A study of Li Gang (1083-1140) = ????

by Tang, Chun-pong

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Li Gang( ~ ~15J )(1083-1140) was highly evaluated by historians. He served successively as the official member of three emperors of China during the Song Dynasty. They are Song Huizong( q: ~ ~~ )(1082-1135), Song Qinzong( q: ~' ~~ )(1100-1156), and Song Gaozong( Sl' ~If ~~ )(1107-1187). The topic of this dissertation is to study on the memorandums on national affairs that were written by Li Gang. The data were collected from three sources where the memorandums on national affairs that were written by Li Gang can be found in Si ku quan shu Liang xi ji < p"l'tl Jl =w: . ~~-l } , Xu xiu si ku quan shu Song cheng xiang Li Zhongding gong zouyi

Li Gang's memorandums are the reflections of the issues that he concerned about. With reference to Li Gang's memorandums, they can be divided into three areas of concern: the political aspect, military aspect and economic aspect. This dissertation takes a panoramic view of Li Gang's memorandums on national affairs throughout his lifetime. Thus, it shows the excellence of his opinions on political, military, and economic affairs; as well as his loyalty and patriotism towards his country.

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Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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