Jämställd arbetsmiljö? : Jämställdhetspraktik ur ett genusperspektiv

by Dahlin, Sara

Abstract (Summary)
This essay is part of a project between Södertörn University College and the Equality-project NättochJämt. The first aim of the study is to examine and analyse work environment and possibilities for internal movement by competence development from the view of Swedish Equality Law. The second aim is to interpret employees own gender equality measures from a gender perspective. Hirdman’s theory about gender structures and Johansson’s thoughts about segregation and integration have been used as a theoretical framework. The analyse is built on a questionnaire which has been answered by 101 employees in the organisation and handled in the statistic program SPSS. Written replies about how the organisations equality work can be developed is also analysed. This is related to the informal conversations with the employers, in which assumptions about gender inequalities has been unveiled. The result shows a shattered pattern where the relations concerning work environment inside the organization both coincide with and diverse from earlier research in work environment and gender area. Few people wanted to try work tasks that mainly are performed by other gender than thier own, with a preponderance of men. Both men and women wanted to develop their competence. The employees own suggestions, which for example concerns more women in leading positions, reveals a conception in which the male is norm and in which women are held as divergent and different. But also, suggestions which seem to be grounded in a gender perspective do occur. This is interpreted as a necessary prerequisite for future equality work.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:work environment gender structures integration equality competence development segregation


Date of Publication:01/24/2007

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