A study of Liu Zhangqing (726-788) = ???(726-788)??

by Cheung, Hin-yuen

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tiu Zhangqing ( ~ufitymJ ) ( 726 - 788 ) was one of the outstanding poets in the reign of Emperor Daizong ( {-~ff~ ) ( 762 -779 ) of the Tang Dynasty. The poetic works reached a splendid summit in the years of Kaiyuan, Tianbao ( F7r~JC.:7(. ) ( 713 - 755 ) and the Years of Yuanhe ( JC:fD ) ( 806 - 820 ), so it always gives the readers the impression that poets in the days of Daizong were less important. Though Liu was a distinguished poet in that period, his literary achievements have not been duly comparable to recognised poets in the Tang Dynasty. The aim of this thesis is, through a comprehensive examination of his works, to give Liu a fair evaluation in the history of Chinese literature.

We know little about the life of Liu in standard historical books. There are only a few lines of less than two hundred words recorded in Xin Tang Shu Yi Wen Zhi ( *JT~ ), but they give us some wrong information too. Therefore a reliable account of Liu's life is extremely required.

The first chapter of this thesis tries to present correct information of Liu's life by examining his original works. This may also enable us to have keen insight into his character and his philosophy.

Chapter Two describes 111 detail his associations with his friends, including government officials, poets, hermits, monks, nuns and Taoists. We may have a better understanding of Liu's personality and his activities by studying his social interactions with the abovementioned persons and his exchange of poems among them. Such study would serve as a complement to the first chapter.

Chapter Three attempts to delve into the works of Liu, in particular his poems.

The chapter is mainly divided into two parts. The first part pays particular attention to the various editions of Liu's works in the Song, Ming and Ching Dynasties. Comments by scholars on the interrelation of the sources of these editions are cited. The second part deals with the problem of the so-called "uncertain authorship" of some poems appeared not only in Liu's collected works but also in other poets' works.

The last chapter is a conclusion, assessing Liu's character and personality, the style and the subject matter of his poems. It is hoped that with an unbiased evaluation on Liu's works, his place in the history of Chinese literature can be properly evaluated.

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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:liu zhangqing 726 788 criticism and interpretation chinese literature tang dynasty 618 907


Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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