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The development of an engine with a higher compression ratio
601 Watson, Ralph M. 1928-01-01 THESIS
Investigation of turbulence in circular tubes by means of a hot-wire anemometer
602 Goldstein, J. Richard 1934-01-01 THESIS
An experimental investigation of fracture at a bimaterial interface
603 Bowen, John Murray 1992-05-06 THESIS
Experimental investigation of temperature and velocity distribution about a rocket jet
604 Whitmore, Q. R. 1947-01-01 THESIS
Particle motion in colloidal dispersions: applications to microrheology and nonequilibrium depletion interactions
605 Khair, Aditya Satish 2007-02-06 THESIS
Interaction law for a collision between two solid particles in a viscous liquid
606 Yang, Fu-Ling 2006-05-05 THESIS
Perturbation effects in cavitation bubble dynamics
607 Rattray, Maurice 1951-01-01 THESIS
A Study of cross-polarization effects in paraboloidal antennas
608 Kerdemelidis, Vassilios 1966-05-12 THESIS
On the concentration of space charge in the vicinity of an insulating surface
609 Cassen, Benedict 1928-01-01 THESIS
Filtering, stability, and robustness
610 Van Handel, Ramon 2006-12-12 THESIS
I. Acoustic radiation and reflection from spheres. II. Some effects of thermal conduction and compressibility in the collapse of a spherical bubble in a liquid
611 Hickling, Robert 1962-01-01 THESIS
Vibration of granular materials
612 Wassgren, Carl R. 1996-07-11 THESIS
A phase-field model of dislocations in ductile single crystals
613 Koslowski, Marisol 2002-12-06 THESIS
Soil stress field around driven piles
614 Allard, Marie-Agnes 1989-10-02 THESIS
Applications of combinatorial analysis to the calculation of the partition function of the Ising Model
615 Lin, Ming-Shr 2009-04-21 THESIS
Tertiary mammal bearing beds in the upper Cuyama drainage basin, California
616 Gazin, C. Lewis 1928-01-01 THESIS
Structure in the near field of the transverse jet
617 Fric, Thomas Frank 1990-04-13 THESIS
An experimental study of acoustically excited, vortex driven, combustion instability within a rearward facing step combustor
618 Smith, Duane A. 1985-03-18 THESIS
Surface deformation in a liquid environment resulting from single particle collisions
619 Ruiz-Angulo, Angel 2008-04-25 THESIS
X-ray measurements of shock-induced mixing at an air/xenon interface
620 Bonazza, Riccardo 1992-03-06 THESIS
A slender body aeroelastic transfer function including the effects of structural flexibility and nonstationary aerodynamics
621 Schalin, Pehr H. 1955-01-01 THESIS
Determination of temperature in a low pressure flame
622 Lobdell, John Henry 1951-01-01 THESIS
Structure and stability of buoyant diffusion flames
623 Fleming, Graham Christopher 1982-03-17 THESIS
Linearized supersonic flow
624 Hayes, Wallace D. 1947-01-01 THESIS
A study of the periodic and quasi-periodic solutions of the discrete duffing equation
625 Anderson, Mark Carter 1985-10-03 THESIS
Estimation of petroleum reservoir properties
626 Lee, Tai-yong 1986-10-20 THESIS
Stresses near a change of thickness in a continuous-fiber-composite plate
627 Kubr, Thomas J. 1990-06-01 THESIS
A study of fully developed turbulent flow at a very high Reynolds number
628 Nagashi, Mashiro 1931-01-01 THESIS
The energy spectrum of the excitations in liquid helium
629 Cohen, Michael 1956-01-01 THESIS
Geology of the southern Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, California
630 Moore, Bernard N. 1930-01-01 THESIS
Some flow problems in rarefied gas dynamics
631 Narasimha, Roddam 1961-01-01 THESIS
Tsunamis : the response of harbours with sloping boundaries to long wave excitation
632 Zelt, Jeffrey Alan 1986-05-09 THESIS
A study of distortions in a cloud chamber
633 Pickrell, Don H. 1956-01-01 THESIS
Linear recurring sequences over finite fields
634 McEliece, Robert James 1967-03-27 THESIS
Asymptotic methods in semiconductor device modeling
635 Ward, Michael Jeffrey 1988-05-19 THESIS
Analytical modelling of oil recovery by steam injection
636 Yortsos, Yanis Christos 1978-08-17 THESIS
Monolithic integration of gallium arsenide optoelectronic devices
637 Ury, Israel 1980-04-28 THESIS
An experimental study of the hydromagnetic waveguide
638 Hertel, Robert Henry 1965-01-21 THESIS
The effect of flow oscillations on cavity drag, and a technique for their control
639 Gharib, Morteza 1983-05-20 THESIS
1. Rates of nuclear reactions in white-dwarf stars; 2. The cooling of neutron stars
640 Wolf, Richard Alan 1965-11-11 THESIS
Nonlinear effects in interfacial fracture
641 Geubelle, Philippe H. 1993-03-04 THESIS
Effect of orientation of a flat heating surface on nucleate boiling heat transfer
642 Githinji, Philip Mwangi 1963-01-01 THESIS
Gravity effects on the earthquake response of yielding structures
643 Husid, Raul 1967-05-22 THESIS
An apparatus for the study of the turbulent diffusion flame
644 Mullane, Leo W. 1947-01-01 THESIS
Asymmetric organocatalysis in complex target synthesis: progress towards the total synthesis of diazonamide A
645 Knowles, Robert R 2008-10-22 THESIS
Theoretical studies in heterogeneous combustion
646 Williams, Forman Arthur 1958-01-01 THESIS
Studies of experimental techniques for sounding the ionosphere at low and very low radio wave frequencies
647 Bergman, Carl William 1954-01-01 THESIS
Shock waves in bubbly cavitating flows. Part I. Shock waves in cloud cavitation. Part II. Bubbly cavitating flows through a converging-diverging nozzle
648 Wang, Yi-Chun 1996-05-22 THESIS
Experimental and theoretical study on cavitation inception and bubbly flow dynamics : I. Design, development and operation of a cavitation susceptibility meter. II. Linearized dynamics of bubbly and cavitating flows with bubble dynamics effects
649 d'Agostino, Luca 1987-05-20 THESIS
Pressure oscillations in liquid-fueled ramjet engines
650 Yang, Vigor 1984-05-17 THESIS

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