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An investigation of the effects of angle of attack and airfoil model size on the occurrence of shock waves in a two dimensional wind tunnel
101 Chambers, L. S. 1944-06-01 THESIS
Electron transfer in rigid and semi-rigid iridium d8-d8 donor-spacer-acceptor complexes
102 Farid, Ramy Samir 1991-01-15 THESIS
Low Reynolds number flow past finite cylinders of large aspect ratio
103 Shi, Yun-Yuan 1963-01-01 THESIS
Regulatory elements in ColE1 DNA replication in Escherichia coli. Mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA polymerase I resistant to nucleotide analogs : dNTP binding site definition
104 Ma, Doreen 1989-04-14 THESIS
CCD observations of clusters of galaxies
105 Schneider, Donald P. 1982-04-13 THESIS
The Conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer for elliptic curves with complex multiplication by a nonmaximal order
106 Colwell, Jason 2003-11-18 THESIS
Analysis of the structure, expression and evolution of the shark myelin proteins and genes
107 Fors, Lance 1989-12-14 THESIS
Seismic deformation analysis of earth dams : a simplified method
108 Yan, Liping 1991-11-06 THESIS
A fast and accurate analytical method for the computation of solvent effects in molecular simulations
109 Zamanakos, Georgios 2001-12-14 THESIS
Viscoelastic behavior of filled and unfilled elastomers in moderately large deformations
110 Bloch, Ricardo 1976-03-01 THESIS
A study of the longitudinal low frequency (phugoid) motion of an airplane at supersonic and hypersonic speeds
111 Walter, Uso 1967-05-26 THESIS
The tip-sample interaction in atomic force microscopy and its implications for biological applications
112 Baselt, David R. 1993-05-17 THESIS
A study of the effect of vertical sand drains as a means for the rapid consolidation of soils of low permeability
113 Swatta, Frank A. 1947-01-01 THESIS
Intramolecular electron transfer in an iridium d [supercript 8]-d [superscript 8] donor-acceptor system
114 Fox, Lucius Seiberling 1989-01-31 THESIS
A measurement of the mass of the tau lepton
115 Jones, Lawrence Aston 1994-10-04 THESIS
Sonochemistry : the mechanism and the application
116 Hung, Hui-Ming 2000-03-02 THESIS
Electron tunneling and hopping through proteins
117 Shih, Crystal 2008-05-05 THESIS
Construction of solutions to partial differential equations by the use of transformation groups
118 Bluman, George W. 1967-11-14 THESIS
Part I. Alpha-secondary isotope effects on the reaction catalyzed by fumarase; Part II. Salt effects on fumarase
119 Schmidt, Donald Emil 1967-03-21 THESIS
Edge diffraction of a convergent wave. Diffraction of Lagguerre Gaussian beams by a circular aperture
120 Livanos, Alexander Constantine 1974-09-25 THESIS
Designing protein separations based on metal-affinity interactions
121 Todd, Robert J. 1992-09-25 THESIS
Macrocylic tetraamido-N ligands that stabilize high valent complexes of chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, and copper
122 Uffelman, Erich Stuart 1991-08-19 THESIS
I. Ground and excited state studies of persistent 1,1-diazenes. II. Design of sequence specific DNA cleaving molecules
123 Schultz, Peter G. 1983-09-19 THESIS
Lifted turbulent jet flames
124 Hammer, Jay A. 1993-04-14 THESIS
Studies of chemical adsorption using low energy electron diffraction
125 Williams, Ellen D. 1981-09-10 THESIS
I. Thiocarbamate studies. II. Preliminary investigations of the alpha-chymotrypsin catalyzed hydrolysis of acylated amino acid esters. III. The alpha-chymotrypsin catalyzed hydrolysis of methyl hippurate and of benzoyl-L-valine methyl ester. IV. The enzyme inhibitor dissociation constants of some N-acetyl amino acid N'-methylamides
126 Applewhite, Thomas Hood 1956-01-01 THESIS
Noncoherent coded modulation
127 Raphaeli, Dan 1994-04-19 THESIS
Dynamics and coexistence of microbial mixed cultures
128 Davison, Brian H. 1985-03-27 THESIS
The effects of alloy chemistry on the electrochemical and hydriding properties of NI-substituted LaNi5
129 Witham, Charles K. 1998-08-24 THESIS
Theoretical investigations of solid interfaces: 1. The position of the Fermi level at a metal-semiconductor interface. 2. Geometric lattice match and its application to heteroepitaxy. 3. Ab-initio calculation of the elastic properties of silicon, using small clusters
130 Zur, Amikam 1983-12-20 THESIS
I. Reactions of non-activated aryl halides with strong basic and nucleophilic agents. II. Evidence for cyclohexene as an intermediate in the coupling reaction of phenyllithium with 1-chlorocyclohexene. III. Reactions of non-activated aryl halides with strong bases at high temperatures. IV. The synthesis of some four-membered ring compounds
131 Scardiglia, Franco 1958-01-01 THESIS
Stereospecificity in alpha-chymotrypsin-catalyzed reactions. The structural specificity of alpha-chymotrypsin : some new substrates. A further study of monofunctional aromatic inhibitors of alpha-chymotrypsin
132 Rapp, James R. 1964-01-01 THESIS
Ultrafast molecular dynamics in complexed trans-stilbene
133 Heikal, Ahmed Abdou 1995-08-28 THESIS
Laser tweezers for moving live dissociated neurons
134 Chow, Gang 2007-10-17 THESIS
A late quaternary mammal fauna from the tar seeps of McKittrick, California
135 Schultz, John R. 1937-01-01 THESIS
Thermodynamic study of coupled chemical reactions
136 Nebeker, Eugene Byrd 1965-05-11 THESIS
Design and analysis of high-efficiency L-band power amplifiers
137 Wang, Feiyu 2005-12-19 THESIS
I. Complexes of mercury (I) with polyphosphate and dicarboxylate anions and mercury (II) pyrophosphate complexes. II. The interaction of mercuric chloride with deoxyribonucleic acid
138 Yamane, Tetsuo 1960-01-01 THESIS
Particle resuspension from surfaces
139 Phares, Denis Joseph 1999-05-05 THESIS
Compact infrared sources : NGC 7538 and the galactic center
140 Willner, Steven Paul 1976-01-29 THESIS
Molecular origins of the thermophysical properties of polymers and modeling of polymer permeation by large molecules
141 Belmares, Michael Paul 1998-05-28 THESIS
Photochemical hydrogen atom transfer reactions of binuclear platinum complexes
142 Harvey, Erica Lyn 1989-08-23 THESIS
SynGAP controls synapse formation by regulating spine development and morphology
143 Vazquez, Luis Enrique 2004-05-21 THESIS
Self-assembled monolayers for the study of biological targets
144 Canaria, Christie Anne 2008-05-28 THESIS
Pair spectrometer measurements in 500 MEV bremsstrahlung
145 Cooper, Duane Herbert 1955-01-01 THESIS
The maximal subgroups of the Chevalley groups F4(F) where F is a finite or algebraically closed field of characteristic not equal to 2,3
146 Magaard, Kay 1990-04-16 THESIS
Sensitizer-linked substrates as probes of heme enzyme structure and catalysis
147 Dunn, Alexander Robert 2003-05-15 THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of titanium-containing molecular sieves
148 Dartt, Christopher Bruce 1996-05-17 THESIS
An investigation of the photochemical and excited state properties of selected second and third row transition metal complexes
149 Geoffroy, Gregory L. 1974-05-03 THESIS
Optical spectral properties of active galactic nuclei and quasars
150 Yee, Howard Kwong 1980-10-30 THESIS

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