The use of selected water quality parameters to identify fecal coliform sources in support of the Sinking Creek total maximum daily load

by Floresguerra, Susana Maria.

Abstract (Summary)
The Use of Selected Water Quality Parameters to Identify Fecal Coliform Sources in Support of the Sinking Creek Total Maximum Daily Load by S. MarĂ­a Floresguerra Sinking Creek, located in upper east Tennessee, is on the 303(d) list for not meeting minimum water quality standards for recreation. A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for fecal coliforms was developed. The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of water quality parameters to identify areas that contribute to the fecal coliform loading. Concentrations of nitrate-N, orthophosphates, BOD, alkalinity, hardness, and optical brighteners (OB) were monitored at 14 stations monthly for 1 year. Site 3 (agricultural region) exhibited the highest average nitrate-N loadings (627.34 mg/sec) and orthophosphate (as PO43-) loadings (84.83 mg/sec). Alkalinity loadings ranged from 10.00 mg as CaCO3/sec to 163,500.00 mgCaCO3/sec. Hardness loadings ranged from 2.00 mg as CaCO3/sec to 96,200.00 mgCaCO3/sec. The agricultural sites exhibited higher loadings for all water quality parameters measured (except OB) than the urban and forest areas. Nutrient loadings appeared to be related to agricultural land use patterns. 2
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School:East Tennessee State University

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