A study of the service quality in property management companies

by Yau, Kam-fai

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(Uncorrected OCR) Dissertation - Supervisor: Dr. Joseph IP

A Study of the Service Quality in Property Management Companies


Nowadays, with the economic growth and improvement of living standard, people place high

demand on living service quality. They demand efficient and professional services such as

more security, excellent cleaning condition, good living environment, adequate facilities,

preventive and effective repair and maintenance as well as value- added services. Service

quality as a result becomes a critical part of the property management industry. The ultimate

aim of those property management companies is simply to achieve customer satisfaction at

the end.

The objective of the paper is to investigate whether implementing Quality Management

System (IS09001: 2000) can improve the service quality and increase the satisfaction level of

the customers. The paper first gives the background and sustainable development of property

management in Hong Kong as well as literature review on quality concept and principle of

ISO 9001: 2000. Moreover, it also reviews the Quality Management System of one of selected


In addition, a face-to-face interview was made with the top management of a well- established

company to learn more about the benefit and influence after the implementation of Quality

Management System (IS09001: 2000). Furthermore, two well - established companies, one

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Dissertation - Supervisor: Dr. Joseph IP

A Study of the Service Quality in Property Management Companies

was the pure management company, whereas another was a subsidiary of a property developer

company. Two surveys were done to study whether it could increase the satisfaction of both

internal and external customers. The first survey was to measure the perception and the

expectation of the front- line and middle- level management (Officer grade or above) with the

implementation of ISO 9001:2000; that is, from the management point of view. While the

second survey was to measure the satisfaction level as well as the degree of improvement of

the service quality which residents perceived after the implementation of IS09001: 2000; that

is, from the residents' point of view. It should be emphasized in the research that the two

companies as being selected were not used for comparison, as with similar quality

management system being implementing in practice. However, the main point is used to

prove whether the direction of the results are consistent for both companies, which had

similar Quality Management System in line as took place in the industry.

From the findings of interviews, it was observed that it was justified for the company to

implement QM8 (1809001: 2000). Through implementing 1809001: 2000, it is evidenced

that the company's image was upgrading and also could gain the confidence and loyalty from

the residents in generaL

From the results of internal questionnaire survey as derived, it indicates that the main benefit

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Dissertation - Supervisor: Dr. Joseph IP

A Study of the Service Quality in Property Management Companies

of implementing QMS is that it indeed enhances the company's image and the responsibilities

of staff are more clearly- classified. However, on the other hand, the result reflects that the

internal customers are not satisfied as their perceived benefit of implementing QMS are below

their expectation. It might be caused by the overestimation of staff. As a result, some

recommendations are made at the end of the report to eliminate the gap of expectation and

perception of the internal staff.

While on the other hand, with reference to the result of external questionnaire survey, it was

found that the two companies, which were implementing QMS (IS09001: 2000), could

provide good quality of service to their customers. In addition, the result also shows that the

service quality, which perceived by the respondents have a positive effect after implementing

QMS (IS09001: 2000). It is concluded that the residents generally feel satisfaction after QMS

has been implemented.

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Dissertation - Supervisor: Dr. Joseph IP

A Study of the Service Quality in Property Management Companies

List of Figures

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![:i:::?~?[::~~:::::~~?.:.:~~?[~~?:::: .. ]1

1! Figure 2.2 I! ISO 9001 Year 2000 Edition Quality Ii 42 11

;L. 1l .. M~~.~g~.~~p.~ .. Rt

!r .. Fi~;~?5~i ??? ? ?lr?;~~~~~ .. MAP .. ~i?i~~iity?M?~~g~?~~t .. ?.. ?f .. 72 ?????????.. ?.. ?? .. 11

11 n System of Company A H :~



]1 __ __ 1L..~~~y __ __ : \ __ . __ .::

Ir?i~;~"6??"" .. ?? ??.. ? ?.. ""?r-Th~ .. D~t~ii~ .. ~Ts?i~ct~~:rp~~p~rti;~ .. ? .. ? ?.. "r?9 ?? 'm' ,\


l! Figure 6.4 !I Nos. of Years work in the Company 11 80 I!

~l t j t n ???????????????????????????????????????.I ~ n ????????????????? j ~

11'''Fi~;~'''63''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''!r'i)i~t;'ib~ti~~''~f'G~~~i'~;"'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''lf''8'i''''? ?.. ???1!


lr?Fi~~??6?7??? ??r .. M~~thiy .. F~~iy?i~~~;~ .. ~i?? ?????? .. ???II??i??? ?:\

H n Respondents n!\

.: ,., " ; :

11?.. Fi~~~ .. 6j~ ????I .. R~?p~~d~~t;? .. Ed~~?ti~~nL~~~f ?.. ??I .. ?2 .. ? ?? n n?.. 11


11 Figure 6.9 II Occupations of Respondents !\82 :1

:;:. " ;::. :! l!

jr?Figu;~????o?.... ???,??? .. ?????? .. ????r?\i~???~f?~~;s?Livi~??~??h~??ii~t~t~???????? .. ?.. '????11???"????? ?.. ?????? .. ?????.. ?1


;1 Figure 6.11 11 Summary of Results of Internal ii 92 ii

)1 j! G~~.~.

...................................................................... , .

11 Figure 6.12 11 Summary of results of Internal 1\ 95 Ii

l\ i,j Customer Survey of Company B:i i!


L H Customer Survey n ::

: ,.::.::.:.:.:.:.:.::.:.:::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:~.:.:.:.::'.:.:.:.:.::.:.:.:.:.::.:.:':.:.:.,~.:.:: .. :.:.:.:'::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:':.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:: .. :.:::.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::'::'.:.:.:::'::.:.:.:.:.::'.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::'.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:'::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::.: :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:'::"':.:.:.:.::'.::"':.:.:.:.:: .. :.:':':.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::'-1

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Dissertation - Supervisor: Dr. Joseph IP

A Study of the Service Quality in Property Management Companies

List of Appendix

..?-- - -- .

Ir?Appe~di~?i?? ???? ?.. l : .. ?~e?iio~~?iie .. fo]j~i~i~~i?~sto~~i?s~n;ey ???????.. ????????1?


I: Appendix 3 i: Cover Letter to residents ::

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