Sjuksköterskestudenters uppfattningar av betydelsefulla omvårdnadsbeteenden för att ge patienter en god omvårdnad.

by Hallberg, Catharina; Edwall, Gustav

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractThe aim with the study was to describe and to compare nurse students' views about importantcaring behaviors in order to give good caring. An empirical comparative study wasimplemented on a college in the middle of Sweden. Nurse students in the beginning and at theend of their education sorted and prioritized 50 caring behaviors (CARE-Q). The result showedthat the students' description of important caring behaviors has many similarities. However, theresult also showed that there were significant differences between the student-groups where thestudents at the beginning of their education rated several caring behavior as significant moreimportant than the students in the end of their education. The findings showed that there weresignificant differences in 7 caring behaviors. “Gets to know the patient as an individualperson”, “Volunteers to do “little” things for the patient, e.g., brings a cup of coffee, a paperetc.”, “Offers reasonable alternatives to the patient, such as choice of appointment times, bathtimes etc.”, “Is cheerful”, “Introduces herself/himself and tells the patient what he/she does”,“Touches the patient when he/she needs comfort”, “Knows when to call the doctor”. The resultshowed on that there was not any significant difference between the study-groups in CARE-Qdifferent dimensions. Conclusion; In those cases where differences were found between thestudent groups these most often concerned caring behavior of human nature, i e. the morefundamental in the nurse trade's area of responsibility and that students at beginning of theireducation assessed these as more important in order to provide good care.Keywords: Nursing student, Caring behavior, Perceptions, CARE-Q.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:nursing student caring behavior perceptions care q


Date of Publication:03/31/2008

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