A transaction execution model for mobile computing environments

by Momin, Kaleem A.

Abstract (Summary)
-4 riiohilc coniputing environment is characterized by limited execution capability at t hcl itiohile hosts. low bandividth and the relat ively high costs of wireless corinection, and frrqiierit tlisconiiections and iriobility of the mobile hosts. Siich an environment iiatiirally stiggests an optimistic mode of esecution. where the mobile host caches data aiitl dors th! cornptitation in disconnected niode and. on reconnection. the transaction is cittitlr coniriiitted or abortcd based OH the currcnt values in the fised network. W b propose a riciv transaction esecut ion rnoclel. basetl on opt imistic conciirrency cimtrol iiirrliiiriisrii. wtiich < lynriniically adjiists t lie transaction esecutioii status at the iiioldc liost to tic consistent witli the clatabase state on the niobilc support station. This iiicrrases t lie possibility of the transaction to conirnit siiccessfully aiid lierice iii;ikei t lit. coriipiitation on t lie niobile tiost more nieaniiigful. A detailecl algorit h is prcwiitcvl aiitl its atlaptability to variotis aspects of the niobile eiivironirieiit disciissetl. \\ib fi1rtlic.r strriigt tien the computation at the mobile Iiost by facilitating partial gii;irniitrc. iigaiiist iiivalicla t ion. This is accornplished by iisiiig a Aesible coririirrrncy CO rit rol sdirriic wliich iritegratcs optimistic and pessimistic approeclies to access data itmis has~cl oii Reacl/\\Tite ancl \Vrite/\\'rite-conflicts.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1999

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