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On the conversion of plastic work into heat
501 Hodowany, Jon 1997-05-20 THESIS
Body wave synthesis for shallow earthquake sources : inversion for source and earth structure parameters
502 Langston, Charles Adam 1976-05-10 THESIS
Characterization of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin inclusion bodies produced in Escherichia coli
503 Hart, Roger A. 1991-05-23 THESIS
Metal oxide-based photoelectrochemical cells for solar energy conversion
504 Katz, Jordan E. 2007-10-19 THESIS
Multicolor photoelectric photometry of bright extragalactic systems
505 Tifft, William G. 1958-01-01 THESIS
Proteins of novel composition : synthesis, evolution, dynamics
506 Yoo, Tae Hyeon 2008-02-22 THESIS
Quantitative biaxial texture analysis with reflection high-energy electron diffraction for ion beam-assisted deposition of MgO and heteroepitaxy of perovskite ferroelectrics
507 Brewer, Rhett Ty 2003-07-10 THESIS
Bianchi type I cosmological models
508 Jacobs, Kenneth Charles 1968-10-01 THESIS
Trapped ion cyclotron resonance studies of ion-molecule reactions
509 McMahon, Terrance Brian 1973-08-31 THESIS
The growth and collapse of cavitation bubbles
510 Zwick, Stanley Alan 1955-01-01 THESIS
Impact-ionization mass spectrometry of cosmic dust
511 Austin, Daniel E. 2002-11-05 THESIS
Nanofabrication and characterization of photonic crystals
512 Cheng, Chuan-cheng 1998-04-30 THESIS
Biosynthetic approaches to protein engineering using fluorinated amino acids
513 Son, Soojin 2006-07-27 THESIS
Calculation of the optimum pitch distribution of a propeller with sweepback
514 DeGroff, Harold M. 1948-01-01 THESIS
Advances in force field development and sequence optimization methods for computational protein design
515 Shah, Premal S 2005-03-30 THESIS
A study of exclusive final states in radiative X decays
516 Edwards, Charles David 1984-06-01 THESIS
Turbulent flow in a nuclear heat-exchanger
517 Hemmingway, Richard E. 1959-01-01 THESIS
Secondary flow in compressor cascades
518 Lindley, Charles A. 1956-01-01 THESIS
Engineering cytochrome P450 BM-3 for selective hydroxylation of alkanes
519 Meinhold, Peter 2005-05-31 THESIS
Dissimilative Fe(III) reduction by Alteromonas putrefaciens strain 200
520 DiChristina, Thomas J. 1989-05-31 THESIS
The motion of a sphere in a cylinder filled with a viscous liquid and with a diameter slightly larger than the sphere diameter
521 Snel, Hermanus 1969-12-24 THESIS
Mode superposition methods applied to linear mechanical systems under earthquake type excitation
522 Merchant, Howard Carl 1961-01-01 THESIS
Applications of the two-variable expansion procedure to problems in celestial mechanics
523 Simmons, Jerry Lee 1962-01-01 THESIS
Flow field around a finite cone with shock
524 Muirhead, Vincent U. 1949-01-01 THESIS
The motion of macromolecules and immiscible drops in creeping flow
525 Olbricht, William Lee 1980-08-21 THESIS
Study of the stall-spin phenomena using analysis and interactive 3-D graphics
526 Dubois, Pascale C. 1985-12-01 THESIS
Studies of the effects of cross-sectional area change and boundary-layer growth on shock-wave motion
527 Russell, David Allison 1961-01-01 THESIS
Effects of a magnetic field on the trace of the heat kernel for a Schrodinger operator with a potential well
528 Odencrantz, Kristiana 1987-03-16 THESIS
An investigation of the interference effects of a sting support system on the pressure distribution over a body of revolution
529 Schurmeier, Harris M. 1949-01-01 THESIS
Large N dualities in topological string theory
530 Okuda, Takuya 2005-05-17 THESIS
Collisionless absorption and emission of electromagnetic waves by a bounded plasma
531 Hinton, Frederick Lee 1967-05-15 THESIS
Design and test of a rocket motor expansion joint
532 Reiserer, R. L. 1947-01-01 THESIS
Experimental investigation of an arc heater
533 Renard, Marc L. 1962-01-01 THESIS
A theoretical investigation of using n low thrust impulses to escape from a circular satellite orbit
534 Casey, John Carl 1962-01-01 THESIS
Analysis of optimalizing control systems with special reference to noise interference effects
535 Serdengecti, Sedat 1955-01-01 THESIS
The design of tailless airplanes
536 Dore, Frank 1947-01-01 THESIS
Nonlinear acoustics instabilities in combustion chambers
537 Awad, Elias A. 1983-05-16 THESIS
Analysis of an interactive video architecture
538 Mouchtaris, Petros N. 1992-06-10 THESIS
Design of a tension load cell
539 Calle, Jean-Michel 1965-05-19 THESIS
An experimental investigation of convective flows associated with room fires
540 Tangren, Ernst N. 1978-01-01 THESIS
Decay of turbulence behind three similar grids
541 Corrsin, Stanley 1942-01-01 THESIS
Analytical approximations to the solutions of the equations of motion in earth-moon space
542 Zukerman, Abraham 1962-01-01 THESIS
Experimental investigation of flame stabilization in a deflected jet
543 Broman, Gunnar Erik 1959-01-01 THESIS
An extension of the statistical model of the atom
544 Erma, Victor A. 1961-01-01 THESIS
Buoyant flows in vertical channels relating to smoke movement in high-rise building fires
545 Benedict, Noel Lakshman 1998-09-10 THESIS
An aerodynamic study of the "electric wind"
546 Harney, Donald James 1957-01-01 THESIS
The effects of elliptic and rectangular cutouts on the buckling of cylindrical shells loaded by axial compression
547 Toda, Susumu 1974-08-13 THESIS
Planar Rayleigh scattering measurements of shock enhanced mixing
548 Budzinski, John M. 1992-05-08 THESIS
Theory of holography
549 Matthews, John Wallace 1967-05-17 THESIS
An approximate theory for potential flow through cascades of airfoils
550 Hlavka, George E. 1954-01-01 THESIS

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