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Model atmosphere studies of early type stars
51 Mihalas, Dimitri 1964-01-01 THESIS
The kinetics of the alpha-chymotrypsin catalysed hydrolysis of acetyl-L-tyrosinehydroxamide. Genetic factors influencing the activity of tryptophane desmolase in Neurospora crassa
52 Hogness, David Swenson 1953-01-01 THESIS
Molecular beam investigations of surface chemical reactions and dynamics
53 Mullins, Charles Buddie 1989-09-29 THESIS
The properties of star-forming galaxies at z~2 : kinematics, stellar populations, and metallicities
54 Erb, Dawn K. 2005-08-03 THESIS
Studies of the replicative intermediates and of the structure of animal cell mitochondrial DNA
55 Flory, P. John 1974-08-28 THESIS
A study of molecular and physical processes in comets
56 Arpigny, Claude 1964-01-01 THESIS
String/gauge duality and Penrose limit
57 Park, Jongwon 2003-05-12 THESIS
An investigation into the effects of running propellers on the static longitudinal stability of multi-engine tractor-propeller-driven monoplanes
58 Amster, Warren 1948-01-01 THESIS
I. Steric and electrostatic repulsions in the inhibition of alpha-chymotrypsin catalysed hydrolyses by indole derivatives II. Steric requirements for substrates of alpha-chymotrypsin
59 Abrash, Henry Ivan 1961-01-01 THESIS
The mass assembly history of field galaxies
60 Bundy, Kevin 2006-02-28 THESIS
HeH+ in model stellar atmospheres
61 Norton, Robert Henry 1964-05-01 THESIS
Condenser motor with high starting torque and low capacitance
62 Mesenkop, Louis H. 1928-01-01 THESIS
Condenser motor with high starting torque and low capacitance
63 Hoover, Vaino A. 1928-01-01 THESIS
The refractive index and the Lorentz-Lorenz function of fluid argon
64 Teague, Richard King 1967-05-31 THESIS
DNA-mediated hole and electron transport
65 Shao, Fangwei 2007-06-26 THESIS
The influence of surface structure and adlayer composition on the kinetics and mechanisms of gas-surface reactions
66 Engstrom, James Robert 1986-12-12 THESIS
Host-plasmid interactions and regulation of cloned gene expression in recombinant cells
67 Da Silva, Nancy Anderson 1988-04-27 THESIS
A study of the fully differential inclusive semileptonic B meson decay rate
68 Lipeles, Elliot 2003-10-08 THESIS
Force field development in protein design
69 Zollars, Eric Stafford 2006-05-25 THESIS
Mechanisms of structure direction in zeolite synthesis
70 Burkett, Sandra Louise 1994-11-14 THESIS
I. Investigations of the alpha-chymotrypsin catalyzed hydrolysis of amino acid hydrazides. II. Synthesis of amino acid derivatives. III. The apparent ionization constants of a series of phenylalanine derivatives
71 Kerr, Richard John 1957-01-01 THESIS
Measurements of drag coefficients for falling and rising spheres in free motion
72 Preukschat, A. Werner 1962-01-01 THESIS
Section I: An analytical and experimental study of some simple geologic structures. Section II: Gravity survey of a part of the Raymond and San Gabriel Basins, southern California
73 Sanford, Allan Robert 1958-01-01 THESIS
Protein engineering using unnatural amino acids : incorporation of leucine analogs into recombinant protein in vivo
74 Tang, Yi 2002-05-23 THESIS
Base pressure and static pressure for a cone-cylinder at a nominal mach number of 5.8
75 Harkins, William D. 1954-01-01 THESIS
Some electron diffraction studies. I. Electron diffraction studies of some heavy metal hexaflourides. II. The molecular structure of gaseous N2O4. III. Applications of the method of least squares in electron diffraction investigations
76 Smith, Darwin W. 1959-01-01 THESIS
Elucidation of the origins of stratospheric sulfate aerosols by isotopic methods
77 Leung, Fok-Yan Thomas 2003-03-06 THESIS
I. Structural analogs of typical substrates of alpha-chymotrypsin. II. 1-acetyl-2-[L-tyrosyl] hydrazine : an inhibitor of alpha-chymotrypsin. III. Binuclear aromatics as inhibitors of alpha-chymotrypsin-catalyzed hydrolyses. IV. Applicability of the pH-stat to alpha-chymotrypsin-catalyzed hydrolyses that produce a buffer
78 Kurtz, Abraham Nathan 1960-01-01 THESIS
Experimental and theoretical studies of aerosol agglomerates
79 Drayton, Paul Jeffrey 1996-10-03 THESIS
Laboratory studies of atmospherically important gas-phase peroxy radical reactions
80 Christensen, Lance 2002-12-09 THESIS
I. Synthetic studies on tertiary vinylogous amides and related compounds. II. Cobalt(II) chloride complexes of tertiary vinylogous amides and related ligands
81 Ellern, James Bernard 1973-06-06 THESIS
A measurement of the angular power spectrum of the cosmic microwave background with a long duration balloon-borne receiver
82 Crill, Brendan 2000-11-09 THESIS
The effects of oxygen on the formation of Ni, Pd, and Pt silicides
83 Scott, David Martin 1982-03-03 THESIS
Stabilization of carbonium ions in the vicinity of metallocene nuclei
84 Hill, Elgin Alexander 1961-01-01 THESIS
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of the catalytic mechanism of proteolytic enzymes. Ionization behavior of the histidine residue in the catalytic triad of alpha-lytic protease--implications for the catalytic mechanism of serine proteases. Ionization behavior of enzymic and inhibitor groups in the tetrahedral adduct between alpha-lytic protease and a peptide aldehyde. Kinetics of pepsin-catalyzed hydrolysis of N-tri-fluoroacetyl amino acids
85 Hunkapiller, Michael W. 1974-04-10 THESIS
Reactions in small clusters studied by time-resolved laser spectroscopy
86 Peng, Lawrence Weiman 1990-10-01 THESIS
Search for scalar leptons at LEP with the L3 detector
87 Xia, Lei 2002-11-01 THESIS
Some new measurements of the ground and v2 = 1 states of HDO in the region 200 - 750 GHz
88 Kelly, Melissa Ann 2002-09-16 THESIS
Application of MODIS-ASTER (Master) simulator data to geological mapping of young volcanic regions in Baja California, Mexico
89 Dmochowski, Jane Ellen 2004-07-27 THESIS
Frequencies and amplitudes of high-degree solar oscillations
90 Kaufman, James Morris 1990-11-02 THESIS
Synthetic and mechanistic investigations of ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts
91 Sanford, Melanie Sarah 2001-05-21 THESIS
Coherence and spectral properties of composite-cavity semiconductor lasers
92 Iannelli, John M. 1995-05-17 THESIS
Dye sensitization of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide with osmium and ruthenium polypyridine complexes
93 Sauve, Genevieve 1999-02-24 THESIS
The chemistry of rhodium and molybdenum isocyanide complexes
94 Lewis, Nathan Saul 1977-05-31 THESIS
I. Some studies in enzyme kinetics. II. The oxidation of 3-indoleacetic acid by plant enzymes. III. The synthesis of some alpha-alkyl alpha-amino acids and their derivatives
95 Manning, David Treadway 1955-01-01 THESIS
Generalized translation operators
96 McGregor, James L. 1954-01-01 THESIS
Millimeter-wave phased arrays in silicon
97 Natarajan, Arun Sridhar 2007-05-17 THESIS
Degradation kinetics of an abnormal beta-galactosidase in Escherichia coli
98 Kosinski, Michael J. 1991-05-22 THESIS
Time-resolved studies of molecular reaction dynamics and development of experimental methodology
99 Scherer, Norbert Franz 1989-01-23 THESIS
Particle collisions and coalescence in fluids
100 Valioulis, Iraklis Anestis 1983-03-14 THESIS

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