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Analysis of expression, structure and evolution of non-classical class I major histocompatibility complex genes
401 Brorson, Kurt A. 1989-09-07 THESIS
I. A study of passive potassium efflux from human red blood cells using ion specific electrodes. II. Quantitation of human red blood cell fixation by glutaraldehyde
402 Morel, Francois 1971-10-18 THESIS
Some considerations in the application of a gas turbine cycle to the manufacture of nitric oxide
403 MacLeod, Gordon John 1953-01-01 THESIS
The trellis complexity of block and convolutional codes
404 Lin, Wei 1997-02-26 THESIS
Cryoelectron tomography of bacteria and their macromolecular machines
405 Murphy, Gavin Erick 2007-05-04 THESIS
I. Chemotherapy of high temperature inhibition of plant growth. II. Studies on the relationship between tobacco mosaic virus infection and the DNA metabolism of tobacco leaves. III. The conservation of microsomal RNA in Escherichia coli
406 Davern, Cedric I. 1959-01-01 THESIS
I. Negative incremental impedance of fluorescent lamps. II. Simple high power factor lamp ballasts
407 Deng, Edward E. 1995-09-01 THESIS
The tethered agonist approach to mapping ion-channel proteins: toward a structural model for the agonist-binding site of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
408 Li, Lintong 2002-07-22 THESIS
A study of conformal phases in metal alloy systems
409 Pietrokowsky, Paul 1959-01-01 THESIS
Structural and biochemical characterization of the vitamin B12 ABC transporter, BtuCD-F
410 Borths, Elizabeth Loraine 2004-10-27 THESIS
Numerical study of the dynamics and sound generation of a turbulent vortex ring
411 Ran, Hongyu 2004-06-02 THESIS
Characterization and permeation studies on oriented single-crystal ferrierite membranes
412 Lewis, John Edwin 1996-05-14 THESIS
Investigation of shock front topography in shock tubes
413 Bowman, Robert Marcus 1966-05-06 THESIS
Design and deployment of bicep: a novel small-aperture CMB polarimeter to test inflationary cosmology
414 Yoon, Ki Won 2007-10-08 THESIS
Kinetics of RNA polymerase [beta] subunit synthesis and acid end product transport in Escherichia coli
415 Axe, Douglas D. 1990-05-24 THESIS
Observations of stochastic ion heating by low frequency drift waves
416 McChesney, Jon Mearns 1988-09-27 THESIS
Profiles and wavelength of spectrum lines in the solar chromosphere
417 Parker, James Mervin 1954-01-01 THESIS
An investigation of mixing and transport at a sheared density interface
418 Sullivan, Gregory Daniel 1992-04-24 THESIS
Theory of the valence band energy level structures of germanium and silicon in an external magnetic field
419 Evtuhov, Viktor 1960-01-01 THESIS
P450 BM3 electrochemistry and electrocatalysis
420 Udit, Andrew K. 2005-05-09 THESIS
Steady and pulsatile flow in curved vessels
421 Mahmoudi Zarandi, Mehrdad 2000-01-03 THESIS
An experimental study of eddy diffusivities and eddy viscosities for cases of anisotropic and non-homogeneous turbulence in suspension flow
422 Whatley, Gary Eugene 1981-08-27 THESIS
A study of the base sequence arrangements in DNA by electron microscopy
423 Davis, Ronald W. 1969-12-31 THESIS
Some consequences of spermatogonial exchange in long inversions of the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.
424 Lindsley, Dan L. 1952-01-01 THESIS
Enzymatic hydrolysis of the amide bond : mutagenic studies of the mechanisms of [alpha]-lytic protease and [beta]-lactamase
425 Emerling, Michael Roy 1991-04-29 THESIS
Gamma radiation from the alpha particle bombardment of C12
426 Larson, James Daniel 1965-05-14 THESIS
Progress toward the synthesis and characterization of 1,4-dehydroaromatic systems. 1,4-dehydrobenzene (para-benzene or butalene). 1,4-dehydrotropyl cation, anion and the bicyclo [3.2.0]heptatrien-3-one
427 Jones, Richard R. 1976-03-04 THESIS
The ultimate compressive strength of thin sheet metal panels
428 Sechler, Ernest Edwin 1934-01-01 THESIS
Controlling molecular and microstructural alignment in anisotropic polymer systems
429 Gupta, Vinay Kumar 1995-06-01 THESIS
Molecular theory of vapor phase nucleation
430 Kusaka, Isamu 1997-11-26 THESIS
The structure of di-substituted derivatives of phenyl sulfone
431 Bowman, Robert B. 1926-01-01 THESIS
Ultrafast time-resolved photoluminescence studies of GaAs
432 Johnson, Matthew Bruce 1988-08-15 THESIS
RG-flows, AdS/CFT correspondence and stability of non-dilatonic branes
433 Ozakin, Arkadas I. 2004-01-01 THESIS
Optotronics: optically inspired electronics
434 Afshari, Ehsan 2006-07-28 THESIS
The characterization and processing of the nonstructural proteins of Sindbis virus
435 Hardy, Winters Reef 1989-09-19 THESIS
Solid-state proton nuclear magnetic resonance studies of hydrogen site occupancies, electronic structure properties, and diffusion behavior in transition metal hydrides
436 Bowman, Robert Clark 1982-08-30 THESIS
The stellar composition and evolution of irregular and other late-type galaxies
437 Bagnuolo, William G. 1976-01-23 THESIS
Dynamics of the shear margin of Ice Steam B, West Antarctica
438 Jackson, Miriam 1999-04-02 THESIS
Protein engineering through in vivo incorporation of phenylalanine analogs
439 Carrico, Isaac Sheridan 2003-09-02 THESIS
The calculated flight path of the U.S.S. Macon
440 Whelan, T. M. 1936-01-01 THESIS
Targeting of proteins and protein analogs to metal-chelating lipid vesicles
441 Shnek, Deborah Rebecca 1995-07-21 THESIS
Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous and Eocene rocks of the Santa Monica Mountains. Geochemical studies of the epithermal deposits at Goldfield, Nevada
442 Wilson, H D. 1941-01-01 THESIS
Analysis and design for quasi-optical structures
443 Preventza, Polly 1999-05-21 THESIS
Generalized ray models of strong ground motion
444 Heaton, Thomas H. 1978-09-26 THESIS
Functions of the ubiquitin-proteasome system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae : cotranslational protein degradation and regulation of the UBR1 pathway
445 Turner, Glenn Cameron 2000-05-15 THESIS
Three-dimensional nonlinear analysis of tall irregular steel buildings subject to strong ground motion
446 Krishnan, Swaminathan 2003-09-24 THESIS
Photoproduction of neutral pions in hydrogen from 600 to 800 mev
447 Worlock, Robert M. 1958-01-01 THESIS
Computational enzyme design
448 Bolon, Daniel N. 2002-01-16 THESIS
Seismic strain rates and the state of tectonic stress in the southern California region
449 Huang, Weishi 1995-04-26 THESIS
Effects of surface modification on charge-carrier dynamics at semiconductor interfaces
450 Juang, Agnes 2002-07-16 THESIS

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