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A possible analytical explanation for the micrometeorite concentration near the earth
801 Murthy, K. R. 1966-02-15 THESIS
The R-F thermal radiation from the sun
802 Young, Richard Davidson 1952-01-01 THESIS
Upscaling immiscible two-phase flows in an adaptive frame
803 Strinopoulos, Theofilos 2005-11-30 THESIS
Experimental study of helium diffusion in the wake of a circular cylinder at M=5.8
804 Mohlenhoff, William 1960-01-01 THESIS
Visible and infrared studies of cataclysmic variable stars
805 Berriman, Graham 1983-02-07 THESIS
A time-optimal control problem in dynamics with sampled data
806 Radey, Kendrick 1962-01-01 THESIS
Kinetics of nucleation and crystallization
807 Shi, Frank Guojun 1992-05-15 THESIS
Wind tunnel model tests to investigate the effects of boundary layer control
808 Ashkenas, Irving Louis 1939-01-01 THESIS
Secondary flow in a cascade of airfoils
809 Briceland, Richard Harald 1959-01-01 THESIS
The decomposition of ozone-nitrogen pentoxide mixtures
810 Nordberg, Martin Emery 1928-01-01 THESIS
The stability and mixing of a density-stratified horizontal flow in a saturated porous medium
811 List, E. John 1965-05-07 THESIS
I. Mixing in doorway flows. II. Entrainment in fire plumes
812 Lim, Christopher S. 1984-04-30 THESIS
The effects of a vortex field on flames with finite reaction rates
813 Norton, Olin Perry 1982-08-09 THESIS
Experiments on turbulent mixing and chemical reactions in a liquid mixing layer
814 Koochesfahani, Manoochehr Mohseni 1983-11-07 THESIS
Electron tunneling through thin films of aluminum nitride
815 Lewicki, George W. 1966-03-28 THESIS
Domain walls, demagnetizing fields and anisotropy in thin ferromagnetic films
816 Collette, Rene Clement 1964-01-01 THESIS
Numerical simulations of combustion instabilities in gas turbine combustors, with applications
817 Swenson, Grant Douglas 1999-10-29 THESIS
Experiments on the interaction of a modulated electron beam with a plasma
818 Boyd, Gary Delane 1959-01-01 THESIS
Testing delay-insensitive circuits
819 Hazewindus, Pieter Johannes 1992-05-20 THESIS
I. The explosion of ether-air mixtures by electric sparks. II. The dynamic resistance of a spark
820 Zarem, A. M. 1944-01-01 THESIS
The existence and stability of periodic motions in forced non-linear oscillations
821 Caughey, Thomas Kirk 1954-01-01 THESIS
Existence and stability of vortices and vortex arrays
822 Robinson, Allen Conrad 1983-06-08 THESIS
ICRF antenna coupling and wave propagation in a tokamak plasma
823 Greene, Glenn Joel 1984-02-09 THESIS
Transient motion measurements for structural response analysis
824 Rubin, Sheldon 1956-01-01 THESIS
Spiral turbulence in circular Couette flow
825 Van Atta, Charles W. 1964-09-25 THESIS
An investigation of the electronic structures of transition metal complexes by single crystal polarized spectroscopy
826 Cowman, Charles Dane 1973-08-14 THESIS
Petrology and structure of the Crystal Lake area, Los Angeles County, California
827 Wells, John C. 1938-01-01 THESIS
Low-speed investigation of a double wedge airfoil with a leading-edge slat
828 Wallace, Richard Earl 1952-06-01 THESIS
Ultramafic intrusives and associated magnetite deposits at Union Bay, southeast Alaska
829 Ruckmick, John Christian 1957-01-01 THESIS
The instability of shear layers produced by curved shocks
830 Lemieux, Patrick 1999-05-13 THESIS
Learning algorithms for neural networks
831 Atiya, Amir 1991-01-01 THESIS
Smoothness of the integrated density of states for random Schrodinger operators on multidimensional strips
832 Glaffig, Clemens H. 1988-06-07 THESIS
Balanced flap type supersonic control surfaces
833 Heimer, Harry J. 1958-01-01 THESIS
Eigenvalue inequalities in quantum information processing
834 Daftuar, Sumit Kumar 2003-09-25 THESIS
Effects of combustion chamber blockage on bluff body flame stabilization
835 Foster, James Roger 1956-01-01 THESIS
A front tracking method for modelling thermal growth
836 Howard, Elizabeth 2002-07-25 THESIS
Design and development of new enantioselective catalytic reactions and progress towards the total synthesis of callipeltoside A
837 Wiener, John Jacob 2004-01-20 THESIS
Experiments on the upstream wake in magnetofluid dynamics
838 Ahlstrom, Harlow G. 1963-01-01 THESIS
Allocation and computation in rail networks : a binary conflicts ascending price mechanism (BICAP) for the decentralized allocation of the right to use railroad tracks
839 Brewer, Paul J. 1995-05-02 THESIS
Experimental investigation of the thickness of the boundary layer and the location of the transitional region along a wing section
840 Putt, Donald L. 1938-01-01 THESIS
Measurements of lift fluctuations due to turbulence
841 Lamson, Philip 1956-01-01 THESIS
Vortex formation and shedding from a two-dimensional, thin, flat plate parallel to the free stream
842 Bauer, Andrew Burkhard 1959-01-01 THESIS
Large-eddy simulation using a vortex-based subgrid stress model
843 Misra, Ashish 1997-07-08 THESIS
Arithmetized trigonometrical expansions of doubly periodic functions of the third kind
844 Elder, John Dyer 1929-01-01 THESIS
Investigation of a three-dimensional design procedure for axial flow pump impellers
845 Bowerman, Ray D. 1955-01-01 THESIS
An investigation of the effects of a sharp velocity gradient of the flexure-torsion flutter speed of an airfoil
846 Dankworth, Edwin G. 1951-01-01 THESIS
Burning rate for a solid propellant ramjet developing constant thrust
847 Arbo, Paul Edward 1952-01-01 THESIS
The Caenorhabditis elegans lin-15 locus
848 Huang, Linda S. 1995-05-11 THESIS
Multi-resolution image processing and learning for texture recognition and image enhancement
849 Greenspan, Hayit 1994-05-20 THESIS
Shock wave interaction in hypervelocity flow
850 Sanderson, Simon R. 1995-05-05 THESIS

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