A study of the story "Sanglin Zhen" in Longto Gongan : = {272b4e}????? [???] ????

by Yip, Shui-suen

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract of thesis entitles A Study of the Story "Sanglin Zhen" in Longtu Gongan ( fij~~r;:-~:) I ~tf~ J tr'5'~q?I~) submitted by Yip Shui Suen for the Degree of Master of Arts in Chinese Historical Studies at the University of Hong Kong in August, 2003.

Longtu Gongan was a famous fiction in Ming Dynasty. It collected series of gongans (;:-~:) about Pao Kung (~rJ;:-). It was so popular

that some stories, like "Sanglin Zhen" (~tf~), "Wu Pen Ji" (f.1l?; ~r / E l?; ~:) are still reproduced with new actors and directors nowadays. As a result, people always regard it as a story book and ignore its value in history.

Usually, people assess the book literately. They admire writer's imagination and the context of the book; yet, assessors seldom pay attention to the backgrounds and value of the stories, like "Sanglin Zhen". In order to reveal the historical value of the book, this thesis tries to reassess the stores in another way.

In this time, I will select the most popular and representative stories, "Sanglin Zhen" as an example to explain my point of view. By revealing its backgrounds, character of the protagonists, truthfulness of the story, one can acquire more useful information and new idea from it.

The first part of the thesis will define the research direction and expose the importance of the topic. Also, the origin of Longtu Gongan, as well as its difficult editions will be discussed to provide background information to the readers.

The second part of the thesis will have a look on the foundation of the "Sanglin Zhen". Several historical facts and stories will be examined so as to prove that "Sanglin Zhen" is not only a story, but also a part of history.

The third part contains the history and modeling of different protagonists. The character of each protagonist, such Song Renzong (~'f=~~), Liu Hou (~J?) will be examined. Mter that,

there is a comparison between the real one in history and the one in story to see the relationship between them.

The last part is to find out the influence of the story. For example, it creates a Pao Kung culture in China and affects the development of gongan in the future.

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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:bao zheng 999 1062 fiction


Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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