The study of Word-of-Mouth marketing

by Tai, Chiu-chun

Abstract (Summary)
It grows rapidly the global men ¡¦s skin care market in developed country. There are 1 billion market size which represent s 40% to 60 % growth in the men¡¦s skin care market in Taiwan since year of 2005 . It also motivates the Word-of -Mouth market ing when the commercial advertisement has been skipped by end consumers times and times again . There are all kinds of updated word-of-mouth marketing develop ed such as: @WOM, Viral marketing, Blog marketing. It is a case to leverage the word -of-mouth marketing in brand building for a pure Men¡¦s skin care brand . This study is to explore the key successful factors for appling the Word-Of-Mouth marketing within a new market, especialy for an independent men¡¦s skin care brand. There are interview s for brand-owner and on-line ¡Vretailer, and questionary for consumers in this project. The first finding is that men ¡¦s skin care concept is more acceptable than before . It becomes more popular to purchase the products by men¡¦s their own. Further more, men start to try the suncare and anti -oil products in the ir daily regimen. However, female is still playing the key roll in decision making for her boy friend or families. We also found, the female rarely know n the difference between men¡¦s and women¡¦s skin care regimen. Even she might be an expertise in her own skin care needs. As a result, we should provide the free sample with ¡§You must know information¡¨ to the key person, SHE, then influent her boy friend and families. It is how we differentiate the independent men¡¦s skin care brand. The second finding is most of the heavy internet users are the followers; they are not interested in the men¡¦s skin care information. Therefore, it is hardly to trigger off the tipping point if we target the male as early adaptor via @WOM. In another words, we can not exect a big boom if the @WOM didn¡¦t reach women. In summary, the word-of-mouth marketing for men¡¦s skin care brand, first thing is to create the truly words via the early users, the men who already experienced the oil-control product and/or suncare products. The secondary is to broadcast the words from early users thru @WOM, PR exposures, free samples to reach women as sneezers. The last, to roll out a new topic ensure the on going spreading for brands every 12 weeks.
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Advisor:Ying-Chun Li; Pei-how Huang; Yeh, Kuang S.

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:blog opinion leader word of mouth marketing men s skin care


Date of Publication:07/08/2008

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