On the weighty issue of obesity: physiological, behavioral and genetic aspects [electronic resource] /

by Vogels, Neeltje.

Abstract (Summary)
Introduction: To improve effective prevention and treatment of obesity, it is important to focus on body weight (BW) development and its determinants during childhood. The aim of the present study is to investigate the effect of early development, parental and genetic variables on overweight at 12y, as well as the effect of behavioral determinants. Methods: In a Dutch cohort of 105 children, anthropometric measurements were determined from birth until 7y. At 12y, anthropometric measurements were executed again, as well as body composition, leptin concentration, 3 polymorphisms, the three factor eating questionnaire (TFEQ), and physical activity. In addition, parental BMI and TFEQ scores were determined. Results: Children’s mean BMI at 12y was 19.0±2.6 kg/m2 and 15.2% were classified as overweight. From the first year of life, BMI tracked significantly with BMI-12y (r=0.24, p < 0.05). Linear regression analyses showed that a rapid increase in BW during the first year of life, a high BMI of the father and high dietary restraint scores of the mother were significantly associated with overweight at 12y (p < 0.05). No genetic relationship was observed. In addition, overweight was positively associated with dietary restraint (TFEQ) of the child and percent of body fat was negatively associated with the child’s activity score (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Even in this homogeneous cohort of normal weight to moderately overweight children, tracking of BMI during childhood took place from the first year of life. Overweight at 12y was predicted by an early rapid increase in BW and parental influences. Overweight during childhood may be maintained or even promoted by a high dietary restraint score and low physical activity. Determinants of overweight in children 23
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