Wireless/mobile video delivery architecture [computer file] /

by Sampath, Latha

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: A wireless network is a source of speculation with any kind of data transfer, because of its limited capacity. When delivering video over a wireless network, the problem is intensified because of the nature of video data. Users of wireless devices are increasingly attempting to access the Web, with its highly visual content, using devices with limited capabilities. The video delivery system must adjust itself to these stringent conditions and must perform to the user's satisfaction. In this thesis we present an architecture aimed at delivering video over a wireless network in the most satisfactory manner possible under the existing circumstances. The architecture makes use of the fact that wireless network devices generally have limited capabilities and will not be able to exhibit the full quality of a high-quality video. We present methods of reducing the quality of the video without making it too obvious to the user. We also present ways and means to make the burden of performance fall on the video server, instead of the client, so that the user is not made aware of the problems that normally occur in such situations. This is achieved using a matrix architecture, and indexing of the video file on the server side, so that the server is able to make decisions at runtime, depending on the network condition and the client device type.
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School:University of Florida

School Location:USA - Florida

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:wireless communication systems


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