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The Lyapunov exponents for Schrodinger operators and Jacobi matrices with slowly oscillating potentials
451 Zhu, Yunfeng 1996-05-21 THESIS
Dissipative nanomechanics
452 Inamdar, Mandar Mukund 2006-01-23 THESIS
Expanding the biosynthetic capacity of the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
453 Wang, Pin 2003-06-03 THESIS
Rheo-optical investigation of the dynamics of miscible polymers: blends and diblock copolymers
454 Wang, Barbara Helen 1995-12-20 THESIS
In-situ observation of surface and near-surface modification using scattering of ballistic phonons
455 Maboudian, Roya 1988-06-24 THESIS
Cell-responsive synthetic biomaterials formed in situ
456 Pratt, Alison 2001-05-25 THESIS
Some contributions to the theory of the stiffened suspension bridge
457 Morelli, Dino A. 1946-01-01 THESIS
Forced emissions of nonlinear water waves in channels of arbitrary shape
458 Teng, Michelle Hsiao 1990-05-07 THESIS
Synthetic and mechanistic studies of small-molecule activation at low-valent iron, cobalt, and iridium centers
459 Whited, Matthew Thomas 2009-04-17 THESIS
Part I. Studies on Mycoplasma gallisepticum. Part II. Autoradiography of chromosomal DNA fibers from Chinese hamster cells
460 Riggs, Arthur D. 1966-01-21 THESIS
Metallocene-mediated olefin polymerization : the effects of distal ligand perturbations on polymer stereochemistry
461 Miller, Stephen Albert 1999-11-30 THESIS
Specificity determinants of the class A [beta]-lactamase RTEM-1
462 Hollenbaugh, Diane 1991-04-01 THESIS
Characterization of the SecB protein, a chaperone that facilitates protein secretion in Escherichia coli
463 Altman, Elliot 1990-08-03 THESIS
Atmospheric dynamics in a model RR Lyrae star
464 Castor, John Irvin 1966-08-12 THESIS
Measurement of ultra-high energy cosmic rays with CHICOS
465 Brobeck, Elina 2008-09-18 THESIS
Crystallographic studies of invasin, a bacterial adhesion molecule from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
466 Hamburger, Zsuzsa Andrea 2002-05-09 THESIS
Chemical scale investigations of the gating mechanism of ion channels
467 Lee, Lori WaiHang 2006-12-18 THESIS
Aspects of turbulent-shear-layer dynamics and mixing
468 Slessor, Michael David 1998-03-06 THESIS
Neutron stratigraphy in the lunar regolith
469 Russ, Guston Price 1973-11-27 THESIS
Functional analysis of viral nonstructural and structural proteins
470 Hahn, Young Shin 1989-02-08 THESIS
Condensation phenomena in supersonic flows
471 Charyk, Joseph V. 1946-08-01 THESIS
The dissolution rates and mechanism of tetragonal ferrous sulfide (mackinawite) in anoxic aqueous systems
472 Pankow, James Frederick 1978-09-28 THESIS
Some fluorinated cyclobutenes and their derivatives
473 Sharts, Clay M. 1959-01-01 THESIS
Dynamics and correlated noise in gene regulation
474 Dunlop, Mary Julia 2008-05-21 THESIS
Paleoecology of the upper Miocene Castaic formation, Los Angeles County, California
475 Stanton, Robert James 1960-01-01 THESIS
cis-Regulatory control of three cell fate-specific genes in vulval organogenesis of C. elegans and C. briggsae
476 Kirouac, Martha 2002-09-09 THESIS
Geology of the Eastern Tehachapi Mountains and Late Cretaceous-Early Cenozoic tectonics of the southern Sierra Nevada Region, Kern County, California
477 Wood, David Judson 1996-12-12 THESIS
Properties and reactions of some inorganic and organometallic compounds in the gas phase
478 Foster, Michael Stewart 1974-10-04 THESIS
I. Chemical study of necrotic corn mutants. II. Metabolism of a kinin. III. The chemical nature of an insect gall growth factor
479 McCalla, Dennis Robert 1961-01-01 THESIS
Prediction of structures and properties for organic superconductors
480 Demiralp, Ersan 1995-12-12 THESIS
The photochemistry of santonin in aprotic solvent
481 Fisch, Michael Hamilton 1964-10-09 THESIS
The effects of the deregulated expression of the cloned transcription factor E2F-1 on Chinese hamster ovary cells
482 Lee, Kelvin H. 1995-04-28 THESIS
Interpretation of near-source ground motion and implications
483 Liu, Hsui-Lin 1983-05-20 THESIS
Computational design and experimental characterization of protein oligomers
484 Huang, Po-Ssu 2004-05-27 THESIS
Non-modal partial melting of metasedimentary pendants in the southern Sierra Nevada and implications for the deep origin of within-pluton isotopic heterogeneity
485 Zeng, Lingsen 2003-09-15 THESIS
Geology of the crystalline basement complex, eastern Transverse Ranges, southern California : constraints on regional tectonic interpretation
486 Powell, Robert E. 1981-01-07 THESIS
Investigations of plasmid-host cell interactions in recombinant Escherichia coli populations
487 Seo, Jin-Ho 1985-07-01 THESIS
Mapping heme protein folding landscapes
488 Lee, Jennifer Chen 2002-05-28 THESIS
Measurements of the isotopic composition of solar energetic particles with the MAST instrument aboard the SAMPEX spacecraft
489 Williams, Daniel LeRoy 1998-04-30 THESIS
Blood flow and the mammalian embryo
490 Jones, Elizabeth Anne 2005-01-13 THESIS
Semi-dilute polymer solutions in strong flows. Part I: Birefringence and flow modification in extensional flows. Part II: Chaotic mixing in time-periodic flows
491 Ng, Ricky Chiu-Yin 1989-10-31 THESIS
Active patch array design and indoor channel modeling for future wireless communications
492 Lu, Dai 2004-05-17 THESIS
Understanding the chemical basis of neuronal development and communication: I. The role of Fucose alpha (1-2) Galactose carbohydrates in neuronal growth II. Structure-function analysis of chondroitin sulfate in the brain
493 Gama, Cristal Ivette 2008-07-17 THESIS
Understanding the physical processes driving galaxy evolution in clusters : a case study of two z~0.5 galaxy clusters
494 Moran, Sean M. 2007-08-01 THESIS
Engineering protein-based materials through coiled-coil motifs
495 Zhang, Kechun 2007-01-23 THESIS
Metabolic modeling of growth and poly-[beta]-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) production in Alcaligenes eutrophus H16
496 Guske, Christopher James 1990-04-02 THESIS
Physical and biological studies of crab deoxyribonucleic acid
497 Widholm, Jack Milton 1965-07-30 THESIS
Hormone and gene feedback during development and regeneration in Arabidopsis thaliana
498 Gordon, Sean Patrick 2009-04-29 THESIS
The use of modified oligonucleotides to investigate biological applications for triple helix formation
499 Hacia, Joseph Gerard 1995-01-16 THESIS
Cranial neural crest migration in the avian embryo and the roles of Eph-A4 and ephrin-A5
500 Lu, Carole Chih-Chen 2006-09-21 THESIS

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