The classic/postclassic transition the Maya of San Jero?nimo II, Pete?n, Guatemala /

by Rockmore, Matthew D.

Abstract (Summary)
This dissertation examines the effects of the Classic Maya “Collapse” on remnant populations in the central Petén Lakes district of northern Guatemala. Specifically, it documents the archaeological investigation of the site of San Jerónimo II, a small hamlet on the outskirts of a much larger center dating to the Terminal Classic and Early Postclassic periods and located on the western shore of Lake Petén-Itzá. It explores the response of the Petén Maya to major demographic, socio-political, and economic shifts by examining such topics as changing settlement patterns, long-distance exchange ties, craft production, ritual practices, and status distinctions. This research has its theoretical roots in a household archaeological approach and is particularly focused on an investigation of culture change in a period of reduced hierarchical organization. iii
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School:Pennsylvania State University

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