A study of the impact of the building management ordinance 2000 on domestic building owners in Hong Kong

by Chan, Chi-keung

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The Building Management Ordinance is a very important legal document in the

building management sector. It was firstly introduced in 1970 and was revamped

in 1993. Because of its limitations and problem, the Ordinance was further

amended in 2000.

Although the Building Management Ordinance was amended in 2000, loopholes

I insufficiencies I grey areas could still be found in some of its provisions. From

the survey and law cases studies during the writing of this dissertation, these

loopholes I insufficiencies I grey areas have led to problems I conflicts amongst

owners, between the management committee and the owners, within the

management committee or even between the owners (the management committee)

and the building management companies, of domestic buildings.

The Building Management Ordinance should therefore be amended again, in

order to rectify the loopholes I insufficiencies I grey areas of its provisions, even

though these loopholes I insufficiencies I grey areas are not the sole cause in

leading to the aforesaid conflicts.

The Government should also provide more resources and support in assisting the

owners of domestic buildings to understand the provisions of the Building

Management Ordinance. A particular department dealing with building

management matters and a mediation department should be established to help

resolve the conflicts and settle the disputes amongst domestic building owners.

The building managers should also gIVe advices to rectify the loopholes /

insufficiencies / grey areas of the provisions of the Ordinance. A good ordinance

will undoubtedly contribute to the move towards professional directions in the

building management industry in Hong Kong.

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School:The University of Hong Kong

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Date of Publication:01/01/2004

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