 Bond, Christopher Llewellyn 1997-10-03 THESIS
Polarizing He-3 by spin exchange with potassium
4464 Wang, Guodong 2004-05-18 THESIS
Electronic environments and electrochemical properties in lithium storage materials
4465 Graetz, Jason Allan 2003-05-07 THESIS
Accurate and precise computation using analog VLSI, with applications to computer graphics and neural networks
4466 Kirk, David B. 1993-03-16 THESIS
Catalytic effects of the [gamma]-FeOOH (lepidocrocite) surface on the oxygenation removal kinetics of the Fe(II) and Mn(II)
4467 Sung, Windsor 1980-07-30 THESIS
Interhelical DNA-DNA crosslinking of bacteriophage lambda : bis(monoazidomethidium)octaoxahexacosanediamine and bis(psoralen)nonaethyleneoxy ether, probes of packaged nucleic acid
4468 Mitchell, Mark Allen 1982-10-01 THESIS
Interference effects in supersonic flow
4469 Bleviss, Zegmund O. 1951-01-01 THESIS
Neutral pion photoproduction from deuterium in the energy range 1/2 to 1 Bev
4470 Bingham, Harry H. 1960-01-01 THESIS
On the distribution of dark matter in clusters of galaxies
4471 Sand, David Jerome 2005-09-06 THESIS
Box codes and convolutional coding of block codes
4472 Jin, Yonggang 1995-05-08 THESIS
Characterizing α-synuclein membrane bound structure
4473 Lai, Bert TsunYin 2008-04-29 THESIS
Structural dynamics of complex molecules by ultrafast electron diffraction: concepts, methodology and applications
4474 Srinivasan, Ramesh 2004-12-01 THESIS
Measurement of absolute f-values of iron group elements
4475 Bell, Graydon Dee 1956-01-01 THESIS
Asymptotically optimal multistage hypothesis tests
4476 Bartroff, Jay L. 2004-05-18 THESIS
Aligned fields, magneto-fluid dynamic flow past bodies
4477 Yonas, Gerold 1966-05-09 THESIS
Methods in computational protein design
4478 Kam, Victor Wai 2008-05-30 THESIS
Molecules computing : self-assembled nanostructures, molecular automata, and chemical reaction networks
4479 Soloveichik, David 2008-05-05 THESIS
Dynamic views of structure and function during heart morphogenesis
4480 Forouhar, Arian Soroush 2006-05-12 THESIS
Analysis of interacting nucleic acids in dilute solutions
4481 Bois, Justin S. 2007-04-30 THESIS
Theory and applications of hyper-redundant robotic manipulators
4482 Chirikjian, Gregory S. 1992-05-22 THESIS
Experimental investigation of oilfilm behaviour in short journal bearings
4483 Auksmann, Boris 1959-01-01 THESIS
Radar imaging for aircraft identification and planetary astronomy
4484 Hudson, Raymond Scott 1990-11-15 THESIS
III-V molecular beam epitaxy structures for electronic and optoelectronic applications
4485 Smith, John Stephen 1986-04-04 THESIS
Linear maps with point rules : applications to pattern classification and associative memory
4486 Venkatesh, Santosh Subramanyam 1986-08-20 THESIS
Control of stratified systems with robotic applications
4487 Goodwine, John William 1997-11-18 THESIS
Explicit object representation by sparse neural codes
4488 Waydo, Stephen 2007-09-21 THESIS
The mechanism of catalytic hydrocarbon oxidation by molecular oxygen and halogenated ruthenium and iron porphyrins
4489 Birnbaum, Eva Rachel 1995-05-08 THESIS
Novel acousto-optic systems for spectrum analysis and phased array radar signal processing
4490 Riza, Nabeel Agha 1989-10-30 THESIS
I. Phase transformations and the spectral reflectance of solid sulphur : possible metastable sulphur allotropes on Io's surface. II. Photochemistry and aerosol formation in Neptune's atmosphere
4491 Moses, Julianne Ives 1991-05-20 THESIS
Approximation of surfaces by normal meshes
4492 Friedel, Ilja Heinrich 2005-05-18 THESIS
Localization of DNA-binding polyamides in living cells
4493 Best, Timothy Patrick 2004-07-22 THESIS
Mossbauer diffractometry: principles, practice, and an application to a study of chemical order in 57Fe3Al
4494 Lin, Jiao 2004-05-10 THESIS
Nonlinear thermo-mechanical behavior of polymers under multiaxial loading
4495 Lu, Hongbing 1997-04-29 THESIS
Low-energy, high-resolution, variable angle, electron impact spectroscopy
4496 Rice, James Kinsey 1968-09-09 THESIS
Electrochemical sensors based on DNA-mediated charge transport chemistry
4497 Boon, Elizabeth Marshall 2002-08-07 THESIS
Studies on the biosynthesis of aromatic compounds in Neurospora crassa
4498 Metzenberg, Robert Lee 1956-01-01 THESIS
Heterodyne detection with superconducting tunnel diodes
4499 Wengler, Michael James 1987-06-05 THESIS
In-situ diagnostics for metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of YBCO
4500 Tripathi, Ashok Burton 2001-02-26 THESIS

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