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Powder production in aerosol reactors : particle structure and reactor optimization
4401 Nguyen, Hung Viet 1989-12-21 THESIS
Propagation of 1-10 MeV solar flare protons in interplanetary space
4402 Murray, Stephen S. 1970-12-28 THESIS
Interactions between molecules and superconductors
4403 Hoffman, Brian Mark 1966-08-04 THESIS
Exotic phenomena in non-Abelian gauge theories
4404 Lo, Hoi-Kwong 1994-05-13 THESIS
Holographic 3-D disks and optical correlators using photopolymer materials
4405 Pu, Allen 1997-01-23 THESIS
Isentropic plane waves in magnetohydrodynamics
4406 Lynn, Yen-Mow 1961-01-01 THESIS
A study of the mixing of natural flows using ICP-MS and the elemental composition of waters
4407 Paulsen, Susan Catherine 1997-05-22 THESIS
Molecular genetic analysis of morphogenesis in Drosophila : functions of the hindsight locus
4408 Yip, Man Lun 1995-05-19 THESIS
Electronic structure, surface reactivity and site analysis of transition metal complexes and metalloproteins by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
4409 Grunthaner, Frank John 1973-12-21 THESIS
Molecular genetics of axon guidance in Drosophila melanogaster
4410 Sun, Qi 1999-07-20 THESIS
Studies of structural gene transcripts in sea urchin embryos and adult tissues
4411 Wold, Barbara J. 1978-05-11 THESIS
Physics and application of four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers
4412 Paiella, Roberto 1998-06-18 THESIS
Mixing and reaction in the subsonic 2-D turbulent free shear layer
4413 Frieler, Clifford Eugene 1989-05-26 THESIS
Part I. Mechanisms of injury associated with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy; Part II. Exsolution of volatiles
4414 Howard, Danny Dwayne 1996-04-05 THESIS
Behavioral models of strategies in multi-armed bandit problems
4415 Anderson, Christopher Madden 2000-09-25 THESIS
Fabrication and testing of NbN/MgO/NbN tunnel junctions for use as high-frequency heterodyne detectors
4416 Stern, Jeffrey Aaron 1990-08-01 THESIS
Protein synthesis during chicken erythrocyte differentiation. Studies of ordered DNA protein fibers
4417 Kabat, David 1967-04-10 THESIS
Iterative decoding
4418 Cheng, Jung-Fu 1997-03-07 THESIS
I. Photochemical reactions of phenylcyclobutadienoquinone. II. Thermal reactions of phenylcyclobutadienoquinone in methanol. III. The photochemical synthesis of phenanthrenes
4419 Mallory, Frank Bryant 1958-01-01 THESIS
Topology and analysis in pwm inversion, rectification, and cycloconversion
4420 Ngo, Khai Doan 1984-05-14 THESIS
Investigations of ion channel structure-function relationships using molecular modeling and experimental biochemistry
4421 Elmore, Donald Eugene 2004-04-22 THESIS
Pulsar searches: from radio to gamma-rays
4422 Chandler, Adam M. 2002-12-05 THESIS
Remote sensing of radiative fluxes and heating rates from satellite instrument measurements
4423 Feldman, Daniel Robert 2008-04-25 THESIS
Enzymatic incorporation of bidomain peptides into fibrin matrices for directed enhancement of three-dimensional in vitro neurite outgrowth and in vivo nerve regeneration
4424 Schense, Jason Charles 1999-05-03 THESIS
Concurrent system design using Flow
4425 Hu, Cheng 2007-05-25 THESIS
Multiple-scale dynamics in neural systems: learning, synchronization and network oscillations
4426 Zhigulin, Valentin P. 2004-05-12 THESIS
Engineering cyanovirin-N for enhanced viral neutralization
4427 Keeffe, Jennifer R. 2008-12-12 THESIS
The effect of adhesive coating on the fatigue properties of 2014-T and 7075-T at normal and elevated temperatures
4428 James, George T. 1955-01-01 THESIS
Atomistic simulation of macromolecules
4429 Li, Youyong 2004-11-15 THESIS
The inversion of geodetic data for earthquake parameters
4430 Lohman, Rowena Benfer 2004-05-19 THESIS
Genetic and genomic studies of shoot and flower growth in Arabidopsis
4431 Baker, Catherine Craig 2003-12-11 THESIS
Studies on the biosynthesis of phi-X174 coat protein
4432 Krane, Stanley Garson 1965-11-29 THESIS
High power phased array and tailored gain semiconductor lasers
4433 Lindsey, Christopher Paul 1986-07-02 THESIS
Data driven production models for speech processing
4434 Roweis, Sam T. 1999-01-13 THESIS
Automated analysis of the Digitized Second Palomar Sky Survey : system design, implementation, and initial results
4435 Weir, Nicholas 1994-01-21 THESIS
Chamber studies of secondary organic aerosol formation
4436 Ng, Nga Lee 2007-05-22 THESIS
Neutrino mass constraints on electroweak parameters
4437 Erwin, Rebecca Joan 2007-05-24 THESIS
An experimental study of convective heat transfer, friction, and rheology for non-Newtonian fluids : polymer solutions, suspensions of fibers, and suspensions of particulates
4438 Matthys, Eric Francois 1985-05-13 THESIS
Quantitative model of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II activation
4439 Mihalas, Stefan 2006-05-24 THESIS
Metabolic and energetic studies of recombinant Escherichia coli strains : applications of NMR techniques
4440 Chen, Ruizhen 1994-05-18 THESIS
N-heterocyclic carbene ligands for nickel ethylene polymerization catalysts: toward the incorporation of polar comonomers
4441 Waltman, Andrew Willis 2005-06-09 THESIS
Response of soil mineral weathering to elevated carbon dioxide
4442 Stephens, Jennie Catherine 2002-04-25 THESIS
Millimeter-wave integrated-circuit antenna arrays
4443 Tong, Peter P. 1984-10-12 THESIS
Bayesian learning for earthquake engineering applications and structural health monitoring
4444 Oh, Chang Kook 2007-09-17 THESIS
Steady-state and transient methods for modeling chemical reactions on supported catalysts
4445 Prairie, Michael Roland 1987-04-06 THESIS
An engineered mutant of G protein [alpha] subunit that binds xanthine nucleotide and not guanine nucleotide
4446 Yu, Bo 1999-01-28 THESIS
Mechanics and planning of workpiece fixturing and robotic grasping
4447 Lin, Qiao 1998-05-27 THESIS
The development of connectivity and the nature of synaptic transmission between avian song control nuclei
4448 Mooney, Richard Daniel 1991-01-11 THESIS
I. Enantioselective synthesis of (+)-zaragozic acid C. II. Nitridomanganese(V) complexes: design, preparation, and use as novel nitrogen atom-transfer reagents
4449 Du Bois, Justin 1997-03-07 THESIS
Design and characterization of artificial extracellular matrix proteins for use as small-diameter vascular grafts
4450 Heilshorn, Sarah Christine 2004-05-10 THESIS

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