The use of the educational voucher program in Brazil : a socio-economic study of an alternative educational funding system in Brazil /

by Bom Conselho, Thie?rs Hofman

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BOM CONSELHO, THIÉRS H. M.A. June 2005. Center for International Studies. The Use of the Educational Voucher Program in Brazil: A Socio-Economic Study of an Alternative Educational Funding System in Brazil (113 pp.) Director of Thesis: Ariaster Chimeli This study analyzes the potential probability of an implementation of a voucher program in Brazil and its states. By comparing 31 experiences of educational voucher system around the world, a success/failure index was created to estimate the variables which are determinants for the success or failure of those existing voucher programs. The central question asked is whether an educational voucher system is likely to be successful in improving Brazilian education. The research hypothesis is that Brazil fulfills the conditions for a successful voucher system. Probit regression analysis was used to estimate a regression model. Using the estimated model and the corresponding socioeconomic variable for Brazil, the present study estimates the probability of success of a voucher system in the country and its states. The results indicate that Brazil seems to fulfill the requirements for the successful implementation of a voucher program.
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