Förslag till åtgärder av miljonprogramsbostäder : Inventering och värdering med beaktande av varsamhet, energieffektivisering, kostnader och miljöbelastning

by Möller Frohm, Elin; Rutqvist, Linnea

Abstract (Summary)
After the Second World War housing shortage was a big problem in Sweden and thestandard of existing buildings was low. New buildings were build but not enough for therapidly growing population. The Swedish government took the decision that one millionhouses should be built between the years 1965-75. This episode was calledmiljonprogrammet.Now, 30 years later, buildings from miljonprogrammet have many technical and socialproblems. A lot of these buildings are a matter of urgent and most undergo changes in just afew years. This was taken as a starting point in this examination project while it’s a realisticproject that includes all the parts in our education - building technique, architecture andenvironment. Besides this the need of measures of the miljonprogram will matter to the mostpeople in the building trade, in one way our other, in just a few years.Sandvikenhus AB is a company that owns apartment blocks build during this era. They haveproblems with empty flats that are hard to rent out while they are worn out and unattractive.Sandvikenhus AB needs a measure proposal for its buildings. The purpose of thisexamination project was to compare different alternative suggestions consideringarchitectural, economical, energy and environmental issues in order to create a moreattractive living.By using investigations and calculations a number of measures have been suggested for whatcan be done to the area. Every measure was given a specific value for environmental loads,costs and rate of presentation. This resulted in suggestions of smaller and bigger measuresthat can make these houses a better place to live in.Our investigation shows that the best result for this area would be to give the house walls anadditional insulation and the roofs a layer of extra insulation. The roof sheet metal should begiven new colors and the balcony new segments in wood and new fronts. The entrancedesign should be looking after to create a more inviting impression.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:miljonprogrammet energy streamlining carefulness


Date of Publication:06/26/2008

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