Föräldrars uppfattning av kontakten med barnavårdscentralen

by Åslin, Susanne; Knutsson Fröjd, Linda

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractNearly 100% of all children born in Sweden get in contact with the Child Health Centre (BVC). The aim with the BVC´s activity is health supervise, counselling and to support parents in their parenting role. The purpose of this study was to describe how parents experience their contact with BVC. The study has a deskriptiv quantitative design and a qualitative part with analysis of the contents of the open questions. It was carried out in an area in the middle of Sweden. All parents who visited BVC one week in October 2006, was asked to participate in the study. Twenty-one BVC divided on 18 different Cities/Communities have participated in the study. A sum of total 524 questionnaires was handed out during this week. Out of these 402 questionnaires were returned completed. For the most part the parents were pleased with their contact with the BVC. The contact with the nurse at BVC and the oppertunity to ask “about anything” were things that the parents appreciated the most.The possibility to reach the BVC by phone was a source of dissatisfaction.The nurse at BVC is a great support to new becomed parents. The relationship between the nurse and the parents is very important to fulfil the purpose of the child health centres activity.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:child health centre sweden support parents


Date of Publication:02/04/2008

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