Från utopi till generell princip : Lärares uppfattningar av individanpassad undervisning i matematik

by Järkehed, Jennie; Mellgren, Hanna

Abstract (Summary)
According to the Swedish curriculum of 1994 one of the teacher’s assignments is to individualize the teaching. In published official reports, newspaper articles and thesis it appears that students mathematic knowledge is decreasing. Reasons for this could possibly be that focus in the individualized teaching of mathematics turns more towards private schoolwork. According to our experience of individualized teaching in mathematics this statement agrees relatively well. We think that in some cases teachers have a hard time to comply with every student’s conditions and needs. A lack that we think can explain why the students don’t reach the goals in the ninth grade, which are described in the syllabus of mathematics, is despite the fact that the teachers have an assignment to individualize the teaching doesn’t have enough knowledge of the conception to do it. The purpose of this essay is to make researches into teacher’s different conceptions of individualized teaching of mathematics in the early years of school. Through a qualitative methodology with interview as a technique and with a starting point in fenomenografin, was the overarching purpose to contribute with knowledge within the field of education in mathematics. The idea was to contribute to the debate about the necessity of strengthening the student’s knowledge of mathematics. The purpose was also to discuss with implications that could be the consequence of the teacher’s interpretations. The result of the study shows that there are four quality distinct categories of teacher’s conceptions of individualized teaching in mathematics. The conceptions of individualized teaching in mathematics as a general principle of teaching, individualized teaching in mathematics as something that is positive yet impracticable, individualized teaching in mathematics as a method and individualized teaching of mathematics from different students. This study has shown that individualized teaching in mathematic makes the teaching more democratic, the student gets a better presumption to learn the basics of mathematics and that the student gets an increased self-confidence regarding mathematics.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/03/2008

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