Två systempaketsimplementatörers syn på verksamhetsutveckling

by Karlsson, Tor; Larsson, Adam

Abstract (Summary)
The number of companies that buys standard systems instead of developing their own has increased over the past few years. The main problem with the standardised systems is that they are not adapted specifically to the customers business and thus some adaptation work is required for both the system as well as the business.The purpose of this report is to find the view of two system package implementers consid-ering business development. In order to find the answer to this we have asked the follow-ing four questions.Do the implementers consider that it is they who should adapt their systems to their cus-tomer or should their customers adapt to the system? Should the responsibility for the in-tegration of the system be put on the customer or implementer, or should it be a joined re-sponsibility? Do the implementers consider it to be better if the customer works with more standardised processes instead of adapting the system? In what way do the implementers contribute to their customers business development?Since our purpose is to find the implementers opinions and attitudes on business develop-ment we have chosen to conduct a qualitative study based on interviews. The reason we chose a qualitative method is because we intend to study the implementers view on their own role in the development work. Interviews where chosen since we wished to gain a natural contact with our responder and from that be able to interpret their views and atti-tudes.To analyze our empirical findings we compared the collected information from the two implementers with theories about how business development should be conducted. We also compared the view of the two implementers to see if there where any significant dif-ferences.Through the analysis we concluded that the two implementers did not differ significantly amongst each other. We could also see that they both worked relatively in line with the theories we have discussed in the report.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:business development analysis standard software


Date of Publication:10/13/2005

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