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Dynamics of a semi-active impact damper : regular and chaotic motions
651 Karyeaclis, Michael P. 1987-07-29 THESIS
An analytical approach to the problem of longitudinal stability of flying boats in the planing conditions
652 Dilworth, J. A. 1941-01-01 THESIS
Electron beam measurements of density in shock waves reflecting from a cold wall
653 Piva, Hugo de 1968-05-17 THESIS
Cavitation induced instabilities associated with turbomachines
654 Braisted, David Miner 1979-08-29 THESIS
Downwash distribution behind a wing with an angle of attack discontinuity at supersonic speeds
655 Gasich, W. E. 1948-06-01 THESIS
The role of CuA in the cytochrome c oxidase proton pump
656 Li, Peter Mark 1989-08-21 THESIS
Bluff body flows in the presence of a free surface
657 Valluri, Siddhartha 1995-10-09 THESIS
The hydrodynamics of spherical cavities in the neighborhood of a rigid plane
658 Green, Joseph Matthew 1957-01-01 THESIS
A systematic presentation of the theory of thin airfoils in non-uniform motion
659 Sears, William Rees 1938-01-01 THESIS
Maximum stress in a cylindrical bar of double wedge cross section under torsion
660 Williams, Max L. 1948-01-01 THESIS
Autonomous reorientation of a maneuver-limited spacecraft under simple pointing constraints
661 Vanelli, Charles A. 1997-05-30 THESIS
Stresses and strains in cylindrical shells
662 Williams, Harry Edwin 1956-01-01 THESIS
Stable crack propagation in a viscoelastic strip
663 Mueller, Hans-Karl Christian 1968-05-15 THESIS
Experimental study of shear flows and convective heat transfer characteristics of granular materials
664 Patton, James Scott 1985-05-24 THESIS
Diffusion and stress driven flow in polymers
665 Hayes, Catherine Kent 1990-04-20 THESIS
A study of the adsorption of Ni (II) onto amorphous silica surface by chemical and NMR methods
666 Young, James R. 1981-08-12 THESIS
Geology of the Alston district Houghton and Baraga Counties, Michigan
667 Roberts, Ellis 1940-04-01 THESIS
An experimental investigation of mode-I crack tip deformation
668 Washabaugh, Peter D. 1989-11-28 THESIS
Quasi two-dimensional flows through cascades
669 Mani, Ramani 1966-12-16 THESIS
Linear and nonlinear acoustics with nonuniform entropy in combustion chambers
670 Humphrey, Joseph William 1986-09-25 THESIS
The deflection curve for a centrifugally loaded tape traversing an annular cap
671 Nelson, Richard Keith 1958-01-01 THESIS
The design and testing of an aerodynamic model of a high speed wind tunnel
672 Shevell, Richard Shepherd 1942-01-01 THESIS
I. The fingering problem in flow through porous media. II. The kinetic equation for Hamiltonian systems
673 McLean, John Weidman 1980-04-11 THESIS
Randon advection of a passive scalar
674 Gleeson, James P. 1999-05-13 THESIS
Migration of vacancies to stress centers
675 Vermilya, Jay J. 1956-01-01 THESIS
Radiation of a point charge moving uniformly over an infinite array of conducting half planes
676 Lam, John Ling-Yee 1966-08-16 THESIS
Spontaneously radiating atom in cavity fields
677 Buczek, Carl James 1965-04-25 THESIS
The scattering of electrons in gases
678 Arnquist, Warren Nelson 1930-01-01 THESIS
Measurements of energy exchange between acoustic fields and non-uniform steady flow fields
679 Magiawala, Kiran Ramanlal 1978-05-01 THESIS
Experimental investigation on axisymmetric turbulent wakes with zero momentum defect
680 Higuchi, Hiroshi 1976-07-19 THESIS
The interaction of breaking solitary waves with an armored bed
681 Petroff, Catherine M. 1993-02-26 THESIS
The tree machine : a highly concurrent computing environment
682 Browning, Sally A. 1980-01-15 THESIS
An investigation of the effect of the muzzle on the motion of the projectile in a recoilless gun
683 Woodward, Frank Arthur 1952-01-01 THESIS
Observations of breaking waves on sloping bottoms by use of laser Doppler velocimetry
684 Skjelbreia, James Eric 1986-05-01 THESIS
The role of various geometrical structures in scalar advection-diffusion
685 Ghosh, Shubhro 1994-05-26 THESIS
Femtosecond real-time dynamics of solvation : molecular reactions in clusters and supercritical fluids
686 Liu, Qianli 1996-08-12 THESIS
An investigation of the autoignition of a combustible mixture due to the presence of a heated surface
687 Schurman, Glenn A. 1950-01-01 THESIS
Two problems in plane finite elastostatics
688 Connolly, Jeremiah Finbarr 1982-07-01 THESIS
Stress assisted diffusion in polymers
689 Shimabukuro, Sy R. 1990-08-09 THESIS
The extracting of germanium from crude oxide
690 Clarke, Philip S. 1921-01-01 THESIS
On the statistical theory of turbulence
691 Chuang, Feng-kan 1950-01-01 THESIS
Investigation of supercritical heat flow in helium II
692 Dimotakis, Paul E 1972-10-09 THESIS
A possible relation between the night airglow and the ionosphere
693 Saint-Amand, Pierre 1953-01-01 THESIS
Estimation of parameters in partial differential equations -- with applications to petroleum reservoir description
694 Chen, Wen Hsiung 1973-11-19 THESIS
Design of an instrument for measuring the true vertical velocity of an airplane at moment of contact in landing
695 Burger, Glenn W. 1947-06-01 THESIS
Experiments on the wall-pressure history in shock reflection processes
696 Baganoff, Donald 1964-05-14 THESIS
Thin cylindrical shells subjected to various types of concentrated loads
697 Yuan, S. W. 1942-01-01 THESIS
Nuclear size corrections to the hyperfine structure of hydrogen
698 Iddings, Carl 1960-01-01 THESIS
Geology and mechanics of the Blackhawk landslide, Lucerne Valley, California
699 Shreve, Ronald Lee 1959-01-01 THESIS
A multi-channel double bootstrap for RHO and K*
700 Gerbracht, Robert Joseph 1964-12-17 THESIS

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