A study of Li Tao's (1115-1184) Liuchao tongjian Boyi = ??(1115-1184)?????????

by Choi, Sung-hei

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract of thesis entitled "A Study of Li Tao's (1115 - 1184) Liuchao Tongjian Boy;" *~ (1115 -1184)(7\~jilim~}liff~ submitted by CHOI Sung Hei for the degree of Master of Philosophy at The University of Hong Kong in August, 2003.

The Study of History is well-developed in China especially during the Song Dynasty *!j!)j. It also had a very close relationship with political environment during this period. On one hand Song people thought the Study of History was useful knowledge. They could use case history to help ruling class to govern. On the other hand, they would use historical writings to express political ideas. Since they thought Song's success could be compared favorably with Han 1~ and and Tang m, thus people had strong interests to study these two dynasties so as to express opinions about Song. When Jin ~ invaded, Song lost half of her territory. This was similar to the Three Kingdoms ..::::..~ and the Six Dynasties 7'\!j!)j. Then Song historians showed their enthusiasm to study on these periods which became a trend of studies. Li Tao's *_ Liuchao Tongjian Boyi 7'\!j!)j~iit:w:~ was made in this trend.

Li Tao *_ was one of the greatest historians in Southern Song r?*. Xu Zizhi Tongjian Changbian .Ji1i1~iiffi:~ was one of his writings which becomes an important reference of Song History even for today's researches. In fact, Li Tao seldom gave opinions in his works. That causes difficulties to understand his thoughts. The purpose of carrying out Historical Studies in Three Kingdoms and the Six Dynasties was to express their ideas. Though Li Tao talked about the Six Dynasties in Liuchao Tongjian Boyi, we can still find out his political or military ideas. More importantly, he was a great Historian, to understand his thoughts for the Six Dynasties carries significant meanings.

This paper consists of six chapters and an appendix. Chapter 1 is Introduction which explains this paper's essential ideas and research works of Liuchao Tongjian Boyi written by Li Tao. Also, through re-evaluating Historical Studies of the Three Kingdoms and the Six Dynasties during Southern Song, this chapter outlines the academic environment for writing the book. Chapter 2 is about Li's life and his academic source and origin. Chapter 3 is the reason to write the book, sources of materials and also form and arrangement. Chapter 4 describes how it was circulated and explains its existing edition. Through these, it points out problems found in the widely adopted edition of Siku quanshu [g~~~. Chapter 5 will be a deep study of its content and open up Li's political and military ideas. Chapter 6 is Conclusion. In the past, there was no punctuated edition for Liuchao Tongjian Boyi, it is now punctuated and corrected by comparing text. This will be attached as appendix at the end of the paper. (417 words)

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Date of Publication:01/01/2004

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