A study of the communicable disease policy of the Hong Kong government, 1945-1971 = 1945?1871??????????????

by Cheng, Siu-kai

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This dissertation emphasized on the study of cholera, tuberculosis and child communicable diseases, with a focus on the communicable disease policy of the Hong Kong Government from 1945-1971. During this period, the basic principle was prevention through vaccination. The government adhered to it for saving ample health

care resources.

The dissertation tried to deal with three type of diseases, explored the historical development with an overview on the health care policy of Hong Kong. Cholera was a kind of quarantine disease. Its spread certainly had a negative impact on the economy of Hong Kong. The government hence vigorously adopted various vaccination measures to tackle the problem. Meanwhile, the incidence of tuberculosis was very high after the war. There were a largest number of sufferers and death cases when compared with other infectious diseases during that period. The government spending was going up and eating most of its resources. In order to alleviate its financial burden, they then opted to the local and overseas voluntary agencies to provide private care to the public. As regarding the child communicable diseases, the text focused on diphtheria, measles and poliomyelitis as the main theme of study. By protecting the child health, the government intended to provide a large amount of cheap labour for facilitating the economic development.

This dissertation had two conclusions. Firstly, Hong Kong failed to increase the financial funding on medical services through legislative system. When planning the health care policy, the government always set the financial consideration in the first priority. Secondly, the people at large lacked of confidence toward the government. They did not trust and accepted the medical services provided by the government, and

consequently, the communicable disease policy was not successful.

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Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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