Föräldrars upplevelser av FID (Föräldragrupper i Dellenbygden)

by Jonsson, Ewa; Jonsson, Maria

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of the study was to examine how first-time parents and experienced parents experience the parent groups in Dellenbygden (FID). The results from the 19 interviews showed that all parents were pleased that the meetings had been organized. All respondents stated that they had been informed about the FID, however the majority found that this information had been too vague. The first-time parents described that they had not really understood the meaning or importance of the information concerning the FID, while experienced parents described it as being more clear and evident. The first-time parents had no expectations of parent support, while the majority of experienced parents did have certain expectations. Most first-time parents considered the content a little thin, while experienced parents found it to be good and beneficial. All parents had comments concerning the set-up, with the time of the meetings being the most criticized point. All parents stated that the social community that the group meetings provided was the main benefit, but some added that good things were also brought up at the meetings. All parents also had criticism concerning the transition to preschool as not functioning. A number of desired improvements were generated from both first-time parents and experienced parents, with the time of the group meetings and the transition to preschool being the main points.Conclusion: It is important to have clear information about the meaning and the importance of FID to new parents. It is also important for the parents to be given the chance to influence the group meeting times and the content of these meetings. The transition to preschool should, according to the parents, be seen as the most important point to be considered at continued future group meetings.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:child health center parent support education social


Date of Publication:10/10/2008

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