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Robust control of systems subject to constraints
4351 Zheng, Zhi Qiang 1995-05-27 THESIS
Prediction of flow depth and sediment discharge in open channels
4352 Brownlie, William R. 1981-11-30 THESIS
Design and analysis of network codes
4353 Jaggi, Sidharth 2005-10-28 THESIS
Single-molecule detection and DNA sequencing-by-synthesis
4354 Kartalov, Emil P 2004-05-06 THESIS
Measurements of unsteady pressures and wake fluctuations for flow over a cylinder at supercritical Reynolds number
4355 Spitzer, Robert Edward 1964-12-31 THESIS
Graph-based codes and iterative decoding
4356 Khandekar, Aamod 2002-06-10 THESIS
The electrical properties of nanoscale parallel semiconductor interfaces
4357 Rossi, Robert Charles 2001-06-11 THESIS
The transmutation of elements
4358 Thomassen, Lars 1927-08-01 THESIS
Observation of B -> K0Spi+pi- and B -> K*(892)+-pi-+ and measurement of the charge asymmetry in B -> K*(892)+-pi-+
4359 Sun, Werner Man-Li 2003-05-19 THESIS
Nature and energy redistribution of highly vibrationally excited polyatomic molecules
4360 Perry, Joseph Walter 1984-01-10 THESIS
Weathering mechanisms and mass balance in a high Sierra Nevada watershed - distribution of alkali and alkaline earth metals in components of parent rock and soil, snow, soil moisture and stream outflow
4361 Hinkley, Todd King 1975-05-13 THESIS
The ultramafic complex and related rocks of Duke Island, southeastern Alaska
4362 Irvine, T. N. 1959-01-01 THESIS
An experimental investigation of structure, mixing and combustion in compressible turbulent shear layers
4363 Hall, Jeffery Lawrence 1990-11-02 THESIS
Gas phase reaction dynamics and design of molecular clusters and bioconjugates
4364 Sumner, Heather Ann 2005-05-12 THESIS
Shape selective recognition of the DNA minor groove by hairpin polyamides
4365 Foister, Shane 2003-09-19 THESIS
The mobility of dislocations in high purity aluminum
4366 Gorman, Jeffrey Archibald 1968-05-14 THESIS
The northern sky optical cluster survey : galaxy clusters from five thousand square degrees of DPOSS
4367 Gal, Roy R. 2001-01-22 THESIS
Aerosol composition and hygroscopicity studies : instrument development/characterization, ambient and laboratory measurements, and modeling
4368 Sorooshian, Armin 2008-05-05 THESIS
Postdiction and the effects of spatial, temporal, and feature compatibility on sensory integration
4369 Nieman, Dylan 2006-10-24 THESIS
Investigation of the multiscale constitutive behavior of ferroelectric materials using advanced diffraction techniques
4370 Rogan, Robert Cashman 2004-05-14 THESIS
Thermodynamic and dynamic modeling of atmospheric aerosols
4371 Meng, Zhaoyue 1997-03-06 THESIS
1-10 Myr-old low mass stars and brown dwarfs in nearby star forming regions
4372 Slesnick, Catherine Louise 2007-07-31 THESIS
The role of filamin in the morphogenesis of the skeletal muscle sarcomere
4373 Gomer, Richard Hans 1983-02-03 THESIS
Electromagnetic theory of distributed feedback lasers in periodic dielectric waveguides
4374 Evans, Gary A. 1974-07-22 THESIS
The influence of metal grain structure on the attenuation of an ultrasonic acoustic wave
4375 Roney, Robert Kenneth 1950-01-01 THESIS
I. Depolarized light scattering studies of rotational-translational coupling in liquids composed of small anisotropic molecules. II. Investigation of the coupling between reorientation and longitudinal modes in the Brillouin spectra of liquids composed of anisotropic molecules
4376 O'Steen, Byron Lance 1981-09-10 THESIS
Studies on RNA metabolism in HeLa mitochondria
4377 Gelfand, Robert Allen 1980-01-07 THESIS
Some experiments in cavitation bubble dynamics
4378 Fabula, Andrew G. 1958-01-01 THESIS
Chemical reactions of methane and of n-hexane in ballistic piston apparatus
4379 Longwell, Paul A. 1957-01-01 THESIS
Triplet energy delocalization in polynucleotide-acridine complexes
4380 Galley, William Claude 1967-02-01 THESIS
A photoelastic investigation of the effect of cutouts in panels subject to shear and bending
4381 Hollister, W. W. 1941-01-01 THESIS
All-optical wavelength conversion by four-wave mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier
4382 Lee, Robert Bumju 1997-04-22 THESIS
Analysis and design of turbo-like codes
4383 Jin, Hui 2001-05-07 THESIS
Segmental dynamics of individual species in a miscible polymer blend
4384 Chung, Geun-Chang 1994-06-01 THESIS
Stability of the structure in multicomponent flows
4385 Kytomaa, Harri Kaarlo 1986-10-01 THESIS
Studies on the structural proteins of Sindbis virus
4386 Rice, Charles Moen 1981-05-20 THESIS
Three-dimensional elastodynamic modeling of frictional sliding with application to intersonic transition
4387 Liu, Yi 2008-09-22 THESIS
Reliable integration of terascale systems with nanoscale devices
4388 Naeimi, Helia 2007-09-04 THESIS
ANIMAC : a multiprocessor architecture for real-time computer animation
4389 Whelan, Daniel S. 1985-05-23 THESIS
Experimental and theoretical studies of cloud condensation nuclei
4390 Chuang, Patrick Yung-Shie 1999-05-17 THESIS
Large operand division and an asynchrous approach to fault detection
4391 Kramer, Kathleen A. 1991-01-09 THESIS
New approaches to the analysis and design of Reed-Solomon related codes
4392 El-Khamy, Mostafa 2006-09-06 THESIS
Investigations of spin-eigenfunction correlated wavefunctions
4393 Bobrowicz, Frank Wilhelm 1974-02-25 THESIS
Quantum critical phenomena in superfluids and superconductors
4394 Kim, Kihong 1991-05-21 THESIS
New quantum Monte Carlo algorithms to efficiently utilize massively parallel computers
4395 Kent, David Randall 2003-03-10 THESIS
On quantum fluctuations and black holes
4396 Yi, Piljin 1994-04-20 THESIS
The complexity of formula minimization
4397 Buchfuhrer, David 2008-05-30 THESIS
Robust loopshaping for process control
4398 Braatz, Richard Dean 1993-05-18 THESIS
Improvement of olefin metathesis efficiency through understanding catalyst stability
4399 Hong, Soon Hyeok 2007-03-22 THESIS
Visualization of cadherin-cadherin association in living cells
4400 Mosser, Eric A. 2006-11-30 THESIS

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