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Pre-Cambrian and Tertiary geology of the Las Tablas Quadrangle, New Mexico
201 Barker, Fred 1954-01-01 THESIS
The synthesis and characterization of novel high-silica zeolites
202 Lobo, Raul F. 1994-11-28 THESIS
A study on the formation and dynamics of galaxies
203 Fillmore, James Arthur 1985-05-09 THESIS
Structure, dynamics, and properties of artificial protein hydrogels assembled through coiled-coil domains
204 Shen, Wei 2004-12-15 THESIS
I. House dust allergens. II. Experiments on the distensibility of the excised rabbit bladder
205 Vannier, Wilton Emile 1958-01-01 THESIS
Buckling of thin annular plates due to radial compressive loading
206 Majumdar, Suarindranath 1968-01-01 THESIS
White dwarfs
207 Shipman, Henry Longfellow 1971-05-17 THESIS
Developmental regulation and chromosomal decondensation of the 68C glue gene cluster in Drosophila melanogaster
208 Mathers, Peter Hiram 1989-12-13 THESIS
Scanning probe chemical and topographical microanalysis
209 Kossakovski, Dmitri A. 1999-11-05 THESIS
Aspects of regulation of mitochondrial DNA replication and transcription in mammalian cells
210 Novitski, Charles Edward 1978-12-18 THESIS
Faint optically selected AGN at z=3
211 Hunt, Matthew Philip 2004-05-20 THESIS
A measurement of the value of h/e by the determination of the short wavelength limit of the continuous x-ray spectrum at 20kV
212 Panofsky, Wolfgang K. 1941-01-01 THESIS
Some topics in theoretical high-energy physics
213 Wolfram, Stephen 1979-11-19 THESIS
Evolution equations and semigroups of operators with the disjoint support property
214 Biyanov, Andrey Y. 1995-04-20 THESIS
Measurement of the weak mixing angle in Moller scattering
215 Bega, Klejda Adnan 2004-04-12 THESIS
Model studies of adsorbate ordering, adsorption and reaction using Monte-Carlo simulations
216 Kang, Hway-Chuan 1989-09-11 THESIS
The stability of two-dimensional linear flows
217 Lagnado, Ronald Robert 1985-01-09 THESIS
A general differential geometry with two types of linear connection
218 Wyman, Max 1940-01-01 THESIS
A theoretical investigation of a method of increasing the performance of rocket propellants for use in torpedoes by the injection of water
219 Olsen, L. R. 1946-01-01 THESIS
Studies of electroweak interactions and searches for new physics using photonic events with missing energy at the Large Electron-Positron Collider
220 Gataullin, Marat I. 2005-11-22 THESIS
Experimental studies of conversion coefficients in some deformed nuclei
221 Edwards, William Farrell 1960-01-01 THESIS
I. Studies in the chemistry of sodium dithionite. II. A pH study of the alpha-chymotrypsin catalysed hydrolysis of methyl-hippurate
222 Gordon, Thomas Pascoe 1959-01-01 THESIS
The discovery and characterization of methane-bearing brown dwarfs and the definition of the T spectral class
223 Burgasser, Adam Jonathan 2001-08-24 THESIS
Brightness distributions in compact and normal galaxies
224 Kormendy, John 1976-04-09 THESIS
Studies on the modification, by various agents, of the heat sensitivity of poliovirus
225 Strohl, William Allen 1960-01-01 THESIS
Cytochrome c synthesis in Neurospora crassa
226 Scott, William A. 1967-07-20 THESIS
Negative pion photoproduction from deuterium and a partial wave analysis of positive pion and negative pion photoproduction in the energy region 500 to 1250 MeV
227 Scheffler, Paul Erick 1972-01-24 THESIS
The characterization and structure of mechanosensitive channels of small conductance
228 Poon, Yan Shuen 2008-05-23 THESIS
Absence of a Scott correction for the total binding energy of noninteracting fermions in a smooth potential well
229 Huxtable, Barton Duane 1987-06-16 THESIS
Disulphide polymerizeable phosphatidylcholines : characterization of membrane physical properties and investigations of in vivo behavior
230 Handel, Tracy Marie 1989-01-18 THESIS
Cold atoms in cavity QED for quantum information processing
231 Vernooy, David W. 2000-05-05 THESIS
Hydroxyl in mantle minerals
232 Bell, David Ronald 1992-11-17 THESIS
Genetic and biochemical studies of tyrosinase in Neurospora and laccase in Neurospora
233 Sueoka, Noburu 1959-01-01 THESIS
I. Structure-function analysis of the mechanosensitive channel of large conductance. II. Design of novel magnetic materials using crystal engineering
234 Maurer, Joshua Ahab 2002-10-02 THESIS
Extending quantum error correction: new continuous measurement protocols and improved fault-tolerant overhead
235 Ahn, Charlene Sonja 2004-05-03 THESIS
Synthetic, structural, and mechanistic studies of homogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalysis
236 Hajela, Sharad 1995-05-25 THESIS
Ultrafast photoreduction of nitric oxide synthase by electron tunneling wires
237 Bittner, Wendy Belliston 2005-05-13 THESIS
Measurements of thermo-acoustic coupling
238 Pun, Winston 2001-05-24 THESIS
Experiments concerning the low-energy states of N16 and O19
239 Zimmermann, William 1958-01-01 THESIS
The mean lifetime of V-particles
240 Alford, William Lumpkin 1953-01-01 THESIS
Micronutrient requirements for Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C.A. Agardh (giant kelp) gametophytes determined by means of a chemically defined medium, aquil
241 Kuwabara, James S. 1980-04-30 THESIS
Synthesis and biological activity of chondroitin sulfate biopolymers
242 Tully, Sarah Erin 2006-07-19 THESIS
Synthesis and solvolytic reactivities of unsaturated cyclobutyl bromides
243 Kiefer, Edgar Francis 1961-01-01 THESIS
Iron reduction and micronutrient nutrition of juvenile Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C.A. agardh (giant kelp) determined by a chemically defined medium, Aquil
244 Anderson, Lisa 1981-09-22 THESIS
Studies of cloned repetitive DNA sequences in the sea urchin genome
245 Scheller, Richard 1980-04-21 THESIS
Measurements of the ratio of charge to mass of free electrons using a resonant cavity
246 Wilts, Charles H. 1948-01-01 THESIS
Ligand design, coordination chemistry, and mechanistic studies of (phosphino)borates and their platinum, nickel, and copper complexes
247 Thomas, John Christopher 2004-05-28 THESIS
Photochemical investigations of ions in the gas phase utilizing ion cyclotron resonance spectroscopy
248 Freiser, Ben Sherman 1976-07-12 THESIS
SHARC-2 350 micron observations of distant submillimeter-selected galaxies and techniques for the optimal analysis and observing of weak signals
249 Kovacs, Attila 2006-05-19 THESIS
Partial oxidation of propane over vanadium-containing zeolite catalysts
250 Luo, Lin 2000-09-22 THESIS

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