Contrarrevolución y poder agrario en el franquismo. Rupturas y continuidades. La provincia de Barcelona (1939-1945)

by Tébar Hurtado, Javier

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis is a study on contra-revolution agrarian carried out by the dictatorship of General Franco, and on whose they were its results, between 1939 and 1945, in the province of Barcelona. Question is well-known on the contra-revolutionary phenomena is demolition of the carried out republican agrarian reform by the new authorities. This operation not consist only in the return of the earth to which they were his proprietors 1936 July, but that between its immediate consequences more important too the beginning of a cycle of outings of remarkable dimensions, that it had serious social consequences. Repression had a paper of first order to consolidate regimen. Between its consequences immediate they were exile of many of the leaders of the universe of associations woven in ours pas throughout the first third of century, that have had an outstanding protagonist in construction of a democratic frame in years thirty. Between that they could not or they did not want to march pas, some suffered the imprisonment and others the executions. The Catalan farmers who haven participation in political or trade-union they was victims of repression in a high number. Less important in the tasks of social prophylaxis he was not destruction of the rural associative network of pre war carried out by the New State. The civil associations were methods, forceful object of one repression and finally selective, in the exercise of the violence centralized by the Administration with necessary support of the citizen in the denunciation tasks was combined. Nevertheless, repression and coerced do not compendia the only cause explanatory key of implantation of regimen in the countryside. The other hand, the political violence was the unfolding on the part of the authorities of politics of attract and integration of certain social sectors. The Franco is dictatorship wanted and obtained supports in the society, like, in fact, they aspired to obtain to political others regimens of similar nature been born during period of inter-war. The same time form to destruction of the unions and agrarian cooperatives of republican sign, creation of a new form of representation of the agrarian interests took place; this was the falangista Vertical Union. In the field the Brotherhoods of Farmers and Cattle dealers were organizations conceived by the dictatorship like corporations that must represent the set of the interests of the rural communities. If in the Galician provinces, turned rear from first hour, it is possible that the new old social order reconstructed on the total destruction of the previous thing, in the case of the province of Barcelona the social order of the agrarian proprietors recomposed from previous organization realities of type interclass and professional, of immediate form and consolidation quickly. In the case Spanish, as much by the social and economic diversity like by the different developments of agriculture from pas, probably we are forced to go all of the confrontation between catholic-agrarian and falangistas to interpret the discord on trade-unions agrarian that took place during those years. In Barcelona, the representatives of the great property and the medium and small propriety agrarian relative forged a front whose first steps haven dice previously, during the republican years for the political defensive of their agrarian interests. One conception corporatist of the agrarianism was in the element of mobilization and, at the same time, in the idea land for the political alliance between these groups. Their outstanding representative ms used spaces, inside and of parallel form to the Vertical, to obtain the social consent on the rest of population rural.
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Advisor:Ysàs Solanes, Pere

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Date of Publication:01/12/2006

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