The structure of the electronic component of cosmic-ray small air showers

by Leung, Kon-chong

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract of thesis entitled "The structure of the electronic component of cosmic-ray small air showers" submitted by Leung Kon-chong for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong in January, 1983. The study of the structure of electronic component in cosmic ray small air showers in the size 4 5 range fo 10 to 5 x 10 was motivated by the apparent insufficient experimental data which has led to non-unanimous conclusions in this lower size range. A small air shower detection system was built consisting of arrays of large-area proportional counters and plastic scintillation counters. Data handling and recording were done by a microcomputer system. An electron energy spectrograph consisting of ten layers of small-diameter flash tubes was constructed to study the individual particle energy of the electronic components. More than 2,000 genuine events were selected and the result was found quite consistent with the extrapolated values obtained from other workers' data in this size range. The integral intensity spectrum was found to have a constant exponent of -1.46 in our size range and the lateral distribution of electrons cound be approximated by the NKG function with age parameter in the range 1.2 to 1.3. The number of electrons having energies greater than E was found -0 313 proportional to E * for E smaller than 50 MeV. Above that energy, the spectrum gradually changes to ?0 7 8 a power law of (E+E ) " where E is the critical energy in air.
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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:cosmic ray showers


Date of Publication:01/01/1983

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